When The Job Market Is Unstable

There’s so much buzz about how we’re in the midst of an “unstable job market” right now.

Due to COVID jobs seem uncertain.

I want to break down what an unstable job market actually means so you can know what’s true and what’s total BS.

Let’s get started…

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When The Job Market Is Unstable

Defining The Terms 

We’re talking about an “unstable job market” but what does that even mean?

The definition of these individual terms is so important because it proves that putting them all together doesn’t really make it a real thing. 

Let me break it down for you. 

1. Unstable

Unstable means prone to change. 

Prone to change means it’s a very likely to change. Another word for unstable is unsteady. It goes up and down. It’s supposed to change. 

2. Job

A job is a paid position of regular employment. 

3. Market

The market is the operation of supply and demand. 

Putting The Terms Together 

An “unstable job market” is changes in the opportunities to be hired based on supply and demand. 

It’s so boring when I say it like that!

Notice this.

How heavy “unstable job market” is. How scary and fear-based it sounds.

Then there’s “changes in the opportunities to be hired based on supply and demand.

There’s no weight there. There’s no emotion.

These two ways of defining it mean the exact same thing. 

When you say “unstable job market” you get the idea that the job market is supposed to be stable and has always been stable in the first place, with the exception of depressions and recessions. 

The reality is, this just isn’t true. There’s no need to call it an “unstable job market” when that won’t help you. 

The market is supposed to change. Supply and demand is always going to change. 

This doesn’t just happens because of situations like COVID19. It happens all the time.

When someone says “unstable job market” a lot of the times, they’re describing it like it’s a circumstance. 

Instead of looking at it from that perspective, don’t even think of an “unstable job market” as a thing. It’s just not real. 


Mindset Shift

Thinking of a change in the market as an “unstable job market” is just a thought.

It’s an optional thought that you don’t have to think.

Let’s say the supply has changed, and there’s no longer a demand for what you’ve got to offer.

You can’t change this, but what can you do about it to make it better for yourself? How can you still win? 

It’s not a problem.
You don’t have to be afraid. 
You don’t need to worry.

You’re still employable. No matter what, there’s always something you can do in exchange for pay that you want to do. It just may not look like it did before. 

I know for sure you can do this. Even if you don’t know it yet.

Let me tell you what this looked like in my life.


My Career Paths 

After I graduated college and law school, I focused on passing the bar exam. I was 100% committed to that and nothing else. I didn’t think about getting a job at all.

My mindset was: I’m employable. I can get a job. I know It.

In fact, I passed the Bar on my first try and it was a big deal for me. I wasn’t even focused on getting a job yet. My first goal was to pass the Bar and then worry about getting a job. I wanted a job at a big law firm.

I decided that I was going to get a job at a big law firm. You typically don’t get a job at a big law firm unless you worked at one during summer while you were a law student. I decided that this didn’t apply to me.

I decided to believe that I could get a job where I wanted to. And so I did.

I got an entry level job at a big law firm and then a couple years later I got a different job at another big law firm. Then I continue to believe I could get the job that I wanted and it worked out for me. I believed I was the best that each law firm could get. And I presented myself for the job that I wanted.

I didn’t get every job from every interview. But I did get one and that’s all you ever need — one job.

You can do the same thing for your job search.  


How You Should Think About The Job Market

With the people I coach, a lot of them tend to think that everything happening right now is very uncertain.

There’s no certainty with the job market.
There’s no guarantee that you can be employed. 

These are all just thoughts.

And none of these thoughts are going to help you get a job. Even if all of these things are true right now, they still aren’t doing you any service thinking them. 

Maybe you’re unemployed right now. Maybe you’re listening to this ten years from now and you’re not living in the period of Covid19, but you’re still thinking you’re in an “unstable job market.”

I want you to stop thinking that right now. Never think about those words again. 

They don’t apply to you.

Be confident that you’ve got value to give to the jobs you’re applying to. When you’ve got confidence, it can carry you, and you will get a job. 

Instead of thinking that you’re in an unstable job market right now, you can easily believe, “I’m going to get a job no matter what.” 

Just look back at different time periods in history. Situations like what’s happening now have occurred in the past such as the Great Depression and the 2008 recession. 

There were still many people out there who had good things happening such as:
  • Getting jobs
  • Making money
  • Getting promotions
  • Getting raises
  • Making millions of dollars

It’s so easy to look at all of the negative stats and what the news is showing and be afraid. Your brain is wired to look out for danger so it can protect you. 

The news is only providing information that your brain is going to concern you about. 

There’s no focus on the positives. There’s no news on the majority of people who are keeping their jobs and making money to support themselves and families. 

Choose to think about all of the evidence that supports you getting a job you want no matter what the market looks like. 

When supply and demand changes, take a look at what you’re offering. 

Imagine being someone in the restaurant field. Maybe someone who owns a restaurant or a bartender. Right now, most bars and restaurants are closed or are open to limited capacities. How is what you do in this field effected and how can you change what you’re offering?

I want you to change your mindset. Look at the new rules of the game. The demand has changed. What’s in demand right now? 

In the current market the demand is in things like:

  • Carry out 
  • Delivery
  • Working from home 

Change your mindset to use your skills to be marketable in this current period. What does your new job look like based on what is in demand right now?

The reality is that nothing is really unstable in this job market, it has just changed. It’s new and different. 


You’re The One With Value (And That Hasn’t Changed)

You have value.


I love organizing. So I could be a closet organizer.
I love planning. So I could be a wedding planner.

I’ve already been a lawyer and Certified Financial Planner.

There are sooo many options.

You can market yourself to be new and different so you can adapt and change, too. 

There’s no need to be afraid or worried. You always have value to offer.

People aren’t paying you for your time, they are paying you for the value that you bring to the table. 

If this is a new concept to you, make sure to listen to this podcast on The Make More Money Mindset.

When I pay my lawyer per hour, I’m not paying for just for the hours that she sends me. I’m paying her for the specific work that she did for me in that time period. Her work is of value to me so I pay her for that value not just for the time that it took. 

There’s always something you can do to provide value. It may just look different from the kind of value you provided at your last job, and that’s okay! This is supposed to happen.

Now is the time to be adaptable and resilient. Change how you show up in the marketplace. This may take some time and be a big change for you, but you’re going to be fine. 

If you believe in the value you have and you’ve got the confidence that proves it, someone will always pay you. 

An important thing to keep note of in the midst of a market change is the guarantees. 


Guarantees In The Job Market

The reality is, there are never any guarentees. You may think that you’ve got a stable position and paycheck, but the reality is this just isn’t true. 

Even if you’ve had the job for months, years, or decades, there never really is any certainty. 

You may feel comfortable and secure because of how long you’ve had the position, but this is just a thought you’re choosing to think.

The truth is we never know what’s going to happen in the future. We never knew that everything that’s happening right now would happen.

But, the truth is, you’re going to be okay no matter what. The security that you were feeling was never in the job itself. The abundance and the certainty were never in the job. 

The ability to get the job was in YOU. 

You were the one who got the job in the first place. If it doesn’t work out with one job, that’s okay, there’s always another job.

You’re the one who creates the ability to get a job. You create the money you make. The abundance was in you all along. 


So What Can You Do?

When you view things this way, you can show up all in and play the hand you’re dealt.

You can eliminate the fears of not being able to find another job or believing the job is what makes your life stable. 

You don’t have pressure or fear of having to perform for an employer. Or worry about what they’ll say, do, or think. 

You can focus on what you can control. You can focus on how you show up and how you can even overdeliver. Make the best decisions possible based on what you know now.  

When you know that you’re the one who got the job, then you know there’s always, always, always, another job out there for you. 

You got this job and you can get another one. There’s no doubt at all. You have control over what you decide to do!

Don’t focus on the lies, focus on what’s true. 


Lies We’re Told About The Job Market

Lies come in many different forms and I want to cover some of them so you can recognize them when you see them. The first one is:

Wrong Decisions 

There’s really no such thing as a wrong decision. What makes something a wrong decision is when you decided that it is. Instead, you can decided that it’s what’s right for you right now. 

We’re not afraid of making a wrong decision, instead we’re afraid of our own self judgement for our own decisions. 

The same is true for the other lies in our lives, which are: 

  • Wasting time
  • Failing
  • Losing money
  • Making mistakes

Those things do not exist.

So what if you miss the mark? Just get up and start again. Always have your own back. You’re not wasting time, you’re figuring it out.

Focus on these truths instead.


Truths About The Job Market

Here are some important truths for you to remember:

  • You’ve always found a way to get a job.
  • You’re the creator of your jobs and your career.
  • You’re the creator of the money you have.
  • You can always solve problems in front of you. 
  • You’re the one who has value. 

You hold the power to get jobs, create money, and bring value to each job that you apply for. 

Focus on what is important in this moment. Play by the new rules of the game. You can always win.  

The only constant is that things are always changing. When you try to solve problems that don’t even exist yet, you are only creating more problems for yourself. 

You don’t know what is going to happen in the future so focus on what you can control right now. 


A Final Note!

There’s no such thing as an “unstable job market”. Stop thinking that thought. It’s not serving you.

Instead think about how valuable you are.
Think about how you always find a way to get a job.
Focus on the market changing and this being an opportunity for you.

Everything that is happening right now in the market is supposed to be happening.

Take a hold of what you can control in this moment.

You have what it takes to get a new job. 

You got this.

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