The online business puzzle

I learned a lot in the first year of running my own business.

One of the more prominent lessons that I wish I knew when I was starting out is that running an online business isn’t a mystery — it’s a puzzle.

Just like how you put puzzle pieces together to form the complete puzzle, the same thing happens when you put the components of your business together.

When you become aware of this formula, you can learn it and you can guarantee success.

These components start from the very beginning phase of running your business.

They include things like planning (goals, ideal clients etc.), building the right platform (to have longevity) and how to correctly measure and evaluate your business (there are stats that you can ignore!).

In this episode, I go into detail about what each component entails and how to use this knowledge to your advantage when running your online business.

You’ll be equipped with the exact formula I’ve used to scale my business to six figures.

Use this formula and learn your way to success.

Here are my favorite resources from this episode: