Time scarcity podcast

Do any of these sound familiar…

  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I’m so busy.
  • I wish I had more time.

You may not know this yet, but time is something you can control.

You do this by creating a plan, then by learning how to manage your mind around time. This will change your relationship to time.

As a result, you’ll create more time for yourself.

You can have more than enough time.

You can have plenty of time.

You can stop busying.

In this episode, you’ll learn exactly how to identify time scarcity and start having time abundance.

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Full Time Scarcity Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hello, how are you doing today? I am so happy to be with you this morning. I was looking at my planning and my content creation coming up and next week is our one year anniversary together. This is episode technically 51 I don’t put numbers on the episodes in the podcasts, but I keep track of them for myself and this is 51 which means next week is 52 and we are coming up on a year together and I just want to take a minute and say thank you and how grateful I am for you and how I feel so connected to you and appreciative of you as a listener and as a human and as someone who I really, really value.

I listen to so many podcasts myself and I feel very connected to the people who I listen to and I just want you to know that as the podcaster, I feel very connected to you as the listener and throughout this last year I have done a lot in my personal life and my business.

It was this time last year where I was just moving from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago. It is so hard to believe that it will be a year next month from my move. And I also have created new products and coaching and this month actually in Grow You we are talking all about time and management and productivity and I thought that time management and productivity would be an essential part of the program, but I totally underestimated how much drama there would be around productivity and time management.

Y’all are struggling with time management and productivity and I just didn’t know. I did not know. So I am here to help you. I have the answers to all of your time management and productivity problems. So this week we are going to be talking about time scarcity, which is something that I’m seeing a lot of and kind of came up with based on the members in Grow You and what I hear them talk about.

And next week we will be talking about planning mistakes that I’m seeing a lot of. So if you want to take this work deeper, you can apply to Grow You, which is the monthly life coaching with me. You can go to NatalieBacon.com/apply and we will have you fill out an application and we’ll take a look and see if you’re a good and then you can come join the fun. We have a lot of fun in there even though time management and productivity are a huge struggle. And what I mean by that is I’m teaching time management and I’m teaching productivity and I’m coaching on it. And what I’m seeing is that when you put things into a specific plan for your life, that part is relatively easy. But then you look at it and then you have to take action on it.

And then all of the drama comes up. It’s like you know, you have all these ideas in your head of what you want to do and you think that your circumstances are the reason why you can’t do them. And then I give you a way to make it happen. And then you do it on paper and then you freak out and it’s totally fine. It’s totally normal. I like to think of the example of creating a budget or creating a weight loss plan.

So it’s like creating a budget. I can teach you how to do that and you can do that. And then if you try to live by your budget, you will freak out in some way, shape, or form. If you’re new to budgeting, right? It’s because you’re having to take action and be intentional with your deepest desires with what you want to do for your life.

So you have money, you create a plan for your money, and then you have to live out that plan and it’s like, Whoa, this is hard. Because if you say you’re only going to spend $100 and you want to spend $200 you have to just spend the a hundred dollars and then you just have to sit there and be with the urge to spend the additional money and not spend it.

And this isn’t a problem. Nothing has gone wrong, but we’re not taught how to experience that urge without doing anything. We want to like fix it. We want to, you know, if we’re not going to spend money, we’re going to go do something else. Maybe we’re going to go eat food or have a drink or go watch Netflix, right? We really want this urge to go away instead of just learning how to allow it. So the planning part, whether it’s with your money, whether it’s with food, right?

The same thing applies to food or whether it’s with your time, you’re going to come up with a plan that is like not the hard part and you’re going to decide how you want to spend the hours that you have in a day and then you actually have to do it and follow through. And that is where managing your mind comes in because the budgeting part, the writing down your food plan part, the scheduling, the time part isn’t the hard part.

The hard part is the following through and that has to do with managing your mind K, so if you say you’re just going to eat a salad for dinner, that’s not the hard part. The hard part is actually just eating the salad for dinner and then not eating or drinking anything else for the rest of the night and being with that urge and allowing urge and not beating yourself up and loving yourself and then the more you do it, the easier it gets because eventually you’re not going to have the urges in the same way that you had them on day one and even if you do, you’re going to know how to manage them.

The same thing is true with respect to your calendar. So if you don’t manage your time, you are kind of living in a place of reaction mode at best right or you’re thinking that you’re creating more spontaneity when really your life is a little bit out of control. When you plan exactly what you’re going to spend your money on, when you plan exactly what you’re going to eat, when you plan exactly how you’re going to spend your time, the result is that you create more freedom because you eliminate having to make decisions in the moment. And that means that you plan your freedom ahead of time. You plan your downtime ahead of time. You can enjoy your free time without guilt. You have so much more control of your life. So what I want to encourage you to do is to learn how to think about and relate to time differently so that you can follow through with what you’ve planned.

We’ve talked already a little bit about how to plan and in Grow You. I give a lot of specifics about how to specifically create a plan for your life. And some worksheets on that. And today what I really want to talk about is how you’re relating to time. So something that I always do with respect to any area of my life that I’m working on is to ask what that thing would say about me.

So I coach a lot of people about money and they will have these thoughts about money that they think are for sure real, that they are facts and they’re really just thoughts. And I will ask them like, what would they describe their relationship to money like? And if money could talk, what would their money say about their relationship to them? And often it is that the relationship is a struggle and it’s money feeling neglected and the money isn’t ever good enough and that you know it’s coming from a lot of scarcity.

So notice this in any area of your life today, I want you to think about time. If your time could talk, what would your time say about the relationship that it has with you? Would it say that you always think that it’s never enough? Would it say that you’re always giving it away? Would it say that you are always blaming it and saying there’s not enough of it. So scarcity means that you think that there’s not enough and it’s a very low vibration and it will compound.

So anything that you are and feeling will compound and grow over time, which is why habits are so amazing. But habits are not discriminatory, right? So if you are in the habit of thinking about time from a place of scarcity and not enoughness, that is quite literally what you will create. Contrast that with abundance. It’s a much higher vibration and an openness and you always come from a place of more than enough.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re not planning, it doesn’t mean that you’re always in flow. It means that you are intentional about how you want to spend your time and that you follow through even when you don’t want to. So I just want you to know that your brain does a really, really good job of planning in advance. So if you think about that from your prefrontal cortex, if you think about what you ideally would want to eat or spend your money on, you know, a week from now, you could plan that out without any sort of drama or urges or anything else you would just matter of factly be thinking about your future. You’d make really good decisions about how to eat and how to spend your money.

The same is true with time. If you plan ahead of time right now how you want to spend your time a week from now, you’re going to do it pretty drama free. You’re going to be very clear thinking and it’s going to be from a place of high vibration and knowing that there is more than enough and you’re going to be thinking very consciously about the time that you have and you’re going to look at it almost like a budget and kind of like your calendar. You’re filling in your time.

Now, contrast that with the day comes next week and you wake up and you have to spend your money according to your plan. You have to eat according to your plan and you have to spend your time according to your plan. I just want you to know that you’re not gonna feel like doing what you have planned that day and not feeling like it isn’t a good enough reason to not do it. So I always say do whatever you want, but like your reason for it. So let’s give an example.

Like someone got in a car accident that day that you had planned to work on your business and let’s just say that it’s someone close to you and you want to go visit them and take care of them and make sure everything’s okay. And so you totally cancel all of your plans for that day. And you ask yourself if you like that reason, the reason you canceled your plans is there was an emergency, someone was in a car accident. You probably really like that reason. You want to be the type of person that when there’s an emergency with someone you love, you cancel your plans and you go take care of them. Okay? Now that happens once a year at most, right? You don’t have those emergencies every week or every day.

Contrast that with waking up the next day or the next week and having to do what’s on your calendar and just not feeling like it. If you didn’t do what was on your calendar, just because you didn’t feel like it, would you like that reason? My guess is no. And what I really want you to think about is how you would honor your commitment if you had an appointment with me versus how you honor a commitment with an appointment with yourself. And it’s just so interesting. We don’t focus on really nurturing and loving ourselves and strengthening the relationship we have with ourselves. And that’s what I want you to focus on doing.

I want you to love yourself as much as you love the other people in your life where you’re following through with making plans with them. So when you make these decisions ahead of time, I want you to expect the resistance to come and expect that you’re not going to want to follow through on the day of.

And that’s okay. And I know that sometimes you are going to want to do it and sometimes that’s what makes it harder. I know that for me when I wake up and I am like really excited about the day and I’m like so in flow and I’m just sitting there and I’m just cranking out work and it feels amazing and I love that. And sometimes that’s how it is. But then other times that’s not how it is. I sit down and I work and I’m doing something new and different. Like right now I’m learning Facebook ads and there’s resistance because it’s new when my brain doesn’t understand what’s going on and I have to like really focus in a way that like I don’t feel in flow cause it’s like clunky and it’s different and it’s new and that’s okay. I never take it off my calendar.

Right. Because I’ve already made the plans that Facebook Ads are going to be a part of my business model and how I grow. And so this is important to me. I’ve already made this decision. It doesn’t matter how I feel in the day, but that doesn’t mean that I beat myself up about it. I’m like, okay, it’s so normal that I don’t want to do this in this moment. That’s okay.

So I want you to think about time from a very like high level, broad perspective. It is something that we, as the humans, as I like to call us, I’ve invented. So time just is so we have created years and decades and months and days and hours to help us manage our minds and our lives. It’s kind of like money. We all decide that we have these pieces of paper that mean something, right? The money just is the time, just is.

It’s quite literally a mental construct. We have all decided and agreed to make it mean something. Now, the best news ever is that you get to decide what to make money mean and what to make time mean. So I really worked on my relationships so much with money that I feel very abundant and I have so much love for my money. I feel very much in flow with money and it has nothing to do with the actual dollars in the bank. It’s how I’m choosing to relate to money, right? There are people with a lot more money than me, dollar wise, who don’t relate to their money this way, right? I feel so great about my money and I create more abundance from that place. More money from that place. It’s from a place of having enough instead of having not enough. And what I want you to do is I want you to do this with time.

So the first thing that I want you to do is to ask yourself what you think about your time. So just that you know, what do I think about my time? What do I feel about time? How do I feel? Do I feel rushed? Do I feel hurried? Do I always think that there is never enough? So we all have 24 hours in the day. All of us, we’ve all decided it’s 24 this is something that’s universal and now everyone relates to time differently.

Changing your circumstance is not going to make you feel better about time. And we often think that that is actually true. So we think that, Oh, if I just didn’t have so much to do, Oh, if I just wasn’t invited to all these things, Oh, if I didn’t have to do the networking after work or Oh, if my kids weren’t in daycare or Oh if I didn’t have to do carpool or whatever it is, we think that if we change the circumstance, we would relate to time differently.

But the truth is that’s not true at all because all of our thoughts are optional. And if you think about a time where maybe it was a Saturday or a Sunday where you really didn’t have much planned and you just did something on a whim that you wouldn’t necessarily look back on and plan. So let’s say you just like sit down, it’s raining and you just decide to watch some Netflix for a couple hours. Like, and maybe you’re like a scrolling on social media as well and you’re just kinda like quote unquote rusting or relaxing. Like, that’s just what you decided to do in the moment. There’s like some dead time on the weekend. If you’re in time scarcity. I highly doubt that during that time you were thinking, Oh my gosh, look at this moment, I have so much time right now I have two hours where I just get to do whatever I want.

I’m so grateful for this time. This time is mine and I can do whatever I want. Right? So my point in pointing this out is that if you are thinking thoughts about time and your time as being very limited and scarce and like there’s not enough, even when there is extra time, you will find a way to spend it from scarcity. You’ll rush around to do more errands or you will be on social media wasting time.

Or you know, it could be just zoning out in Netflix thinking you’re relaxing but not really feeling relaxed. And that’s how you know if you’re doing it right, it’s how you feel. So think about how you think about time and think about how you are feeling about your time. And I really want you to imagine that I gave you $24,000 to spend in one day and you had to spend that money.

So I’m saying 24,000 because we have 24 hours in one day and you get to choose how to spend that money. How much time do you want to spend on sleep and on work and on family and friends and your hobbies and the news and social media and gossiping and all the other things. Where would you want to allocate that money? Now remember, money is something that you can always create more of, but time, once it’s gone, you cannot get more back. And we, none of us know when our time will be up. We don’t know when we will die. So the point in time management and it’s time management is really just the way that you manage your mind around time is that you maximize and optimize the way that you think about time and relate to time so that you can have the most intentional abundant experience of your life that you want.

It’s not, so you get more done because getting more done doesn’t make you feel better. Now interestingly, if you do learn how to manage your mind around time, you will produce more because when you are procrastinating and rushing you’re hurrying and busying and you’re focused on the activity and you are not producing because you’re thought looping and spinning out.

When you are clean about how you think about time and you think that there is enough time and you go to work and you follow through with what’s on your schedule, you will produce because you will be so focused, you won’t have time to be spinning out about time. It’s kind of like people who say that they produce more and get more done when they have pressure. So if you think about back to school, if you were someone who would procrastinate and do the paper the last night before or the week before, really close to the deadline, it’s because you forced yourself to be so focused during that time.

And what I want to encourage you to do is clean up your thoughts about time so that with whatever you’re doing on your calendar, you actually are that focused during that time. So it would be like, you know, let’s say on Mondays I do my content days and I have all these productive results that I have on my calendar in different time slots. Now, if I just had produced content at the top, my day would be a hot mess because I would be thinking, what do I need to do? Do I have enough time? Have I spaced this out? Right? What did like my mind chatter would be insane, but I have planned out exactly the hours that I’m outlining the podcast, the exact hours I’m recording the podcast, the exact hours I’m writing, the blog posts, the exact hours that I’m writing, my Thursday Thoughts, email the exact hours that I am going to be coaching in Grow You.

Then you know, I’m done for the day and then I have the exact hours. I go to my hip hop workout class on Monday nights as well and I’m in it. I am 100% all in. Now some Mondays do I wake up more excited than others? Yes. But at the end of the year, I have spent 52 Mondays doing exactly what I wanted to do and I’ve cleaned up my thoughts to know that the time is mine and I get to decide what I want to do with my time. And by appreciating the calendaring and the planning, I know that I’m creating my future.

I am a year further along than I was last year in the direction that I want to go. So for you, when you are thinking about your future and the direction that you want to go, and you were thinking about how you want to plan your life and you go about creating that plan and you schedule downtime and you schedule rest time and you then tried to honor your plan, I just want you to know that you have a choice with respect to how you want to think about that plan.

You know, even if it feels hard, some days you can say yes, it’s hard and I don’t wish it were easier. I wish I were stronger. It’s hard today and that’s okay. Right? But just notice that your brain is likely going to default to something is wrong. I’m running out of time. There’s not enough time. And that’s totally optional. You don’t have to think that, right? You can open yourself up to new thoughts about time. So what if you thought that you always had enough time and that you’re the one in charge of your time all the time.

Nothing is wrong with how you spend your time and what if you thought about being so grateful that you even are a human and have time to experience and what if you recognize that you’re the only one who gets to decide how you want to spend those 24 hours and that you create your time and that there’s no rush and that we all have the same amount of time and that there’s plenty of time and there’s always enough time for what’s important.

And even when you are running late or someone forgets something and you have to bring them something at school or there’s a traffic jam instead of defaulting to this is a problem. Now I’m late, hold this space. And what that means is take a breath in the traffic jam, take a breath in the school line, take a breath when someone else is making you late because you’re waiting on them. Whatever the case may be, take a breath and just think, what does this make possible? Okay.

Now you might be thinking, I for sure wish that I was on time and that there was no weight and that you know, this was going faster. But what if this is your assignment? What if everything is happening exactly how it’s supposed to be happening and that God or the universe or whoever you look up to. For me it’s God is giving you this as your assignment.

So when you’re waiting in line and something isn’t ready or you’re at the DMV and it’s a two hour wait, what if your assignment for that day is to learn how to, you know, maximize and use that time, given circumstances that you didn’t want. What could you do to use that time in a creative way? What podcasts or book could you listen to? Or how can you just be present in the moment and connect with someone in line, in front of you or behind you? How could you use that time to practice more patience.

Really look for opportunities in your day where you feel time scarce and like your rushing to take a minute and breathe and ask yourself, what am I thinking? Why am I choosing to think this? What feeling is it creating? Because I will tell you what, when you think that there’s not enough time and you feel rushed, you will create that.

You will compound that and you will do more of that regardless of your circumstances. So even if you do that in a way that allows you to create whatever it is you’re creating, let’s say in your business, you will continue to compound that time scarcity. There’s never a point where you reach where it stops. So instead I want you to take a breath now and create the plan of your dreams with respect to calendaring and put everything that you want to produce on your calendar, including rust, time and thinking time. And then I want you to follow through and notice your thoughts during the times where you would likely default to. There’s not enough time. I’m in a rush, someone else’s late. This shouldn’t be happening. And really think about do you want to be relating to time this way? And notice that it’s totally optional.

It’s not a fact. I know that you think that it’s a fact that you know you don’t have enough time or you’re too busy, but it’s not. You have plenty of time. And if you are really in time scarcity and some of the examples of abundant thoughts I gave you where I have plenty of time, there’s no rush. We all have the same amount of time. I create my time, I’m in charge of my schedule, I love time, I’m grateful for time. All of those that I give you a few minutes ago. Those are kind of like the ideal, right? They feel really good.

But if you are in a time scarcity where you can’t get to that point yet, transition from your negative time thoughts to more neutral thoughts. You know I felt rushed today and that’s okay, right? Because your awareness is an improvement and I want you to feel really good and empowered by that.

Don’t notice your time scarcity and then beat yourself up. It’s just not useful. Notice it and be proud of yourself that you now have awareness because awareness will lead to change. You will see that you are creating more scarcity in your life and you can say, Oh my gosh, I felt time scarcity today and that’s okay.

Tomorrow I’m going to see if for five minutes I can just not feel rushed, right? So start really small or like sometimes I have enough time or sometimes I have time to rest, right? Create those neutral thoughts. And I want you to know that everything in your life you have available to you to think that it’s happening for you. So the accidents, the long lines, the things that come up in your day that you think they’re messing things up or not, how you want to control the world.

What if they’re happening for you? And what if the line isn’t too long? And what if it’s a way for you to practice being patient and flexible and learn how to use that time differently in a way that you hadn’t even thought of. And that’s where that pausing comes in before you react.

So start small. Start today and think about how you are relating to time. Ask yourself what you’re thinking about time. How do you feel about the time that you have? How do you want to feel? How do you want to think? I do not want you to try to rearrange your schedule so you’re doing less. I think you can do more in less time when you really learn how to plan and then manage your mind. That is where the magic happens. So notice if you’re in time scarcity coming from a place of not enough time and I’m busy and it’s kind of like we glorify this, Oh, I’m so busy.

Or Oh, I don’t have enough time for that and this is work that I’ve done on myself in the last few months where I’ve had to notice that that’s not a place that I want to come from. I don’t want to think like that. So I’ve really worked on that and I feel so much better. It’s like coming from time abundance. I don’t have to think that I’m busy. I don’t have to think that I don’t have enough time.

It’s totally available to me to just think that I have plenty of time and then I’m going to get it all done. It just feels so good to come from that place and that is what I want for you. So start today. Think about how you’re thinking about time and from that awareness you can change and practice those time, abundant thoughts. Okay, I will talk to you next week.

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