What Are The Benefits Of Personal Goal Setting

If you’re not setting goals, you’re missing out on so much. Goal setting is SO important.

You’re missing out on the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality.

A goal is an aim you set out to achieve in the future. That’s it. Yet, how many of us just wish and want without actually setting a goal? Too many.

If you’re among those who aren’t goal setting yet, I have to tell you, your life is about to be flipped upside down. Yes, goal setting is that good. Here’s what I mean…

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What Are The Benefits Of Personal Goal Setting

The benefits of personal goal setting are amazing. You take your dreams and break them down into a manageable plan.

Your goals will help you to achieve your dreams and create the life you want. 

It sounds almost fake, but it really works this way.


Personal Goals Give You Clarity For Long-Term Visions

Setting personal goals can give you clarity for the future. When you plan out defined goals you’re breaking down your dreams into manageable tasks. It might not always feel good in the moment, but you can do hard things and do it anyways. In addition, the benefits of goal setting far outweigh anything else.

Goals can also be personal and professional. Personal goals can be things such as goals with in your business, personal life, relationships, or even to lose weight. So make sure you make a specific goal. We all have different dreams and goals. What’s yours?

You may think your dream is out of reach. But when you break your big visions into goals, you’re making them easier to visualize. Reaching your goals can be done by breaking them down into smaller tasks.

It’s so hard to just have goals without an overarching vision for the future. 


Personal Goals Help You Focus

Your personal goals will give you something to focus on. Whatever you focus on, is what is going to grow. 

If you’re focusing on the negative, more negativity will be produced. If you’re focused on your dreams and you’re setting goals to reach them, then you’ll be creating those results

Your personal goal will help you to focus on the future you want to create. 

Setting Goals Helps You Hold Yourself Accountable

Having goals helps you to have your own back. Being accountable to yourself is a powerful tool. 

There are a lot of times when you may not feel up to doing something. Being self accountable is choosing to do it anyways.

Plan your goals out in your calendar. When the time comes to get something done, don’t make excuses. Not wanting to do something isn’t a good reason not to do it. 

Choose to set the goal and complete it when the time comes. 


Personal Goals Help You Get Where You Want To Go

Setting personal goals helps you get to where you want to go in the future. In fact, setting short term goals sets you up for long term success. 

When you set and achieve personal goals, you’re going to feel so good. You’re also going to be able to look back and thank yourself. 

Goals Give Your Brain Something To Do

When you set goals, you’re giving your brain something to do. You’ll also have something to focus on. Instead of allowing yourself to waste time, you’re going to have a plan to act on. 

When your brain has something to do, you’re going to see more results. You’ll be able to look back and see the changes you’ve made. Instead of just thinking about what you could get done, you can actually do it. 

When you set personal goals, your life is going to change in incredible ways. 


How To Set Personal Goals

Now that you know why you should set goals, let’s look step by step at how to set these goals. How can you set personal, life changing goals? 

Choose ONE Goal You Want To Accomplish That Is Currently Impossible For You

Set ONE impossible goal. An impossible goal is something that you think you could never accomplish.

What is something you really want, but don’t think you can achieve? Set that as your one huge goal. 

A decade ago, I never would have guessed I would be a life and business coach living in Chicago. In fact, I thought it was impossible. 

But I still choose to set that goal. And here I am today. The truth is, you can do anything with the right mindset and hard work. 

Write Your Goal Down (Seriously)

Take the time to write down what your goal is. Don’t just say it out loud. Don’t just think about it. Write the goal down on paper. In addition, try to make your goal a smart goal. Meaning, it’s specific and measurable. You will know when you have achieved this goal. Written goals are so important because when you write them down, you have a visual reminder.

When you write your goal down, you’re writing down a result. You’re setting yourself up for success. 

When you’re writing your goal down, you’re going to find that you’re more focused. 

You’re giving yourself a way to see it as a possibility and work towards it. 


Visualize Having Created That Result

Visualize what your life would be like if you actually created that result. Where would you be living? What would you be doing? What would your work day be like? 

Picture your results out in your head. What does a world look like where you’ve actually accomplished that impossible goal? It looks awesome, doesn’t it? 

How does it make you feel? Are you happy? 

What about your life looks different? What about it looks the same? 

Visualize exactly what your dream life would look like. This will inspire you to take action. 

Take Massive Action

Choose to take massive action towards your goal. Massive action is all about being committed. Massive action is when you’re always moving forward. Even if you mess up, you still continue to move. 

Instead of getting worn out by things that don’t work out, you’re pushing on. Massive action is not allowing yourself to stop. So plan to accomoplish your goal. It’s being committed and accountable to yourself. In addition, it’s going all in with achieving your dream. 


Track Your Goals (And Evaluate What’s Not Working)

Take the time to track and evaluate your goals. Figure out what is working so far. Then figure out what isn’t working for you. 

You also don’t want to keep trying the same things over and over if they’re not working. Moreover, reaching your goal is what you want the end result to be. You need to track your progress to make sure you’re on the right track so you achieve success.

Track the things you’ve accomplished so far. Remember to reflect on how you got to where you are. What was something that brought you success? What was something that wasn’t working out? How did you get around that obstacle? 

Keeping track of the progress you’ve made will also help you to achieve your impossible goal.  

Use Your Failures To Your Advantage (aka Fail Forward)

Use you setbacks as set ups to fail forward. When you fail at something, don’t let it make you feel bad. 

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with failure. We often tend to think failure is such a bad thing. The reality is that it just isn’t.

You haven’t done anything wrong. You just figured out something that didn’t work. And you can try something new. 

Use your failures as a set up for your future. 


A Final Note!

Setting personal goals is what takes “wishing and hoping” and turns it into actionable plans.

When you set an impossible goal and take action towards it, you’re creating the future you want. 

When you plan to work towards your goals, your future self is going to thank you so much. 

Take the time today to set an impossible goal. Visualize your future if you accomplished that goal. Then take massive action towards making that goal a reality. 

You’re going to love what you can create.