Why Is Self Reflection So Important

Self reflection is an amazing tool. There are so many areas that are so important to commit to a little introspection. In fact, it’s almost impossible to grow if you don’t know what you’re growing from.

You can use self reflection to learn about yourself. You can figure out what your goals are. And you can figure out who you want to become. You can go on a journey of self reflection.

Choose to do a little self reflection and live your life intentionally.

Why Is Self Reflection Important 

Self reflection is an incredibly important tool. It’s essential for personal growth. You can look at who you were and who you want to become. 

When you don’t look back and reflect, you can cause yourself to repeat the past. When you learn from what you’ve done, you’re setting yourself up for the future. 

Remember, when you self reflect, there’s no reason to beat yourself up for mistakes. When you failed, you were always failing forward. Look for moments where setbacks were set ups. Look back at who you were with love and self acceptance. And look over your decisions and realize you were doing the best for yourself in that moment. Take a moment to see how they benefited you. 

There are many different reasons to self reflect. 

1. Uncover Breakthroughs

Without looking back, you won’t realize how many breakthroughs you’ve had. There may be times when you thought you were stuck. You’re still pushing through now though, right? What was the breakthrough point?

Self reflecting can reveal moments where you’ve had enormous action in your life that made a big difference. 

2. Recognize Change

When you self reflect you’ll realize where the biggest changes have taken place in your life. You may be a completely different person then you were a year ago. You could have just made some small steps. Either way, you can see the places where you’re different. You can love who you were. You can love yourself the way you are now. 

3. Track Progress 

Tracking progress is an amazing thing to do as you self reflect. You may blow your own mind to see how far you’ve come.

Choose an amount of time to look back on. Start to self reflect and track the progress you’ve made. In the future, look back at the progress you’ve tracked to see how far you’ve come. You’ll impress yourself. 

4. Be Grateful

As you take time to self reflect and be thankful, practice gratitude. Think about the things that happened. They didn’t happen to you, they happened for you. The things you thought were set backs only existed to set you up for the future. Learn to see things in a new light. Be thankful and you’ll soon see your perspective on your life will change. 

Questions To Ask Yourself During Self Reflection

There are a lot of questions you can ask yourself to self reflect. These are just a few of them, don’t let the ones mentioned here limit you. Think deep about who you’re, who you have been, and who you want to become. Take some time to pull out a notebook and write some of these down. 

If you write down your questions and answers, you can always look back at them over the years and continue to see how far you’ve come. 

What Are You Most Proud Of?

What thing have you accomplished that stands out to you? What can you look back on and say, “I can’t believe I did that?” Appreciate what you’ve done. Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals if you’re taking big actions. 

What Are Your Biggest Goals?

What are the biggest goals you’ve set for yourself? Have you accomplished any? Is it time to set a new goal? What is the biggest objective you’ve set for yourself and how do you plan to get it done? 

What Have You Learned?

What are the biggest things you’ve learned in the past year? How will you use these lessons to your benefit in the future? What are some things you want to learn in the future? 

What Are Your Values?

What things are important to you morally? Are you open minded to listen to others opinions and experiences? What are things you can’t compromise on? Are you making sure you’re taking care of yourself spiritually? 

When Did A Failure Set Up Your Future? 

Look back at a time you feel like you failed. How was it actually the best thing that has ever happened to you? How did it lead you to where you’re now? How did you turn a setback into a set up? What’s something good that never would have happened if you hadn’t had that supposed failure? 

What Are Your Biggest Roadblocks?

What is holding you back? What are the things that are keeping you from reaching your goals? Do you have limiting beliefs that are keeping you from where you want to be? Are there things you may not know about yourself yet? 

Where Can You Grow Or Learn? 

What are some places where you can experience growth? What are some new things you want to learn?

Where do you see yourself in five years? What steps can you take right now to get there? Are you planning out your results right now? What steps are you taking to set future you up? 

How Are Your Relationships?

Are your relationships healthy? Do you have time for the people who matter the most to you? Do you have people who you can talk to? Who do you love to be around? Who do you wish you could make some more time for? 

Are You Taking Care Of Your Health? 

Are you taking care of your physical health? What are you doing to make your body feel it’s best? Do you love you the way that you are? Do you rely on social media for how you view yourself? Are you eating nutrient rich food? Do you spend any time at the gym? Do you get outside for fresh air?

Are You Watching Your Money? 

Do you check your bank account? How does the number in your bank account make you feel? Do you see what you have from a place of scarcity or abundance? What are you doing to create more? 

What Is Your Home Like? 

Do you have an environment that is good for your health? Have you tried out minimalism? Is your home work space an environment that encourages productivity?

What Are You Doing For Fun? 

What are you doing to keep you entertained? Have you had a chance to visit with friends? When was the last time you got to see your family? Do you have date nights, game nights, or movie nights? What do you do that brings you happiness? 

What Am I Doing For Personal Development? 

Are you self coaching? Do you have a journaling practice? What are you doing to help you grow? Are you doing a personal reflection?

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A Final Note

The practice of self reflection makes life so much more fun. Take the time to reflect over the past year or so and learn about you. Look over what you’ve learned in life and continue to grow. 

Self reflection is an amazing journey into self love. Take time to reflect every once in a while. Learn to love and accept who you are and create the person you want to become.