Massive Thinking Podcast

If you’ve heard me teach massive action, you know it means taking enough action to get the result you want.

It’s a commitment to overcome obstacles and failures in the name of success.

But massive action has one fatal flaw: if you take massive action without using massive thinking, you’ll never get the result you want. 

Massive thinking means thinking new and better thoughts that are aligned with creating the result you want.

At each thought plateau you reach, you’ll have to use massive thinking to move from where you are to the next level.

Then, massive action flows naturally.

In this episode, I show you how to move out of thought plateaus and use massive thinking to get the results you want most in your life.

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Full Thought Plateaus And Massive Thinking Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hey, how are you today? I am so excited to talk with you. I say this all the time, but it really is my favorite time of the week recording this podcast. I love it. I feel like we just have some time together,

So today I’m so excited to introduce to you two new topics that I will be teaching. One is called a thought plateaus and the other is called massive thinking. You know, I already teach massive action. I love massive action. If you haven’t listened to that episode, I highly recommend it, but I want to start with a review just so we’re on the same page. Now remember, your thoughts are always creating the results that you have in your life. Someone had sent me an Instagram question and they said, how do I know if I’m in scarcity with my money? Always look at your results.

Your results will show you what your thinking is. If you love your results with your money, then no reason to change it. What I often see is that people don’t like their results with money, with business, with their career, with their health, relationships, whatever it is. And that’s where you have to backtrack and say, okay, what am I thinking to create these results?

You’re thinking always creates your results, but that’s separate from circumstances. And I actually had a little situation happen that I want to share with you because I think it’s a good example of the difference between circumstances and results.

So I live in a nice, fancy, lovely apartment, but my packages keep getting stolen and it’s a really good opportunity for me to coach myself and not get angry or mad or go down to the office and really let them have it, which is what I want to do.

So instead, I have been coaching myself and working through this and talking with management and seeing what we can do. So anyways, my stuff getting delivered and getting stolen is like a circumstance, right? Like I didn’t cause that result in my life. I didn’t do anything. My thinking didn’t cause it to get stolen. That’s like a circumstance that has happened a couple times now.

Contrast that with results. Like I’m a certain weight, I have a certain career, I have a business, have certain relationships. All of those are results. So if you’re kind of wondering what’s the difference between a circumstance and a result, the circumstance is neutral facts of the world, things that just happen, the results you have are things that you’ve actually created from your thinking and your beliefs. And you can always change your results because you’re already creating your results with how you’re thinking right now.

You’re just probably not doing it as intentionally as you might want to. I always think that’s the best news. I’m like, Oh, I’m already creating the results in my life with my weight, with my relationships, with my business, with money. So if I want new and different and better results, all I have to do is change. My thinking sounds so easy.

So what that has to do with massive thinking and thought plateaus is starting with massive action. So massive action is the commitment to take action until you get the result you want. It focuses on the action. What’s actually happening here is that you’re changing your thinking from, okay, I’m going to try this. I’m going to do a little action and see if this works. You know, which kind of is laced with that doubt. You’re changing that thinking to, I’m not going to let obstacles stop me.

I’m going to take action no matter what until I get the result, which has like expectancy and commitment. So massive action is on that a line. It’s action that you’re taking, but it’s actually your thoughts that have changed when you commit to massive action. Now massive action is amazing. I love taking massive action. I think I’m really good at it, but there is a problem with massive action that I really want you to be aware of so that you can notice if you’re doing this in your life.

Massive action without taking massive thinking, without doing the thought work is not useful. I have a really good example of this. So another student of mine had sent me a message on Instagram asking me how she can sell without feeling slimy when she keeps trying to act and sell. And she’s not selling anything, right. So she can continue to act over and over and over and taking massive action from that place.

But she’s not going to sell more. And the reason is, is because she thinks that selling is slimy. So she’s showing up to sell to her customers, to her clients as like someone who doesn’t think that the client should buy. Right? So she’s projecting that, and of course they’re not going to buy. Right? So until she changes that thinking, until she believes that selling is like amazing, she’s not going to get the results she wants. She’s going to self sabotage.

Another amazing example, I was just watching these entrepreneur videos that I have access to as part of the coaching program I did, and these students are trying to get to six figures, and this student had over 30 mini sessions where no one signed up. So she is a new life coach and she’s trying to get clients. She did 30 mini sessions and opportunities to sell her program and no one bought.

Right? So she was taking massive action to do the thing, but she’s still getting the results right? And that’s not normal. It’s not normal for you to, to offer your thing to someone 30 times and no one buy. She had this thought, which I’m not sure what it was, but like, Oh no one’s going to buy this or it’s not a good program or it’s too much money, or I don’t like selling whatever the thought was that was causing her to get that result.

So you have to notice this, and this is why I think when you’re a thinker and when you look at your life and you take time to reflect and evaluate on the results you have, it pays off exponentially long term, you have to notice if what you’re doing is it working or not working. It sounds so simple, but I’m telling you that we continuously do what doesn’t work over and over and over, right?

Why is this? So your primitive brain wants to keep you alive, right? It’s wired that way. It’s wired to repeat more of the past and this is actually normal. It’s totally normal. Your brain knows that if you just do what you’ve always done, you’ll stay alive, right? So just wants to keep you alive. It’s a survival mechanism.

You have to know better, and you have to watch yourself and see if what you’re doing is the same thing that you’ve always done. Because all the massive action in the world, repeating from a place of your old thinking is not going to get you new results. This is where I see so many people staying stuck. So what will happen is enter this new concept called a thought to plateau. So a thought plateau is where you grown in your thinking and you’ve reached a certain point where you plateau.

So you are no longer in total scarcity and you have better results, but you really don’t have the results that you ultimately want. So you’re at a plateau. I love the analogy of weight loss, right? It’s like, I want to lose 50 pounds, but I’ve lost 20 pounds. Just an example, right? So it’s like I still have 30 pounds to go, right? And you’re at that plateau.

Well, what got you to lose those 20 pounds isn’t going to be what gets you to lose the next 30 pounds. This is true with money. This is true, I think in life as like a general way of looking at it. I know so many of us, like 30 something like high achieving women, we’re like, okay, taught to go to college, taught to get a job, maybe taught to get married, have kids settle down, and then we get it all and we’re like, okay, where are the rainbows and daisies?

Where is the happiness? Like I did everything right and I’m kind of working really, really hard at a job I don’t love. I have maybe a little bit of debt. I am, you know, just not feeling great, right? What I see happening is that people try to change their circumstances to make everything better and what really needs to happen is you need to do thought work and change your thinking and then the actions will flow.

Massive action will flow much more naturally. So massive thinking is this new concept that I want you to use in your life. It’s a commitment to thinking new thoughts until you reach the result you want. So massive action is doing the thing over and over and over. Massive thinking is using new thoughts to move you kind of on a line from scarcity to abundance, right? And abundance being like the result that you want.

So if you are making no money in your business and you want to make six figures, you might be thinking, it’s possible I could make six figures one day. And that’s the thought that you practice over and over and you kind of start to believe it. You’re like, yeah, one day I think it’s possible I could make six figures.

Well, that thought is way better than, I’m never gonna make any money, but it’s not the thought that’s going to get you to make six figures. And how do I know that? Because someone who already makes six figures isn’t thinking it’s possible one day I could make six figures, right? So then once you’re in that more neutral thought, the work is not done, then you have to think, I am someone who makes six figures, right? You have to move your thought from that neutral place to that more abundant place.

Apply this to every area in your life so someone who wants to transition to a new career is thinking, maybe I’m working on figuring out what my dream job is, but someone who is in her dream job isn’t thinking that she’s thinking something totally different like this is my purpose and I’m totally aligned with my work.

Every area of your life, this applies. Someone who wants to lose weight is starting to think it’s possible I could lose the weight one day. Someone who has already lost the weight is thinking I’m at my best weight and I know I’ll keep it off forever.

Applies to relationships, money, business, all the things. I see this a lot with bloggers, especially if they’ve been in the industry a long time. They’ve been in the industry so long and they use that to get their confidence from and instead of looking at their results and saying, okay, I don’t love my results. How do I get different results? They’re thinking, I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve always done because I’ve built this up to, you know, almost six figures or something.

And I love this quote. It’s like one of my favorite quotes right now from Britt Castillo where she says, it’s really easy to give up a shitty life for a great one. It’s much harder to give up a great life for an even greater one. I find this is totally true in my life. It was super easy to give up my crappy apartment and student loan debt and hustle mode to get to this point where I am now in this beautiful apartment, making six figures, like multiple six figures for my online business, like my life was pretty great, right? But the way that I think now who I am now is not what’s going to get me to that seven figure mark at all.

And I’ve had to be very honest with myself and very self aware and coach myself around that to see what thoughts I have to totally give up to get to the next level. Most people will not do this right? Like you’re doing this work, right? You’re listening to this podcast. So you love personal development and thought work.

This is the hard work. This is what gets you to grow to the next level. Most people in life who aren’t into personal development, you’re just going to repeat more of the same because it’s easy and it feels really good. Your brain loves repeating the past. It feels really good. It’s easy, totally fine, but if you want different results for yourself, first of all, remember that you’re creating your results now. So if you want new and different results, you just totally can create new thoughts and beliefs and create new results.

I love knowing that I can just create anything I want because I’m already creating that with my mind. But don’t forget that it takes massive thinking. It takes recognizing when you’re at a thought plateau, where you’ve grown a little bit but not enough to get you to the result that you want. And it takes doing more thought work and commitment to massive thinking. And then when you’re in massive thinking, you will naturally take massive action.

So I’m constantly told like, I don’t know how you produce so much. Like I’ve never seen anyone work like you and it’s very flattering, but also it’s not because it’s just what I do, it’s just who I am, right? It’s kind of like I get up every day and I do my hair and makeup. Even though I work from home, I’m in full outfit all that. It’s not an issue to me.

It’s not something I think about. It’s just who I am. Right? I enjoy the process. So look at your life and think about the areas where you’d want to make improvements. Right? For me, it’s like health. Okay, I want to be someone who works out every day. What thoughts do I have to have?

Same thing with food, right? It’s like what do I want to be eating? How do I want to live? And then what thoughts do I have to create to live that way? Because saying I want to work out every day is not the thought that people have who work out every day. It’s just part of their routine. So not only do you have to be aware of where you are now and what thought is causing that result, but you have to be aware of the thought that moves you forward. And again, it’s not going to be that end result thought, right?

The thought that got me to six figures was not the thought that I’m going to continue thinking to get me to seven figures and beyond. My brain is going to fight me on this. It’s going to be very uncomfortable. But remember, discomfort is that currency to your dreams. Discomfort is going to help you get to where you want to go.

And I’m talking about the good discomfort, not the bad discomfort, not the discomfort of self pity, feeling sorry for yourself, the discomfort that gets you to the next level, the discomfort of discipline, the discomfort of moving forward and failing and being rejected and saying, that’s okay. I’m doing the work and this is part of the process. Nothing has gone wrong.

So what I want you to do is I want you to look at every area of your life and see what results you want to create. See if you like results in some areas and then if you want to change results in other areas, I like to use the eight life categories which are health, relationships, career in business, finance, your money, environment, home. This will be like organization, how you live, a personal and spiritual development this would also be religion, recreation and fun, like your hobbies, all of that fun stuff. And then contribution.

Look in those areas of your life and see where you want new results and that is where you do the thought work and that is where you take massive thinking and then from that place you take massive action. I like to coach myself so I’m really aware of my thoughts. I like to get coaching and this also provides a level of self awareness, so that I think is hard to get when you just do it for yourself.

You can sign up for my coaching program on the wait list at but I want you to do this work on your own, right? It’s like you’re doing the work. I always love when I get emails from readers and clients and students and they’re telling me how much I’ve changed their lives. Like literally there’s nothing better, but that’s kind of not true, right?

I’m just the teacher, I’m the helper. I’m the one assisting and giving you the tools and then you’re doing the work. You have to do this work, it will change your life. I have been really, really good at using this work in my business. So I analyze what’s going on. If I don’t like the results, I will check my thinking. I spent the last year working part time for my business mentor to see what it was like to be a seven figure business owner.

There is nothing I could have read or listened to to understand what I learned from that experience. So the point of that is again, it’s always about who are you becoming and being that person and the way you be that person is when your thoughts and your feelings align.

And again, it takes tremendous growth and being uncomfortable. So if you’re uncomfortable and you’re taking massive action and you know that your thoughts are improving, then you’re probably doing it right and I want you to know that you shouldn’t give up and you should keep going with that massive thinking because the massive thinking is going to give you the new thoughts that will make massive actions so much easier. When I see students forcing the action, I want them to calm down and take a step back because I can tell they’re thinking isn’t there yet?

When you’re thinking is there, the action flows so much easier. It’s so seamless. This is how I feel my business. I’m very in flow with it. It’s a very fun for me. Even when I have the obstacles and failures, I just don’t make them mean as much. Now you can do this for your health. You can do this for your relationships, for your career.

If you’re in a thought plateau, notice if you’re taking massive action without doing the massive thinking, the massive thinking is more important because it’s going to help you move from that thought plateau to the next level. And then when you’re thinking new things, when you’re being that person ahead of time, that’s when you create the result in your environment. That’s when you’ll take massive action and you’ll get results. You won’t just take massive action and continue to produce the same results.

So if you’re wondering again, whether it’s working for, you always look at the results in your life and that will show you. One thing that I see some of my clients and students do is that they will blame their circumstances. And that’s how I know that their thinking is not in the right place. So whenever you’re looking at your results in your life, ask yourself how you can take responsibility for it and not taking responsibility for the thing happening, right?

Like, I’m not taking responsibility for a circumstance like my things getting stolen, but I’m taking emotional responsibility for how I show up and what I do going forward. This is the work that will change our life. Whatever you want to create for yourself is totally possible if you do this work, but you can’t just think happy thoughts. That’s why affirmations don’t work. You have to do the actual work of rewiring and reprogramming your brain so you have new neural pathways.

That’s why you know, you’ll hear people like Mark Cuban say he could lose all his money and recreate it, right? He has the neuro pathway of creating, butt tons of money. So does my business mentor, right? It’s not that they’re having these secrets that you know they’re hiding from us.

They think in such a different way than so many other people. So if you want to think in a way that produces the results that you want, you have to move from where you are now to where you want to go. And taking massive action. Doing the same thing you’ve always done is not how you get there. You get there by looking at your results, noticing where you want to make changes, and then doing the thought work to move you incrementally to the next level.

And just be very careful that when you do this work, you’re going to hit thought plateaus. You’re going to have a little bit of results, but to really get the amazing results that you want so badly, you have to move from those thought plateaus, taking massive thinking, which will convert to massive action.

So notice where you are, plateauing, where you’re getting the same results, and start to coach yourself in that area so you can think new things, feel new feelings, and take action that flows instead of forcing it. And this is how you will get the results that you want so badly. Okay, I’ll talk to you next week. Bye bye.

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