Best podcasts for women by women

If you’re as obsessed with learning and growing as I am, then you are in for a real treat today.

I created a list of the best podcasts for women by women and each one is absolutely amazing.

I listen to at least one podcast every day (usually more). They’ve transformed my life in so many ways, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my business and career without them. Crazy to really think about!

If you’re looking for the best podcasts for women by women, here are the very best…


 Personal Development

The first category of podcasts is the personal development category, where you’ll find the best podcasts by women in the personal development space (I love these podcasts so so much!).


1. The Life Coach School

With Brooke Castillo 

The Life Coach School podcast is led by Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo, and it is nothing short of 30 minutes of complete transformation in every area of your life.

This is where I was trained as a life coach, so there’s a special place in my heart for this podcast, as it catapulted me into life coaching and helped me become the entreprenur that I am today.

Listen: The Life Coach School


2. The SHE Podcast

With Jordan Dooley

Jordan Dooley is the creator of The SHE Podcast, where she inspires young females in their careers and businesses. She is full of energy, extremely passionate, and the perfect place to start listening to personal development if you’re a newbie. You’ll have fun, learn something, and leave feeling inspired.

Listen: The SHE Podcast


3. Unf*ck Your Brain

With Kara Loewentheil

Harvard and Yale educated, Kara Loewentheil, is a recovering attorney turned Master Certified Life Coach. She is wicked smart, and I just love her. Her body of work is straight to the point (with 15-20 minute episodes) yet shockingly life-changing. Kara focuses on thought work and how you can change the results you have in your life by rewiring your brain.

This podcast is so good that I never miss an episode!

Listen: Unf*ck Your Brain


4. Better Than Happy

With Jody Moore

Jody Moore is a Master Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School and her podcast is specifically for Mormon moms.

However, it applies to everyone. I’m neither a Mormon nor a mother, and I have to say this podcast is so useful in my life.

Every episode has at least one token of wisdom that will help you shift your beliefs and improve your life in some way. Her podcast episodes are really for anyone who wants to grow in any area of their life (although I personally consider Jody to be the relationship queen⁠—she’s so good at them!). Highly recommend her. I never miss an episode.

Listen: Better Than Happy


5. Design Your Dream Life

With Natalie Bacon

The last podcast in the personal development category is my own! I’m proud and humbled to include my podcast here. It will help you implement all tools I teach in a very practical way in your day to day life. I love how one reviewer described it as a “30 minute session with your very own life coach.”

I’m so passionate about sharing this work because it changed my life, and I truly want to help you change yours.

I talk about all things goal setting, fulfillment, relationships, money, mindset, online business, and more. If you want to be inspired, this is a must listen. Promise. Xx!

Listen: Design Your Dream Life



Business + Money

The next category of podcasts is business and money, where there are so many super successful female podcasters rocking it out making money online (my favorite!).


6. Online Marketing Made Easy

With Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a go-to for newbie online business owners. If you want to learn how to build an online business, grow your email list, or launch a course, this is a great podcast to keep up with for the latest online marketing trends.

Listen: Online Marketing Made Easy



With Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is a New York Times Best Selling Author and online influencer who is really a motivational speaker on steroids. The Rise podcast is her take on business, where she interviews successful business owners for their best tips in the business. If you want to soak up what the most successful entrepreneurs are doing in the biz today, this is a great one to keep on hand.

Listen: Rise


8. Goal Digger

With Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is a wedding photographer turned Instagram influencer and super successful online business owner. Her podcast, Goal Digger, is for female entrepreneurs who want to be inspired by the best way to level up their brand and business. Jenna typically interviews guests on her show who are incredibly successful, so the interviews are realllllly good. Highly recommend for getting insights into the industry (especially if you want to learn about being an influencer).

Listen: Goal Digger


9. Earn Your Happy

With Lori Harder

Lori Harder hosts Earn Your Happy, where she gives her own advice as well as interviews guests about all things business and success. This podcast is motivational, and you’ll not only leave feeling inspired, but you’ll also get a glipse into how Lori built her own seven figure business.

Listen: Earn Your Happy


10. Being Boss

With Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Being Boss is a podcast duo with Emily and Kathleen where they help creatives build a side hustle and improve their business. This is a fun, light hearted show where you’ll pick up some gems about how to run a better business. They interview super inspiring entrepreneurs, too, which makes for great conversation and so many good nuggets of business insight.

Listen: Being Boss


11. Make Money As A Life Coach

With Stacey Boehman

Stacey Boehman is a Master Certified Life Coach and sales expert helping people make money as a life coach, $2k at a time. She has so much sales experience and really is an expert at what she does. Her show is professional while still being personal. On her show, she teaches you a new concept every week that will help you make money in your coaching business. I listen to this podcast all the time and love hearing different twists on how I’ve been thinking about something.

*Side note – Stacey built her business up to seven figures and reminds me a lot of myself, so she’s been super fun to watch grow as a coach.

Listen: Make Money As A Life Coach


12. And She Rises

With Amanda Francis 

Amanda Francis is the OG spiritual boss lady (as she calls herself and is also my own opinion of her). She’s a multi-seven figure business owner, and on her podcast she teaches you how to get aligned with your deepest desires, whether it’s in money or business. She’s got a SoCal vibe, so if you like soft pink, candles, and EDM this is probably for you.

Listen: And She Rises


13. She Did It Her Way

With Amanda Boleyn 

She Did It Her Way is a podcast by my dear friend, Amanda Boleyn, where she interviews super successful female entrepreneurs about their journey into business owners. She’s interviewed people like Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Nicole Lapin, and countless other female bosses. This podcast is so inspiring because you get to hear what other super successful people overcame to get where they are today. Highly recommend!

Listen: She Did It Her Way


14. The Marie Forleo Podcast

With Marie Forleo

The Marie Forleo Podcast is a show where you’ll get a mix of interviews from pros and short episodes of business tips from Marie Forleo herself. Marie is super pro in everything she does, so you may not feel a strong connection when you listen, but you’ll 1000% get value from the episodes, making it worth your time.

Listen: The Marie Forleo Podcast


15. Bucci Radio

With Amanda Bucci 

Amanda Bucci is a former fitness online influencer turned online business coach. She has a spiritual touch to what she teaches (a bit of a Cali vibe as well), but it’s also very actionable and practical. The podcast is a combination of solocasts by Amanda and interview episodes with other pros. The energy of the show is a bit younger, so perfect if you’re in your twenties or early thirties. The content is solid, though, and is useful at any age. I’ve learned different perspectives from this podcast and appreciate all the value.

Listen: Bucci Radio


16. Afford Anything

With Paula Pant

Paula Pant is a personal finance blogger turned podcaster, focusing on financial freedom through real estate. She’s very conscious and intentional with her business and money, and for that reason, you’ll always find a new way to think about something to do with your money. It’s a great one.

Listen: Afford Anything


17. Manifestation Babe

With Kathrin Zenkina

The Manifestation Babe is a money mindset podcast with interviews and solocasts about how to transform your beliefs about money. Kathrin has a mix of interviews and solocasts that are full of inspiring ways for you to get on track with your money mindset and in your business. It’s a fun podcast that takes on the spirituality of money in a really fun and light way, while still being accurate and extremely valuable. If you want to take your money mindset work deeper, I highly recommend this one.

Listen: Manifestation Babe



The next category is health, including weight loss, holistic living, and physical health in general. I love these podcasts!


18. Losing 100lbs

With Corrine Crabtree

Corrine Crabtree is a Master Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School and founder of Phit-N-Phat. After losing 100lbs herself, she now helps thousands of women do the same. Her podcast is no BS with a lot of fun and love mixed in. Corrine is just such a loving, caring person, and if I wanted to lose weight, there is no one I would trust more than her.

*Side note – Corrine is the OG at LCS, being named top earner two years in a row, making well into the seven figures in her business. She’s amazing. 

Listen: Losing 100lbs


19. Weight Loss for Busy Physicians

With Katrina Ubell

Dr. Katrina Ubell is a former Medical Doctor turned Life Coach. She coaches female physicians on how to lose weight. While her podcast uses marketing geared toward physicians, all of her content is typically applicable to almost everyone. Truly, I’ve learned some of the best concepts fron this podcast, as Katrina is brilliant.

*Fun fact – Katrina was one of the coaches who trained my directly in my small group when I got certified as a life coach at LCS. 

Listen: Weight Loss for Busy Physicians


20. Healthy Hormones For Women

With Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladish is an online nutritionist and weightloss coach, and her podcast Health Hormones For Women is a unique spin on the typical health and weightloss podcast because of the focus on hormones. If you want useful, practical tips to optimize your health, this is the one I highly recommend. I love listening to this podcast and find it not only interesting and relevant but incredibly applicable to my life. Such a great one!

Listen: Healthy Hormones For Women


21. Food Psych Podcast

With Christy Harrison

The Food Psych Podcast is a podcast about how to choose the right food for you without dieting and through increased consciousness and intuitive eating. Christy Harrison typically interviews pros in the industry for their take on the latest and most important information with respect to food so you as the listener can make better choices. This is definitely a professional podcast with experts, so if you want to learn more about eating and specifically intuitive eating, this is a must listen!

Listen: Food Psych Podcast


22. Nutrition Matters

With Paige Smathers + Team

This podcast is full of expert interviews from health pros. Paige Smathers, Registered Dietician and Nutritionist, takes the angle of a holistic, positive approach to nutrition (meaning, no dieting). It’s really inspiring, thought provoking, and useful in your day to day life. Highly recommend listening to this one.

Listen: Nutrition Matters


23. She Thrives Radio

With Taylor Gage

She Thrives Radio is a podcast about feeling good in your body. The focus is on having an abundant, healthy mindset so you can live your fullest and healthiest life. The podcast is a combination of a solocast and interview style podcast. The angle in this podcast is not only mindset, but also goal setting for high achieving women. Quite obviously, this is my jam. Just love it!

Listen: She Thrives




The last category of the best podcasts for women by women is relationships (saving the best for last!). There is no better work you can do in your life than work on your relationships. Having healthy relationships is the foundation for a healthy life. These are the podcasts I recommend for relationships….


24. Where Should We Begin

With Esther Perel 

Esther Perel is the OG of relationships. She’s simply amazing. I’ve read her books, I stalk her appropriately on social media, and I really can’t say enough about her expertise. I’m a huge fan. So, I’m listing her podcast here first, although note that she produces them in seasons, which means there isn’t always a new episode every week. If you want to improve your relationships, then I highly suggest following along and listening to the queen, Esther Perel.

Listen: Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel


25. Rise Together

With Rachel Hollis

This is Rachel Hollis’ second podcast that she does with her husband about relationships (the other is business). While the energy is fun and lighthearted, they share real life stories you can use as examples for how to live and lead your own life. Sometimes they interview people while other times they simply chat and give advice. I’ve taken away tips that have been helpful in the day to day for me, so I definitely recommend this one.

Listen: Rise Together 


26. Sex With Emily

With Emily Morse

This podcast is about sex. Yes, sex. In her words, Emily approaches “the topic of sex and relationships in a friendly, non-judgmental and open minded way.” This is one of the most downloaded podcasts I know of with over 1 million downloads per month. So, while you might not be conversing about sex regularly, everyone is certainly loving having this as a sacred place to have these obten unnecessarily taboo conversations.

Listen: Sex With Emily


27. The Love And Glow Show

With Ané Auret

The Love And Glow Show is a podcast about creating amazing relationships and glowing skin. It’s all about love and beauty, with a particular twist on love after a breakup or divorce. This show used to be called Ready For Love, and you can still listen to those episodes and get a ton of value from them by way of experts talking about different ways to find and have love. This is a great podcast for anyone dating, whether pre or post a marriage. It’s all about attracting and aligning with the right person you’re looking for.

Listen: The Love And Glow Show


A Final Note

Nothing inspires me more than women rocking it out, paving their own way, and inspires other women. It’s truly my why.

This list of best podcasts by women for women is one of the best places to start changing your life. My life is unrecognizable from a couple of years ago. Money, health, relationships… all of it is different.

Whatever it is you want, you can have it. Start now. You won’t regret it.