What would they say about you podcast

If your relationship with your life could talk, what would it say?

If your money could talk, what would it say about your relationship to it?

What about your business, your health, your body, your home, your career?

You have a relationship with every area of your life, whether you realize it or not.

My relationship to my money is amazing. I would never talk behind it’s back. I never compare it to other people’s money. I love it unconditionally. I create more from having enough.

What about your relationship with money? What would your money say if it could talk?

What about your life? What do you say when people ask you, “how’s it going?” Do you reply with, “fine” or do you say, “couldn’t be better?”

You get to decide how you want to think about your life. What you decide will create the relationship you have to it.

In this episode, I show you how to bring awareness to your current relationships in every area of your life and then how to create better relationships intentionally.

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