Year-end reflection podcas

Have you looked back at the last 12 months?

Before you plan your future, set goals, or can live an intentional life, you need to take a look at what you’ve been creating up to this point.

Looking back at the last year is the perfect way to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and how to set yourself up for future success.

If you stay in default, you’ll repeat more of the past. This is what your brain would prefer to do.

But if you want to live an extraordinary life, you have to do new and different things in the future. This is much harder to do, but it’s oh so worth it.

In this episode, you’ll learn the four tools you should use to evaluate the last 12 months the right way.

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Full Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hello my friend. I have to say that this time of year is my absolute favorite and it is my favorite time of year for two reasons. The first reason is because I love the holidays and I love how everyone is so excited and giddy and just loving and really, you know, enjoying everything that the holidays have to offer with family. It’s super fun, but the second reason that I love this time of year is because it’s a time of reflection and goal setting and living intentionally and this episode is coming out middle of December and I’m doing this intentionally because I think it’s really important that before you start setting goals and thinking about the next year, you reflect on the past.

It’s a really important for you to kind of look at this past year and see what results you created, see what lessons you learned, and I’m going to go through an exercise that I use and that I teach in Grow You that I think will really, really help you. Because what happens is you can jump over from goal to goal and feel like your moving forward but never arriving. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s like, okay, the next thing and the next thing and okay, well I didn’t hit this mark, but I can’t wait to hit this mark and you’re go, go, go, go, go. But if you stop and reflect, right, you can really have so much more appreciation and gratitude for your life and also you can plan more intentionally. It makes planning for the next year so much more clear.

So I want you to think about whether this a year was what you wanted it to be, right? What can you learn from it and what do you want to do next year? I love this. You have to let me know if you enjoy this as much as I do. But it’s something that I just naturally don’t find myself doing in the moment. So I’m never like, oh my gosh, you know what I did this year? I created an entirely new coaching program and an entirely new business course. And you know, I loved Chicago and I just don’t sit in my accomplishments very much. And it’s not to say that I think over there is better, I’m just so future focused and I really enjoy that part of my life. So I’m always thinking of the future. So I really love that. I’ve kind of set it up to intentionally reflect and review the year at the end of every year.

So every year you have the opportunity to learn and grow and if you have awareness of it, then you will likely do it. And what I mean by that is most people are not in Grow You and they’re not living intentionally and they’re not aware of kind of the blank canvas that is the future. Right. They think that they’re a certain way. They have certain relationships that have a certain job, they have certain income and that’s just how it’s going to be and it’s that thought that actually creates that reality for them. But the truth is the next year is a completely blank canvas, but instead of just setting goals and thinking about your future before that, I think it’s so useful to look at what you’ve already created because that will show you what you’ve been thinking. And if you don’t do this, you will simply just repeat more of the past, and I’ve talked about this before, but as a reminder, your brain just loves repeating the past. It is a primitive brain, that primitive part of your brain where it’s going to be efficient and you have neuropathways which are like highways. And if you don’t kind of see where those highways are going, you will just continue to run those highways. Meaning if you don’t take a look at your thoughts and your beliefs, you’ll just continue to create the same thoughts and beliefs cause it’s super easy for your brain and your brain likes easy, it likes comfortable, it likes familiar.

I’ve talked a lot about how you know even if you’re in a job you hate, it’s kind of easier to stay in that job than it is to quit it and and get a new one. Because even though you hate the job, the job is familiar, the job is comfortable. It’s so much easier to create more of the same than it is to create something from nothing. But once you know this, you can kind of be onto your brain and decide intentionally whether you want to be creating what you’ve been creating.

And there are a few elements that I want to talk about specifically in this episode in terms of reviewing and looking back at the past. And the first is to look at your results. Instead of looking at the actions you took and the activities that you did, I want you to look at your results from the last year. This is really, really useful because all of the time you’re creating results. It’s not just your accomplishments. I like the example of how much you weigh. Let’s say you weigh the exact same that you weighed a year ago. You created the result of weighing the exact same, okay? That is a result. So everything in your life from the last year is a result that you created, whether it was intentional or not. Maybe you didn’t intentionally maintain your weight. Maybe you just did it based on you know, what you eat and how often you work out on default, okay? But if you look at your results and you evaluate your results and you do this exercise, you can decide intentionally whether that’s something you want to continue to do.

So remember that your thoughts are always creating your results. So what you believe will manifest in your life. Your brain is like a computer, whatever you are thinking it is going to scan for. It’s like if you think you’re bad with money, if you think your bad with your weight, if you think that you’ll never find your soulmate or your dream job, whatever you think on repeat is that highway of that neuropathway and your brain’s just going to look for evidence of that to be true.

So if you look at your results and you see that you don’t like some of your results, then you can change them and you change them based on changing your thoughts. And I like to do this by looking at the eight life categories that I teach in all of my work. But you don’t have to use them. You can kind of use them as a framework and then adjust them based on your own goals. So like if the last year involved you cooking and you had this goal to become an amazing cook for the last year, you could probably have that as its own category, right? So you would have cooking as its own, um, category that you would evaluate the results in. But cooking isn’t one of the eight life categories. So just be aware that these are just a guideline and useful for you to use as a framework, but that you can tailor them to be specific to your needs.

So I talk about and use these eight life categories. One is your health and that’s your physical health, your mental health, your emotional health. The second category is your relationships. This would be your family, your kids, your spouse, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your coworkers, your friends. And this would be another area where you might want to separate things out to evaluate the results. So you might want to evaluate your relationship with your family as a whole, separate from and apart from your relationship with your significant other, separate and apart from your relationship with your friends or your coworkers, you may have very different results in each of those relationships.

The third category is your money. This is pretty, pretty straightforward, right? What did you make? What did you save? What did you spend, you know, did you get into debt? Did you pay off debt? Right? Money’s kind of an easy one to see. The next category is your job, your career, your business. The next category is your home environment. So it’d be like your space, your office. Do you have a cluttered home? Do you have a clean office? Like what’s going on at home? The next category is your personal and spiritual development. And also I put religion in that category. So what results do you have in this area? The seventh category is going to be hobbies, like fun and entertainment. I like to have this as a separate category because a lot of times I see people thinking about, you know, they’ll think about travel and they’ll think about work and they’ll think about their health and then their family and maybe money and they don’t really separate it out into these categories. And I think it’s more useful because you can see that you know your hobbies and your fun and your entertainment is just one out of the eight categories and how much do you want to weight that. I used to not give it enough weight and now I definitely give it as much weight as I want.

And then lastly would be your contribution and your service to the world. Are you volunteering, are you showing up in the way that you want to in your community? And is that something that you want to be doing? And it doesn’t have to be with your time, it can be with your money, whatever. Those are the eight life categories that I like to look at. And I do want to make a point that your life doesn’t have to be balanced in every area. It’s important that you have mental and emotional balance internally, but you don’t actually have to have a balance in terms of time and resources in these categories.

I actually think that most people who have a balance as the goal in these categories kind of live in a lot of regret and guilt cause you’re trying to just do it all at once. I really like to go all in in certain areas in different seasons. So I went all in with my business when I was working full time and I didn’t have a lot of extra time that I was spending on fun and entertainment and my relationships. But now I have a lot more balance in that area. And it’s by design, right? That’s not happening by accident. I don’t overwork. I probably work 40 hours a week and that’s how I want it to be.

So those are the eight life categories and I want you to write them down and look at the results that you had in the last year. So, for example, in the last year with my health, I stopped drinking alcohol. I’m going to do a podcast on that actually, it’s going to be super fun. So I stopped drinking alcohol, I started eating dairy again. I don’t really buy it at home, but I definitely eat it out. I gained five pounds and I joined a gym and started working out five times per week. So those are my results for my physical health. So for you, what results do you have for your physical health? What results do you have for your mental health, for your emotional health, for your personal and spiritual development? Are you in Grow You? Are you in a coaching program? Right. So I am doing the work that I am teaching in Grow You and I’m growing so much. I also hired a one-to-one coach and spent thousands of dollars doing that. So I really like the results that I’m getting and I like that I invested in myself because I know I’ll get that return on the investment. I look at my business and I one and a half times my revenue in my business. I redid three of my programs and I created a coaching program. I moved off of five separate platforms that I was on in software programs and I moved to one main program that I love.

So I’m looking at what I did in the last year in terms of results. I created this beautiful apartment that I love. I moved right? I started working less and I have amazing relationships. I have a boyfriend who is amazing and I love this relationship so much. So I look at my results and I decide to tell the story of the results in a way that serves me. Now I could tell it in a negative light. I could say my goal is to make seven figures in my business. I didn’t do that. I only, you know, one and a half times it. Like last year I made $180k and the year isn’t over yet, but I’m guessing it’s going to be just under $300k, I you know, could look at this gap and I could beat myself up and I could tell myself I missed the goal and how worried I am. And what this means about my future, but I’m not doing that because I genuinely don’t see it that way.

Did I grow in the right direction? Did I create results that are helping me move closer to my goal? Yes, yes, yes. And I could do the same thing for all other areas of my life. Like with health, I had some really great improvements, but I could say, well I gained five pounds and well I’m still eating sugar. That’s something that I think in my future I’ll probably stop eating so much, but I haven’t done that yet. So I could look at the fact that I, you know, want to get really fit and have a personal trainer and I don’t, but I’m not looking at the gaps and what’s missing. I’m looking at the results that I created in every area, but I’m being honest about it.

So if I didn’t get any new clients and if you know, I only had like 10 members in Grow You or something, I would say I have 10 members in Grow You or I didn’t get any new clients. I started a business and a website, but revenue was zero or whatever the case may be. Okay? So be honest, but tell the story that serves you and I want you to do it based on results, not based on actions, because we tend to think that working hard and giving more time and energy to something means that we’re getting the results and it doesn’t. You can work a lot less and make a lot more money regardless of the profession that you’re in. So I just, it’s important that you are honest with yourself and the best way to do that is to look at your results because your results will always tell you what you’re thinking. Okay? You create the results in your life based on the belief systems that you have. And if you look at your current results, it’s super easy and clear cut for you to say, okay, do I want to create these results again in the future or do I want to create different results? If I want to create different results, I have to think and believe totally new thoughts.

Okay. Next up, after looking at the results, the next thing that I want you to do is I want you to look at the main emotions that you experienced over the last year. So I talked about this in the goal fuel episode. I really believe that the biggest indicator of your longterm success is the fuel, is the emotion fueling the goal. And what I mean by this is that if you have a goal to make six figures or to lose 50 pounds, or to meet the man of your dreams, or to buy your house in cash or whatever your goal is, to find your dream job, that’s just going to be a neutral goal, right? But it’s the emotion that is fueling your actions that will determine whether you’re successful.

So I talk a lot about this when I talk about my business, because I have so much fun in my business. I’m energized, I’m committed. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t hard times. It doesn’t mean that I don’t experience frustration. But the main emotion fueling me is abundant. It is commitment. It is excitement. It’s fun. Like I really just love it. I have so much joy. I get excited recording this podcast. I really, really do. So I want you to notice the main emotions that you experienced over the last year and specifically with respect to any area of growth that you want.

So let’s say you want to make more money. What’s the result that you had from last year in the last year with money? Did you make more money? And how much more is it what you wanted to make? Did you make less money so you have that result? And then what emotion did you experience the most with respect to that area? So with respect to money over the last year, what emotion comes to mind? Now, most people, especially people that I’m coaching, which tells me that if I’m coaching them and they care about this and they’re the ones experiencing this, if you’re not getting coaching, you’re probably even experiencing this more, that you’re not aware of your emotions. So your emotion that you’re experiencing, and I use emotion and feeling interchangeably. It’s just one word. It’s happy, it’s sad, love, committed, determined, afraid, scared, frustrated, energized, excited, courageous, devastated, worried, stressed, angry, confused. If you’re in grow you, you can look at that, a self-coaching workbook, the feelings list, but it’s really important that you become aware of your feelings and you just name it in one word.

And this will be really, really useful because usually if I ask someone how they’re feeling, they’ll, they’ll give a sentence on the sentences a thought. So you notice the thought, but then what is the feeling in your body? So if you wanted to make more money this last year and you didn’t, and that was the result, I didn’t make more money, I didn’t get more clients, I didn’t get the promotion, whatever the case may be. That’s your result that you created was more of the same. What was your main emotion with respect to money, right? Was it worried? And this isn’t an opportunity for you to beat yourself up. I just want you to be curious because that emotion is always created by your thoughts. It is not created by the circumstance. It’s not created by the money. So we mistakenly think that we’ll feel better over there when we achieve whatever the goal is. When we get the more money, we’re going to feel better.

But that’s not true. Your thoughts are what create your feelings. This is not my opinion. It is science. So neurons fire and you have a thought and those neurons firing release chemicals and hormones in your body, and those produce a feeling. So you have a thought and that thought is totally optional. You can think whatever you want, whenever you want, and your brain is in the habit of thinking all these thoughts and that’s why you have those highways that I talk about. And so you’re in the habit of feeling certain emotions. You can change this at any time, but it’s not always easy because you’re trying to kind of pave this dirt road of this new thought that you don’t yet believe and create a new feeling where it’d be a lot easier to just go ahead and think the same thought and create the same feeling, but then you create the same result.

So what I want you to do is look at the results in your life and especially in the areas where you want to create new results. And I want you to notice the emotion that you feel or felt the most in the last year with respect to each area. So with respect to your money, what’s the main emotion you felt last year? With respect to your job or your business, what’s the main emotion? So I feel love and commitment and fun and steady when I think about my business and when it really, when I think about most areas of my life, and when I think about an area where I’m not feeling those abundant emotions, I know that that’s where the work is. So if it comes to my health and I think about the main emotion that comes up, and maybe it would be like uncertainty, I would notice that and I would decide like, okay, I don’t want to go into next year feeling uncertain. It’s just not useful. Right? I know that what I want to create more of is an even healthier life. So what emotion would serve me better? But I can’t really do that unless I’m aware of what I’ve been feeling.

Okay. So it’s just a useful exercise for you to not only look at your results, but also just look at the emotions. And you may notice that you have the emotion of stress and it’s present in all areas. And this would not be surprising, but you may notice that you have very different emotions based on different areas. So maybe you feel love and ease with your friendships and your relationships and your family, but you feel worry and stress and lack when it comes to work or money. Okay? So you would notice that and you would kind of decide, okay, do I want to continue to feel worry or lack? And my guess would be the answer’s no. And then you would choose to do more work in that area for the next year. So it’s kind of an awareness tool that gets you set up in the right place to live intentionally next year.

So now I want you to do the third thing. Besides looking at your results and looking at your emotions, I want you to remake decisions. So I want you to ask yourself if you would remake the same decisions that you made in the last year. So for example, would you create your business in the same way or would you take that job again, even if you didn’t get a new job in the last year? Let’s say you work at a job that you’ve been working at for three years. If you were offered that job again today, would you take it today?

This is super, super useful because it releases the anchoring to the past that you have. It’s so much easier to create more of the past instead of kind of doing the tough stuff in the short term. But that is really valuable and useful in the longterm. So it’s a lot easier to keep doing what you’ve always done and it’s a lot harder in the short term, but the reward is so much greater. And I always like to say, do whatever you want, just like your reason and just because you did it in the past, I always think that’s a really bad reason to continue doing something cause you’re literally creating more of the past in your future when that’s not the future you want to create.

So I gave this example in a previous podcast actually, if you want to listen to How To Change Your Past, that is a good one for going along with this episode as well. But what I did was I thought about the programs that I had created and I really liked the content, but I asked myself, would I recreate these right now today? And the answer was no. And that was really hard because it would have been so easy for me to just continue doing more of what I was doing. I could have just sold those programs. But instead I created a lot of short term discomfort for me right now or when I redid them. But the gain was so great. Right? The effect of that was that, you know, I did redo everything and I created these new programs and now I’m so glad I did. I’m so thankful for making those tough choices because now I have programs that blow my own mind, right? They are so valuable and probably I could charge three to four times what they cost and I overdeliver so much and they’re exactly what I would recreate. I created Grow You this new coaching program. Would I recreate it? Absolutely. Would I move to Chicago again? Yes. Would I move to this apartment again? Yes. So people really were on me about why did you move, why did you move? And I always say, why are you staying in your house? Would you rebuy that house? Would you re, you know, sign that lease? Would you retake that job? You want to be really willing to let go of your past decisions in order to create the future that you want.

I think that this is a skill that it’s really, really worth it for you to get good at. And that includes relationships. And it doesn’t mean that someone has to leave your life. You can end the type of relationship that you’ve had. You can say this way of relating to each other isn’t working and I would love for you to still be in my life, but it needs to be different. And here’s what I’m thinking, right? Just think about that. Would you recreate that relationship? Would you rebuy that car? Would you redo whatever, whatever decision you’re making or you made in the last year, ask yourself if you would remake it today. And if the answer is no, then you know that it’s time to do something different in the next year, even if it means feeling that short term discomfort.

All right, next up before kind of this year end reflection, besides looking at your results, looking at your emotions and then looking at the decisions you’ve made is to write down the lessons that you learned. So I don’t think it’s useful for you to keep track of failures unless you’re doing it from a place of tracking massive action. So if you’re saying, okay, I want to get a hundred new clients and that means I’m going to have to fail forward, then you track those fails in terms of, you know, kind of giving yourself a high five for taking massive action. But typically when people do a year end review, they look at their failures and they beat themselves up and that, my friend is not useful at all. It’s just it doesn’t, it doesn’t help you. So instead of looking at your failures and the hard times and beating yourself up, I want you to turn all of that into lessons. And it doesn’t have to be just the failures either. I just find that most often that’s where they come from. But it can be from your accomplishments and I just want you to write down what lessons did you learn from the last year, right? It can be, again, kind of looking at those eight life categories, looking at your relationships, your money, your job, your self confidence, your health. Are you investing in yourself? Like what did you learn?

So I know for myself, I learned so much this year. It was really fun to do this exercise as I was kind of reflecting on my own year because I think the lessons are something that we know but we don’t often articulate and write down. So I highly recommend writing this down. For me, in the last year I learned how to be a better coach. Last year at this time I was certified and I was brand new and I have really become a good coach and I’m so excited to continue to learn how to be better and I think that just seeing how much I’ve grown and how coaching is something I’m in love with and how I love to help people through my coaching, it’s been a really, really valuable for me to learn how to be a better coach.

I have learned how to compartmentalize my life a little bit more. The more my business grows, the more I’ve been able to separate work from play, work from family and it used to just consume every part of my life and I love that this year I keep it so separate. I don’t overwork. I have my friends and my relationships and my family and it’s just been amazing to see my growth in that area because it was not something that came naturally and it wasn’t who I was a year or two ago. So learning how to kind of compartmentalize and wear different hats so to speak, in different roles, kind of like that alter ego podcast. that I talked about. I’ve really benefited from doing that.

I’ve learned how to process negative emotion when my dad was sick and I went through that hard time this year. Just being present and not rushing it and allowing it and not arguing with reality and being able to separate myself from his suffering and be able to experience that negative emotion was so profound to me because it was not intuitive. It was not to something that I had been doing for the last 10 years. It was really a testament to where I’ve come from and how this work really can change your life and the work that I continue to do every day, like just with coaching myself and being aware of my thoughts and feelings and not reacting, resisting or avoiding negative emotion and just allowing it to be in my body. That has been a huge lesson for me.

I learned how to listen to my intuition better. I’ve always had a really strong and good intuition, but in different areas of my life I was better at listening to it than others. So with respect to my business and work, I’ve always been really good at listening to my intuition, right? Probably because I had that neuro programming from growing up. My parents, my dad in particular telling me I could do anything I wanted, I could be anyone I wanted to be. You know, those thoughts come really easily to me. So when I have a thought or an idea or a decision about my business, I listened to my intuition and I don’t second guess it, but I didn’t do that always with relationships. And I think that a huge part of my growth in this last year has been with my intuition and dating and I learned how to, you know, listen to my intuition and stopped dating men who don’t really have the same longterm goals or vision as I do. And that has been something that I’m really, really proud of and that is worth mentioning because I think that, you know, it’s really easy to kind of measure your money and measure your job and whether you know you are getting a promotion and that sort of stuff we always talk about. But it matters that you’re evaluating the areas of your life like relationships and not just with a partner, but it might be with your sister or sister-in-law or your mother or your kids or your boss or your coworkers. And what lessons have you learned in those relationships in the last year?

I learned how to grieve this year. That kind of goes along with processing negative emotion. But I think grief can be so strong that I was really blown away by how powerful my own thoughts are and how I manifested some stress physically at the worst of it. And just how to kind of allow myself grace without beating myself up, but also without making excuses. So what I mean by that is, you know, when my dad was dying, I, you know, kind of cleared my calendar and I went home and I was by his bedside and I was the daughter who I wanted to be. I even got sick myself really. And just noticing that the body and the mind are so fascinating and kind of just allowing myself to be present with that and go through that was so powerful for me. But well also not thinking that my own life was ending and that I wouldn’t know how to go forward.

I remember going through a breakup a few years ago and just handling that negative emotion and grief so differently, that to see my own growth in two years has just been amazing and I’m really proud of that. So wherever you are right now, I want you to notice the lessons that you’ve learned and notice where you want to grow the most in the future. So it’s not a place for you to beat yourself up and think, oh, I handled that so terribly and no, you know, I’m screwed, or whatever the case may be. But it is a place for you to kind of bring awareness to where you want to go and there’s always more room to grow. That’s why when people ask me about, they’ll ask me whether to join Online Business For Her or Grow You and they’re completely different programs, right?

So Grow you is something that is a monthly membership site that never ends. It’s like I don’t, I didn’t sign up for the gym and say like, when does this end? Right? It’s forever. Grow you is forever. It’s a place for you to go and learn how to manage your mind and to grow personally and to learn how to manage your emotions so that you can get the growth in every area of your life. Right? That’s very different than like a a one and done program that is going to teach you more of the, the tactics and the specifics in a certain area. Like Online business For Her is meant for, you know, entrepreneurs who want to make money online versus Grow You is a personal development program. Okay. So I bring that up because this work is never done and I think that’s beautiful. I think that’s the point, right? This is all just for fun. It’s not better over there. And the more that I live that the more I settle into having the results that I’ve created for my life and loving them while still wanting more from a place of abundance.

So I want you to think about the last year. Are you different now than you were a year ago and have you evolved? Have you grown? If the answer is no, you are likely escaping. Meaning you’re likely using false pleasures to feel better. You are likely overeating, you’re likely overworking or overdrinking or overspending. There’s some overing where you are seeking external pleasure to feel better, to kind of escape the negative emotion that comes with stagnating. And I think that when you bring awareness to escaping, you can decide to eliminate some of the escaping. And what comes up is so powerful.

I found this when I quit drinking and it was such a beautiful exercise for me and so much growth that came with it. I’m really proud of myself and I’ll talk more about that in a future episode, but it’s just a good good tool to use in your life, a tool to use for deliberate living. So notice if your planning your future, if you’re managing your mind and to what extent you are using false pleasures to help you feel better and go through these questions. Remember it’s looking at your results, looking at your emotions, looking at your decisions and looking at the lessons learned. And you will evaluate. You will review this year and you all be so ready to plan for your future. It will be so much easier to plan for the next year and to set goals from this place of understanding instead of from a place of guessing.

And I just want to remind you that you can have anything you want. You can create anything you want. So some people think that they need to have this noble purpose and existence and without it they’re unworthy. But the truth is you are 100% worthy and you can want anything just because you can want the fancy things. You can want the Range Rover, you can want to look pretty or look good, you know, in short shorts or whatever it is. You can decide that you want to create any results for your future. And it doesn’t have to be for any other reason than wanting it. And I find that you can have so much more fun this way when you’re just honest with yourself and trust yourself.

Because the result of that is that you will have to go through a process of intentional living that is fuller and richer and full of more obstacles than if you hadn’t. And that journey is the most amazing part. It’s kind of the byproduct of the goal that will transform your life. I experienced this with money and with my business and now with my relationships and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even though going through the process of it is challenging, knowing that I am headed in the direction that I want to be headed in makes me proud and it makes me remember why I’m doing it so that I go through the hard times kind of without that self pity and loathing that’s so tempting and without quitting, right? It’s so easy to quit. It’s a lot harder to keep going.

So this is my wish for you, right? And I promise you when you do this, you’re going to blow your own mind. You’re going to reflect on the past and evaluate kind of what’s going on and set yourself up for massive success and you get to take with you whatever you want and leave whatever you want behind you. Take those lessons learned with you into the future, regardless of the type of year you had and you create a story that sets you up for a year that is going to be more amazing than you’ve ever dreamed of before. And I like to say that there are no good old days and that every year is better than the last. So I’m really excited to know that this year is coming to an end having it been my best year ever, and that next year will undoubtedly be even better.

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