What Is The Role Of A Life Coach

A good life coach helps you make better decisions.

She doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, she shows you how to decide what’s best for you.

This is completely different than therapy.

With a therapist, you typically work on your past. You often focus on healing trauma or past issues with family.

A life coaches jobs include things such as you focusing on your future—your goals, your career, your money, your health. A life coach takes your life from “good enough” to exceptional with their coaching sessions and life coachwork.

It’s kind of amazing!

Check out this podcast episode on a similar topic—How Life Coaching Has Changed My Life.

What Is The Role Of A Life Coach?

There are life coaches of all shapes and sizes. This is great news. It’s like hiring a therapist or shopping for a new car: you need to look around.

Here are some examples of the many roles a life coach can help you with…


Someone To Help You Achieve Big Goals

An exceptional life coach helps her clients in reaching her goals.

This sounds simple but it’s so much more than “set a SMART goal.”

It requires getting into the mindset and seeing what’s not working so they can do something different in the future.

Every year I teach a new course on goal setting and I help thousands of women set and achieve extraordinary goals. It’s incredible to watch these women lose weight, meet the man of their dreams, and build online businesses they never thought possible (just to name a few goals!).

Setting goals, when done right, works. And a good life coach will help you do just that. A good life coach will have the coaching skills to help you achieve your biggest goals. Coaching clients in person is not the only option. In fact, my coaching program is completely virtual and I absolutely love it. I meet with clients whether is it business coaching, goal setting, relationship coaching all completely virtually.


Someone To Help You Make Good Decisions

A really good life coach helps you with problem solving.

Problem solving is really all about decision making and leadership skills.

In Grow You, I show my clients how to make decisions that their future self would want them to make. This is one example of how to make better decisions.

Imagine your future self five years from now was looking back and deciding. What would she want you to do?

Successful people make decisions fast and change them slowly. A good life coach shows you how to become a better and faster decision maker.

A really good life coach knows that when a client is seeking accountability for her decisions, it’s not on the role of the coach to hold the client accountable (this creates dependency). Instead, the clients accountability is for her to hold herself accountable to (for more on this, listen to my podcast episode on Self Accountability).


Someone To Help You Have A Great Marriage

A really good life coach helps you strengthen your marriage.

There’s a bonus course in Grow You called “Marriage + Relationship Toolkit.” In it, I teach boundaries, love, and other concepts to help my clients improve their marriages.

A really good life coach knows that it only takes one in the relationship to change it. And she’ll show you exactly how.

Someone To Help You Increase Your Confidence

A good life coach helps you increase your confidence from the inside out.

You’ll learn how to have an amazing, loving relationship with yourself. One where you have your own back and believe in yourself, even when you get it wrong.

Most people lack true self confidence. A good life coach knows how to spot this and will help you increase your confidence to a level you’ve never experienced before.


How To Find A Good Life Coach

Today more than ever it’s incredibly easy to find a really good life coach if you do your due diligence. The reason is because life coaching is mostly virtual nowadays. So you have your pick from the very best.

I have a life coach now (she helps me with CEO-ing in my business). I paid $5k for her program. Last year, I hired a coach for my relationships. I paid $10k for her program.

At first these prices seem expensive. But when you start to see that the more you invest in yourself, the more you get back, you’ll be excited and eager to invest more.

I’ve more than double the return on my investments in all my life coaching programs. I just love them.

So, when you’re thinking about hiring a life coach, here’s what to consider…

Tip #1: Know What You’re Looking For

When you’re thinking about finding a good life coach, it’s important you know what you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re going through a divorce and your kids are in college, you may want to work with someone who specializes in mid-life events.

Contrast that with someone who joins Grow You. She’s typically a 30-something, married, woman, with 1-3 kids, who wants to take her personal development to the next level.

These are very different things.

So knowing ahead of time what you’re looking for will immediately narrow down your list.

Tip #2: Read Through Their Testimonials

A good life coach should have testimonials for her coaching program.

For example, if you visit nataliebacon.com/coaching and scroll down, you’ll see some of the many testimonials that we’ve received from Grow You members.

Seeing what other people think about a program can really help you see if it’s a good fit for you.

Tip #3: Check Their Credentials

When you choose your life coach, check their credentials.

I was certified through The Life Coach School and went through a rigorous coach training program before getting certified. I think LCS is the best school in the industry (although I’m clearly biased 😉 ).

Others, may be certified through the International Coaching Federation.

Some may not be certified at all.

I only (and always) recommend working with an LCS coach because of the coaching philosophies. So, you’ll want to check out what resonates best with you and for you.

Tip #4: Give It A Try

So many clients in my Grow You Virtual Coaching Program say “I wish I would’ve joined sooner!”

The lesson here is this: it’s scary to do something new and different. But that doesn’t mean don’t do it. It means the opposite: do it scared.

So, I say, go for it.

Give life coaching a try.

Join me in Grow You for one month (it’s only $79 and you have plenty of call time options and 24/7 written coaching available).

You have nothing to lose if you go for it and everything to gain. Cancel anytime.

A Final Note!

A high quality life coach will work with people who are a good match for them. She won’t be begging you to sign up or pressuring you. She’ll invite you to join her program because she believes she can help you take your personal development to the next level.

That’s exactly what I do with Grow You.

I invite you to join Grow You if you want to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. I offer hundreds of hours of teaching and coaching all within a private membership platform for just $79 per month. It’s a no brainer.