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This Directory includes the recommended episodes for several categories, including mindset, confidence, relationships, challenges, goal setting, and more.

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3 Steps To Reduce Anxiety For Moms

Anxiety is a common buzz word that's often misunderstood. In this free class, you'll learn what anxiety really is, as well as the three step process to reduce feeling anxious.

Time Management
Time Management Tips For Busy Moms

Get my four step process for un-busying your life no matter what your circumstances are.

Mindful Mom
How To Become A More Mindful Mom

Learn my four step process for reducing yelling, snapping, and feeling frustrated at home.

Challenging Relationship
How To Deal With A Challenging Relationship

In this class, you'll learn why challenging relationships are so hard and what you can do to make a difficult relationship better.

Money In Marriage
How To Become More Mindful With Money In Marriage

Learn my step by step process for managing money as a team.

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75 Journal Prompts

Get a complete list of 75 amazing journal prompts for moms. Topics included are self confidence, personal growth, relationships, goal setting, and finding your purpose. If you love journaling, you'll love this!

Online Business Free Course Image
Online Business Free Course

Learn the three step equation to making money in your online business. You'll feel more confident creating revenue and have a plan of action to start using today.

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