Why you should start a blog

This might sound crazy… but I believe that everyone should start a blog.

Why You Should Start a Blog

Why do I think you should start a blog? Well, it’s not for the money; it’s not to turn it into a business (although you could); it’s not so people read your posts; and not so you can help teach someone else something.

I believe you should start a blog because it will help you be better at whatever it is that you blog about. Blogging makes you better. And that is why you should start a blog.

I heard this idea first from Seth Godin during a podcast interview, and I immediately said “YES!” to myself because I completely agreed with 100% of what he explained. Seth said that even if no one reads your blog, you should still start a blog.


Your Blog Makes You Better – Even if No One Reads It

Even if no one reads your blog, it is a good idea for you to blog because it will make you better at whatever it is you are blogging about.

Blogging is writing down your ideas in an organized, consistent system, and posting it online. Here are four examples that show you how I really mean everyone will benefit from starting a blog.



1. The teacher. The teacher who loves teaching should start a blog about teaching because it will make her a better teacher – even if no one reads it. She will organize her thoughts through a blog, and she will come up with new ideas for her craft. Blogging about teaching will help someone be a better teacher.

2. The accountant. The accountant who loves accounting should start a blog about accounting, and write about how amazing accounting really is. Write about the misconceptions about accounting and why it isn’t difficult, dry, and boring like the stereotype. The accountant should write about the business side of accounting and how accounting is necessary for business in the economy. The accountant will benefit from this blog and grow in her accounting profession.

3. The hobby-lover. The hobby-lover should write about the hobby that she loves. We all know the person who has a day job but wishes she was doing something else. Let’s say it’s a marketing employee at a big company. Instead of writing about marketing, she should write about what she really loves doing, let’s say fashion. Her fashion blog will give her space to focus on what she really likes and help her transition into a career more suitable for her.

4. The sufferer. The person who is suffering from something should start a blog. Whether that person is in massive credit card debt, has cancer, or has just lost a loved one – starting a blog is a way to work through a difficult time. Even if no one reads the blog, the mere act of writing down thoughts and feelings can help someone suffering get through the darkest times.


Whether You Love Your Job or Hate Your Job, You Should Start a Blog

If you love your job, then starting a blog will help move you forward and be better at your job. A blog will help you organize your thoughts and have fresh new ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise think of consistently.

If you hate your job, or really love a hobby that is not your job, blogging about it will help you grow in your hobby. Perhaps your blog will be a way for you to turn your hobby into your career. Even if it doesn’t, you will get better at your hobby by blogging about it.


The Benefits of Blogging

If you blog consistently (e.g.: write at least once per week), you will 1) organize your thoughts, 2) get new, creative ideas about the subject you write about, and 3) learn to communicate better.

Most importantly, writing helps you organize your thoughts. This is a HUGE deal. Before I started blogging, I didn’t realize how my thoughts were sporadic blimps with no place to go. After I started blogging, I learned that writing things down is the key to organizing your thoughts. I’m not just talking about organization in the traditional sense of compartmentalizing, but I’m actually talking about bringing clarity to your thoughts. Writing things down and blogging is a gateway for you to organize your thoughts in a way that will bring you clarity that you cannot get otherwise.

People ask me all the time if I ever run out of ideas to write about. No. The answer is no. I never ever run out of ideas to write about. The thing about blogging is, the more you do it, the more you learn and grow, and the more creative ideas you have. So, if you want to grow in your space (whether hobby or career), then starting a blog will help you have better ideas. Blogging promotes growth and learning, and the ideas never stop coming.

Finally, when you start a blog, you may realize that you are a bad writer. I didn’t need to start a blog to know this. I had plenty of college experiences that enabled me to have that realization. But fast forward a few years, and now people are complimenting me on my writing left and right. I never thought I would be able to communicate so effectively in writing as I do now. It wasn’t my undergraduate education or my law school education that taught me how to write – it was blogging. I learned how to write by blogging once per week for 2.5 years straight (and by reading On Writing Well by William Zinsser). This is a lesson on practice. The more you write, the better writer you become.


A Final Note!

You should start a blog about something that you want to focus on right now. Whether that’s your career, hobby, or struggles – start a blog about something that means something to you. I think you should start a blog for yourself.

Even if no one reads your blog, you will benefit from having written it. Why? Because writing helps you organize your thoughts and cultivate new ideas. If you write one post per week for the next year about something, all other things being equal, you are going to grow and move forward at the end of the year.

You should start a blog because blogging makes you better.

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