Ways To Make Money Online

Believe it or not, there are many ways for you to make money online.

I’ve listed 16+ ways to make money online below that I think are the best and most likely to actually make you money online.

So, let’s get started!

1. Start a money making blog

You can make money blogging.

Crazy, I know.

I didn’t think it was possible three years ago, and now I make over $4k+ per month blogging.

Blogging is my favorite way to make money because you have total control over your income and complete freedom to work whenever and wherever you want.

You can make money blogging several different ways, including advertisements, affiliate marketing, digital products, sponsorships, and more.

I have a how to start a blog tutorial that walks you through how to start a blog.

And these are my favorite tools to start a money making blog from home:

2. Freelance write

You can make money as a freelance writer from home.

As a freelance writer, you get paid to write articles for websites (blogs, major media sites, etc.).

You can make anywhere from $25-$500 per article. I used to make money freelance writing to bring in side income before I started working on my blog more. I can’t recommend freelance writing highly enough.

Also, you don’t need to be a professional writer or anything to get started. I was an awful writer when I first started. You basically just need to start where you are now and work your way to getting better and making more money from it.

To start making money freelance writing from home, take the Earn More Writing course. This will teach you how to start freelance writing from home, including what mistakes to avoid so you actually start making money right away.

3. Become a virtual assistant

You can make money as a virtual assistant by doing tasks for people online.

Examples of VA work include: editing photos, managing social media, writing blog posts, doing technical website work, and doing work completely unrelated to blogging that I probably don’t even know about.

Think of being a VA as a personal assistant to someone but just online. You can have a VA and have many clients, or work primarily for one person or company. It’s an excellent way to make money on the side and you don’t need to have a lot of experience.

Learn how to become a VA in Your Way to VA, by Laura Pennington (use the code NATALIEB to get 20% off).

4. Sell other people’s products

You can make money from home by selling other people’s products.

This sounds crazy, but it’s possible. It’s called affiliate marketing.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products and you’re paid a percentage of the sale price or a flat fee for any sales you make.

For example, a fashion blogger who promotes clothing item XYZ gets paid if one of her followers purchases that item.

You can promote other people’s products anywhere, including on social media, YouTube, your blog, etc.

You don’t have to be experienced to make money from home with affiliate marketing, but you should have a strategy in place.

If this seems overwhelming for you or you don’t know where to start, take Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It’s a course that teaches you exactly how to make money from affiliate marketing. I took the course and it was so helpful. I make a few grand every month from affiliates. Pretty awesome!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most amazing ways to make money from home because the income potential is unlimited.

5. Create and sell your own products

You can make money from home by creating and selling your own products.

That’s what I’m doing now. I learned how to do this from Six Figure Blogger and it gave me a specific plan for how to create and sell eBooks and courses online. I’m so happy to finally have a plan in place for how to do this!

And when I launched my first course, I made $5k in 5 days on my blog. CRAZY! 🙂

Creating courses is the best way to monetize online, in my opinion.

The possibilities are endless, and you don’t need to have experience to start an online business from home.

6. Publish books on Kindle

If you have an idea or like writing, then you may want to consider writing eBooks and selling them on Amazon through the Kindle Marketplace.

You can learn everything you need to know about formatting by researching online (Kindle even provides a formatting guide). I’ve written books and launched them on Kindle very successfully.

It takes momentum and strategies to make a lot of money from eBooks, but if you are committed, you can do it.

Another nice thing about this way of making money online is that once you’ve written the book, you just have to sell it. It’s done. There’s no additional work required, which is what makes selling digital products so amazing.

7. Open an Etsy shop

Etsy is a website designed for people to sell their handmade items on. It’s an enormous database and online store for consumers. One of the best features about Etsy is that you don’t have to have your own audience – you can use Etsy’s instead.

People are constantly using Etsy to search for items they want to buy, and if you have an Etsy store, you will be part of the search results. Running an Etsy store can be as big or as small as you want. It can be a side gig or a full time gig.

I sold jewelry on Etsy very successfully, but closed the shop because I didn’t have time with studying and working full time. I have a friend who makes a killing on Etsy and even had to hire people to help her with her shop!

8. Sell used goods on Craigslist

You can sell almost anything on Craigslist!

Dave Ramsey says “sell so much stuff that your kids think they’re next.” Craigslist is the best place that I know where to sell almost anything. I do it every time I move (I move a lot!).

I know people who go to garage sales, buy items for practically nothing, and turn around and sell them for a lot more on Craigslist.

The nice thing about Craigslist is that unlike a garage sale, you don’t have to physically open your “shop” for a weekend. You can keep reposting items until they sell for what you want to sell them for. Time is not an issue and neither is location.

9. Become an Amazon FBA seller

You can make money online by using the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

Here’s how it works: you find a product you want to sell, you ship it to Amazon, Amazon stores the item, you post the product online, the product appears to Amazon customers, and when the product is purchased, Amazon ships it. To get the benefit of using Amazon’s customers, you do pay them a percentage of the sale.

There are many ways to find products to sell on Amazon FBA, but one of the most common ways is to buy products on sale at discount stores, then resell them for more on Amazon. Amazon FBA is a hidden gem, but people are making a killing doing it (see the story below)!

10. Sell used books online

You can make money by selling used books online.

You can actually go to garage sales and discount stores to buy books at a discount, then reselling them online on whatever sites that you prefer to sell used items on (Craigslist, eBay, BookScouter, etc.).

You can buy books online (e.g.: off eBay) and resell them for a profit online on other sites, like BookScouter. Use a site where you can type in the ISBN and see that it’s selling for. If you can buy it somewhere else for cheaper, you can then sell the book for more on another site. For example, if you can get a cheap book off eBay then sell it for more on BookScouter, you can make a profit.

This will work over and over again.

11. Test products

You can make money for testing and reviewing products.

Companies will pay you to test, review, and give feedback on their stuff. Each company is different – some will pay you cash while others will simply give you the product for free (which you could turn around and sell).

A few companies that offer this are: Toluna, Ipsos, and UserTesting. I have a friend who has done this before and she loves getting free products from companies in exchange for giving her feedback.

12. Complete online surveys

You can get paid to fill out surveys online (this is pretty amazing because it’s so easy to start now). There are companies that pay you to complete surveys based on what they need research on (consumer opinions, etc.).

A few survey companies you can get started with are Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, and Opinion Outpost.

13. Manage social media accounts

You can manage social media accounts for people and make money from home doing it.

This can be anything from a part time gig to a full time job.

I have been asked several times to manage bloggers’ social media accounts, but I haven’t actually done it (no time!). If you are really good at social media, this is a perfect way to make money online.

You can start small and grow your clients, making a lot of money from it.

14. Sell your photos to stock photography companies

If you have a camera and are decent at photography, you can sell your photos to websites that sell stock photos.

Examples include iStockPhoto and ShutterStock.com. When someone buys your photo from these sites, the sites will take a cut and you’re paid the rest. If you already know photography or want to learn, this is an excellent way to make money online while doing something you love.

15. Become a bookkeeper

You can make money online by offering bookkeeping services to clients.

You can start small (like freelance writing or VA work) and make it as big as you want. You don’t have to be an accountant to be a bookkeeper, but you will have to learn how to actually do the job. If you’re good at numbers and familiar with business in general, then bookkeeping may be a good online job that you can build into something more than just a side gig.

16. Sell services on Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can sell any service for $5 (or buy any service for $5).

If you are skilled as a graphic designer, editor, photographer, or really anything else that you can offer your services for on the site, then Fiverr is an awesome way to make money. You don’t have to stick to the $5 price range either – you can offer services at a premium and charge more (think $10-$100 per gig).

If I wasn’t blogging, I would definitely be editing on Fiverr for pay. If you already have a skill set that’s marketable, Fiverr is a really cool platform to offer your services on. I’m keeping this one in my back pocket for the future!

A Final Note!

The list above is a compilation of ways that I know how to make money online.

I never thought I’d be able to go from lawyer to financial planner to full time blogger – all because of the internet! It’s amazing.

Cheers to better money and a better life! 🙂