Visualizing Your Future Self

The only place the future can ever exist is in your mind. This means that if you want to create a new and different future with the results you want, you have to create it in your mind first.

This isn’t easy to do because you have to use your imagination and believe something that’s not yet true.

The good news is this is a skill you can get really good at. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last five years, and it’s allowed me to create a multi six figure online business instead of being an attorney.

In this episode, I show you how to visualize the future you desire as a skill (not as a fantasy) so you can design the life you want most.

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Full Visualizing Your Future Self Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hello my lovely friend. I’m really excited to be here with you today. I have some really, really amazing concepts to talk with you about and tools for you to take away from this episode. But I just want to say hi at first and tell you what’s kinda going on. First of all, I sat down this morning to record this with you and I was just so in flow if you ever get so in flow and so excited, like I wasn’t even going to do my normal organized outline for it. Like I had a bunch of notes from my research for this episode, but I wasn’t even gonna put it in an organized way that I normally do because I was so just energetically like ready, like I had to get it out to you.

So I sit down at my computer to do it and I open up the program where I do the recording. It’s called audacity and it’s not working. And this has never happened in over a year. I’ve never, you know, had an audacity just not work. It just wouldn’t open. I would see the icon and it just wouldn’t open. And so I do all this research and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on and I restart my computer and I uninstalled it and I go to the website and it says that the new iOS version is not supported yet. So I updated my Mac last week and now a lot of things do not work how they’re supposed to work. I had an interview get messed up last week because of it. And today, now I am recording with you using quick time. So here we are. I love when these things happen. I try to remind myself that this is helping me learn how to kind of deal with the downs of the business very quickly and without letting it cause a huge problem. So instead of saying I’m going to put this off until tomorrow or figure out another way or whatever, I immediately just went into how can I solve this right now? And how can I still record this right now? And I know that quick time is on my Mac and it works just fine. So that’s what I did.

So, just a reminder that whatever result you want, if you are rushing to get there, it’s because you think that over there is better than where you are right now. And I just want to remind you that no matter where you go in your future, no matter where you end up, problems are forever and there will always be um, challenges and problems and difficulties and that’s totally fine and hopefully it calms you down and lets you settle into where you are while still working kind of diligently to move to accomplish your goals.

And that kind of leads into what I want to talk with you about today, which is visualizing. I want to teach you the tool of visualizing your future self right now. So I talk a lot about this on the podcast already. I teach a lot about it in Grow You the coaching program and it’s been really, really fun for me to do in my own life. One of the things that continues to come up from students in Grow You is that they feel very uncomfortable doing this. So they’re very unsure about how to do this. And as much as I teach it, I still get more questions. So that means I can do a better job of giving you new ways to do this in your life and kind of coming at it from different angles. And today I want to talk about it in terms of visualizing.

So this is something that I actually do every morning. I do it alongside coaching myself and it’s been really, really powerful for me because what I know for sure is that your future, it only exists as sentences in your head. Always. So if there’s something that you want in your future, like a different result, the way that you are going to get it is to first believe that you can have it in your mind. And then once you believe it as true in your mind, you will feel it and you will take actions to create it. But you have to do that work. And if you don’t do that work, you will create more of the past. So I’ve talked a lot about how your brain loves to repeat the past because it’s a very certain, your brain, your primitive brain is a survival brain. It loves repeating the past because it’s very familiar and your brain just wants to keep you alive. It’s like it knows that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will stay alive. And so it’s like, okay, let’s just do more of that because you’ll stay alive. It feels very safe. It feels very certain. Your brain doesn’t know that the uncertainty of getting a new job or starting an online business or losing weight or just creating this new future for yourself isn’t going to kill you. It really thinks that anything that’s so new and different and foreign is dangerous. And so when you think about your future and you are doing this for the first time and you are pulling from your imagination from something that your brain hasn’t yet experienced, it’s very awkward. And I just want to offer to you that that’s okay. Nothing’s gone wrong and you’re not doing it wrong, but that you can do this as a skill. You can think of it as a skill that you can get really good at.

So for example, I think about my future self in my business daily. Like every morning I’m thinking about making a million dollars in revenue. In one year I’m thinking about having thousands of members in Grow You and my programs and my live events and I’m doing this, while, my eyes are closed probably for about 10 minutes and I do it. And I’m thinking about not that over there is so amazing and I’m just, you know, on the beach with a cocktail. I’m doing it thinking about really what I want to experience in my business, what result I want and what I’ll be thinking and feeling and doing when I have that result. So it’s not so much a fantasy of a problem free life as it is the reality that I want to be present with right now of the future I want to create. Because if I don’t do this, I will really just improve what I’m doing right now. So I know how to make six figures online so fast, like I can do it in my sleep, right? I even launched this coaching program as kind of a new coaching program and in a couple of months it’s up to six figures. So it’s just something that I know how to do. I cannot just simply improve that and expect that to get me to seven figures, right? Because it would already have happened if that was the case for me to completely shift my identity and create this new result of being this seven figure CEO, entrepreneur with a team and a business instead of this solo preneur six figure boss babe, I have to have a complete identity shift and is not necessarily easy. But I’m so used to growing and I love this so much and I’ve seen what I’ve created based on my own beliefs in the past, right? What my current results are. 

So if you think about five years ago, what you were thinking, that is what got you the results today, it’s always, always the case. So for me, I’m practicing this. It’s a skill set and that’s what I want you to do. It’s being present now with your conscious thinking of a very deliberate future. That is the skill of visualizing your future self. And that’s what I want you to practice and get really good at. So you do this by thinking about the result that you want in the future and it doesn’t need to be just like a 10% improvement, right? It can be the big thinking.

So I was coaching someone in Grow You the other day about her teacher salary and she had all of these beliefs about how much money she could make because she was a teacher. And I like to say that as long as you keep fighting for your story of what got you, the current results, like you get to keep it. So if she keeps holding onto that story of how much money she can make and that limit to her money, that’s what she’s going to keep creating. And I just want you to forget about your current circumstances and the past and I want you to spend more time creating your future. When you do it from this place of fantasy and it must nice or it would be nice. There’s kind of this, I heard it once described and I like to describe it as like a low grade disappointment that lines it, and I do not want you to do that. I want you to truly close your eyes and get into that space of believing it would be true for you. Whatever result you want. The reason that it’s really powerful to do it with your eyes closed is that you take in so much input visually. So if you close your eyes and do this, you kind of um, make it a lot easier for you to use your imagination. But yes, it will be awkward at first, but the more that you connect and create your future deliberately, the more certain you’ll get about it.

So right now it is not awkward at all for me to think about making seven figures. I think about, you know, the $83,333 in revenue. I think about how I’m going to create it. I think about what my life will be like. Two dogs that I’m walking, I’m probably working closer to three days a week, three to four days a week. I’m reading a lot more. I just think about my business and how many members I’ll have on my team and every time I do this visualizing for about 10 minutes in the morning, I come at it at a different angle.

So sometimes I’ll focus on, you know, my lifestyle. Whereas other times I’ll focus on my actual business and I just think about the fullness of my life and who I’ll be in every area as a result of creating this seven figure business. Like I said, at first it was not this easy, but I want you to do it from a place of having a complete identity shift. I want you to think about the result that you want. So the current state of your life is the result of your prior thinking. Okay. That is for sure true. So if you want a new and different result, you have to learn to think differently. And if you don’t practice this and get really good at it, you won’t create it. So I want you to do what we call in coaching as a holding space, like hold space for yourself, which means to release the judgment. Just go to that place of like, what if, if anything were possible for you to create, what would you want to create? And I like to think of all the things that are true for us now in reality, in our lives that were completely impossible to think about as being true a hundred years ago. The most obvious example to me is computers and the iPhone or a cell phone in general and FaceTiming and texting all of the technology. So if you would have told someone a hundred or 200 years ago the possibilities or the capabilities of the technology that we have today, they would have really thought you were either crazy or it would have been an impossibility. Like it for sure was not true. Right? It wasn’t true. But that was the case. But it was possible. Right, because it became true. It’s true for us now. So what I want you to think about is like how much you want to transform and change your life, you know, in the next 10 years or five years or 20 years.

And you can do this for you know, in 25 years you can do it for 10 years, but you can do it for one year. There are different exercises though. So when you think about your one year goal and your future self in one year, there’s gonna be a lot more of the how that will come up. Like how am I going to do it? And you get into the details a little bit more. So I only want you to do that kind of secondary. I really want you to get creative and open up your imagination with the five year visualization. I like to do this in the morning. Like I said, you can do it any time, but the key to doing this and the key to doing it the right way is to practice thinking and believing and feeling it. So it’s not that fantasizing of like you’re problem free, you’re not working. You are on the beach, you, you know, have millions of dollars. It’s not like that fantasy. It’s the truth about if anything were possible, what result would you want? So for me, I want to have $5 million in revenue. Sometimes I do that visualization and then other times I do the 1 million because the 1 million will be sooner. And then above and beyond that though, I do want to grow my business to about 5 million in revenue. I want a team of about five people full time. I want to work three days a week. Like I could tell you very certainly what my future in my business looks like. Now of course things happen in life outside of our control. Circumstances do change, tragedies happen. But that’s not really why we are not going after our goals. So for sure what I’m visualizing in my future may not happen.

Sometimes I say, my friends think it’s kind of morbid that like I could just go and get hit by a bus tomorrow. Like it’s for sure true. But while I’m here in the present moment and while I am still able to create my future, why not do that intentionally from a place of already loving what I have and having enough. So I never think that over there is going to be better. It was funny yesterday I was talking about how much I just love my apartment and I love my life and I love this business Online Business For Her. I just created and it has been so successful and so amazing businesses. So my zone of genius, I love teaching it and I’m so happy I was able to give that to the world. 

So I love my life right now and I have so much and I’m so excited to create more. Right? It’s super, super fun. So I’m deliberate about my future and I’m very attached to it versus being attached to my past. Someone once said to me, you know, it’s so interesting you never talk about like life as an attorney, right? And I really don’t. I just don’t spend time in my past because it’s not useful. Now, I’m not avoiding it. There’s not something I won’t talk about. I just notice my brain thinking and I notice what I want to spend time thinking about because what I’m thinking about is going to be repeated over and over and it’s going to become a belief and it’s then going to become my result. So you have to notice this and this is really the value of life coaching. And this is what I do in Grow You right? I sort of rip apart those unconscious beliefs and I rebuild that programming to get you the results that you want in your future. And part of that is visualizing your future self. And that’s kind of the tool that I’m teaching you today. So if you coach yourself and you kind of figure out what your beliefs are right now that are creating the results that you have and you bring awareness to that, that is kind of step number one. And that’s step number two is this, visualizing your future from your future. It’s creating that. But you have to realize that right now you have like a highway of neuropathways that are so solidified in your mind, right? So you’ve been thinking that you can only create a hundred grand a year and that has been true for you for five years. So that’s the pathway, that’s the highway that your brain is used to and whatever you have taught your brain to think about is what it will find evidence for.

I remember when I was, gosh, when was it maybe college or law school and I just remember thinking that people in general just struggled with money and that everyone thought this way and that no one had a lot of money. And that of course there were some like rich people somewhere, but they were just different and they weren’t like really real. Like I, everyone in my life, my tribe, like it’s not that anyone was poor, but like money was more scarce. And the way that we talked about money and we were concerned about money, it was just a very kind of in scarcity and not from abundance and from a place of this is it, you know, you kind of hope to make six figures and that’s it. And then you work a ton. And I just thought that that was like the weight of it. Okay. And I actually just coached someone in Grow You like this as well. She is saying that everyone in her life, right? All of her coworkers, all of her family, all of her friends, they all think this way. And you have to notice and be onto your brain because what’s happening is that you’ve created the life that proves whatever you believe to be true. So you hang out with those people, you work with those people, you believe those beliefs that they have because that’s what you believe.

And I have totally different beliefs. And it’s so funny cause I’m like I have a lot of money. Lots of people have a lot of money. And that’s like what I see. Right? And so it’s almost like you hear people talking about being on a different frequency or a different vibe or a different energy level. And there are people everywhere with different beliefs that are creating completely different realities and different experiences. So for me, if I know that in my mind I can create whatever result I want, why not create millions of dollars? It’s just like super fun to me. I have so much fun in my business. Like it’s not from lack, it’s not from thinking that better is over there. And that’s why I always say I’m not in a rush now I say that, but I’m actually taking a lot of massive action every day. So if you are not taking action and not moving forward, I don’t want you to borrow the thought. I’m not in a rush. That thought serves me very well because it allows me to produce very highly while not rushing the result. So I don’t need to do what I’m doing faster or in a hurry. I need to give up my current identity and become the seven figure CEO, which is why I spend time visualizing. And that brings up another point, right?

If you do more actions at your current level of thinking, it’s kind of like a waste of time. So I talked about this in massive thinking, make sure you listen to that because you have to do a complete identity shift to create really big new results. So I remember when I went from kind of either making no money online to like 1000 bucks online and maybe even like up to two to three K right? To me that wasn’t a huge identity shift from like zero to two K a month online. But from the two to three K a month online to making six figures, which is the $8,333 a month online, there was a huge shift. I was no longer this side hustling lawyer wanting to pay off student loan debt, right? I had to completely give up that identity and become this solo preneur who made six figures and it required me to think very differently and I had to create that belief ahead of time. I had to think about who I wanted to be. I had to visualize myself living in Chicago, you know, running my own business full time. I had to get very attached to her and I’m so glad I did. So when I think about my past self and I think about myself now, I’m so thankful that I did this a few years ago and that’s another part of this exercise that you can do is you can think about the results that you have now that you love and you can give gratitude and appreciation to your past self for doing the hard and the boring things to get here, right?

It’s like it’s not necessarily like that fun at the time five years ago when you’re doing these hard things to shift your identity and give up who you are entirely, right? I had to give up the sense of this lawyer identity. It was just like a very different place that I was in and I had to create this new identity and on top of that I was kind of in this personal finance blogger space as well and I sort of had to give up that identity. And I will say that it’s still hard to give up the identity, especially when you don’t know what it looks like. And you’re, you’re kind of reaching for what you want your new destination to be and you’re figuring it out. But it does get easier because you’re so used to evolving at that point once you do it once. So now it’s like, for me, I’m so used to giving up my current identity for the next identity that I’m not as afraid, but it’s still uncomfortable. So I do want you to know that it’s more like the energy for me is like, oh, here we go again. Right? It’s like, this is so awesome. But then I’m like, oh, but now I have to think so much bigger. And you know, I think about a condo and I think about, um, a separate office and I think about how I have thousands of members in Grow You and I think about my email list and I think about live events and it’s like expanding my mind and my imagination to come up with this new identity that’s very unfamiliar to me, but that I want to create so much certainty around so that I go to that destination instead of just creating more of the past.

So that’s what I want you to do. I want you to like think of the reality of what you want and not be in this fantasy land of this problem free place where it’s all comfortable. I see this a lot actually with new business owners where they actually want the results of running an online business because they want the money and they want the money because they want to spend the money. So they want to, a lot of them women will say like, I want to retire my husband and I want to, you know, live on the beach or live somewhere else and I want to have a Range Rover and I want to not work a lot. And all of their desires and all of the results that they want are based around comfort and what the money allows them to do, which is to buy more pleasures and have more comfort. And I know immediately that that is never a strong enough why and they are not going to succeed if they hold on to that because it’s so uncomfortable to change and to grow and to build an online business. And it will be uncomfortable for you to get whatever result you want. And that’s okay. It’s totally worth it. But you have to be really clear about why you want it and know that giving up who you are now for this new person in this new identity is uncomfortable. And I love when I heard my mentors say it’s easy to give up um, a shitty life for a great one, but it’s a lot harder to give up a great life for an even greater one. I mean, it’s so true. 

So it’s easy to give up that life where you’re really struggling and you’re maybe in debt or maybe you’re overweight or whatever the case may be. If you really don’t like it, it’s really easy to give up that life for a great one. But then once you have that great life, right, you could look at me and say, once you’re making, you know, multi six figures from your business and you’re kind of living, living your best life the way you want to, it’s a lot harder to give up that life completely. And the way I do everything because I can’t just make it better. I have to really give it up to get to that next jump, that quantum leap to a new result of seven figures in my business. And then again from there to jump again and I’m willing to do it. But I’m very aware that it’s challenging and that it requires a lot of self coaching and that’s why I just actually hired a coach myself for thousands of dollars and I was so excited to exchange that value because I know that it’s going to serve me so well.

So I’m not only doing the life coaching, I’m doing the business coaching and everything in between and I’m so willing to do this for my future self and I know that in five years I’m going to look back and say, oh my gosh, thank you so much for doing that. So that’s what I want you to do. I want you to spend some time every day, even if it’s five minutes in the morning, thinking about if anything were possible for your life and the results that you want, what would you want? Would you want to lose 50 pounds? Would you want to live in a different city? Would you want to get married and have kids? Would you want to adopt kids? Would you want to change careers? Would you want to leave corporate America? Would you want to quit your teaching job? Would you want to make you know, $500K a year? Would you want to make $1 million a year? Like what results would you create in your life if you truly believed anything were possible? And then once you decide, spend some time there thinking about what it would be like to have the result. If you do this right, it will feel really, really good. That’s how you know it’s working. If it’s kind of that fantasy land with that low grade disappointment, you know you’re doing it wrong, you will feel uncomfortable for sure. But when you’re visualizing, you will feel it ahead of time and it will feel so good. So I do this a lot actually, and I’m like giggling thinking about it cause it feels amazing. Like, so I get to live in my future and enjoy the benefits of it now in the present moment. And then you come down and then you take action from a different thinking, and that is where the real transformation happens because instead of doing, doing, doing, doing, you start to live from your future right now. It’s so powerful. It’s one of my favorite things to do and I think more than anything else, it will serve you if you want to create new results in your life. All right? That’s what I have for you today. I will talk with you next week. Have an amazing week. Bye bye.

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