Tips for new bloggers

I’ve been blogging for almost three years and it’s been a wild and wonderful ride.

I went from making pennies every month to making $5k my first year, $30k my second year, and the verdict is still out on my third year (but it will be more than year two)! I’ve done all this while working a full time job.

I’ve learned a ton and I want to share my best tips with you. Here are the most important 9 tips for new bloggers.


1. Brace yourself for real work

Blogging is a ton of work. Whatever you’re imagining, multiply it by ten if you want to have a successful blog. Emphasis on the latter part of that sentence – “if you want to have a successful blog”. Because you can have a blog that’s not successful and it won’t be that much work. But if you want to have traffic and eventually monetize your blog, then it will become a part time job, at the very least. Preparing mentally for taking on this extra commitment will help you.


2. Understand that there are three phases to blogging

Blogging has three phases: the launch phase, the growth phase, and the monetize phase.

These phases need to be done in order. I know you want to start making money asap, but you won’t make any money if you try to monetize too soon. Instead, focus on each phase one at a time.

If you want to build a successful blog, I highly recommend taking Blog With A Full Time Job right now.

It shows you exactly what you need to do to build a successful, profitable business online while working full time.


3. Write in an honest voice that people will connect with

Blogging is a completely different type of writing than anything else. As a lawyer, I wrote in a very professional tone. Blogging is like having a conversation with someone. You need to be as open and honest as possible. People need to know who the real you is in your posts. People will like that. The more transparent and connected you are with your readers, the more they will like you (and follow you and buy your stuff).


4. Focus on your end-goal

The likelihood of you becoming a successful blogger will increase exponentially if you know what it is you’re after. Is your goal to make money blogging? Is your goal to become a popular influencer? Is your goal just to have fun online? Each of these goals requires taking very different paths. The more clear you are on your goal, the faster you’ll reach it. If you don’t have a goal, don’t expect your blog to be successful.


5. Grow your mailing list

You need to focus on growing your email list from the very beginning. Your email list is the key to monetizing later. This means that you should have your blog covered with ways for people to opt into your email list.

In exchange for their email, it’s a good idea to give something away for free. Instead of asking people to sign up to join your email list, offer to give them a free guide or worksheet by entering their email address. This will be an incentive for them to sign up.

I highly recommend using ConvertKit to grow your email list. I grew my email list to 10k in 7 months using ConvertKit. It’s that good.


6. Spend time blogging every day

Because you are probably starting your blog while doing other things (whether you’re a full time mom or have a full time job), it’s likely that you put off working on your blog until you “have time.”

If you want to be a successful blogger, then you need to work on your blog at least one hour every day. I truly believe it takes this type of commitment and consistency to grow a successful blog. It’s not enough to work on it once a week on the weekends.

I get up at 4:30am every day to work on my blog before I go to work. I love my blog and have no problem making it a priority.


7. Scope out your competition

To become a successful blogger people have to want to go to your blog instead of someone else’s blog. This means that you should scope out what your competition is doing to see what you should (and shouldn’t be doing). Look at their content, look at their products, and look at how they conduct themselves online.


8. Search engines are the secrets to driving traffic to your blog

To get people to your blog, you need to drive traffic to it. The best way to do this is through a jQuery search engine. Examples include Google, Pinterest, and YouTube (anywhere that you search for results).

This is the secret to driving people to your blog.

Each search engine is different. I prefer Pinterest. I took Pinterest Traffic Avalanche to change and improve my Pinterest strategy, and I highly recommend it.

I also have a post about Google SEO that you can use to implement a few Google tips.


9. Keep going

There are so many ups and downs to blogging (sometimes on a daily basis). Just know that there are so many bloggers out there going through what you’re going through, and you can do it just like that can. Even if it takes time, blogging is the most fulfilling, rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Keep going. You can do it.


A Final Note!

Blogging has changed my life. I make over $3k per month blogging, and I do this while working a full time job. I know if you put your mind to it, you can become a successful blogger, too.

I’m cheering for you! 🙂

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