Money AffirmationsI was listening to the Knowledge For Men podcast by Andrew Ferebee, where he interviewed Sean Stephenson (I highly recommend this one!). While the over-arching theme of the interview related to self-sabotage and eliminating excuses, I picked up on a few comments about affirmations that really stuck with me.

In this podcast, Stephenson described a list he keeps on his wall (he calls it his “When Life Works List”) that has his daily action items on it. Stephenson said that if he does at least 4 of the 16 actions in a given day, he is happier regardless of other things that happen to him that day(basically, he’s controlling his environment to increase his happiness). Examples include reviewing his life goals, vision, and purpose, and making sure he drinks enough water. Ferebee stated that he has positive affirmations that he says in the morning. Stephenson chimed in and said that repeating his affirmations could be included as a daily action on your “daily actions list” that could contribute to your happiness.


Positive Affirmations

Since I am a huge proponent of implementing daily success habits, I love the idea of using positive affirmations to help you become happier and more successful.

Positive affirmations are a tool used to turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk, and as a result, change your negative habits into positive habits. By stating things positively, you begin to believe them and see your world differently. As a result, you reprogram your thinking and change who you are.


How To Create Your Own Positive Affirmations

If you have any negative self-talk, you can change these negative beliefs by turning them into positive statements. When you repeat the positive statements over time, you’ll begin to believe them. And ultimately you’ll begin to change. An example of a negative belief is if you believe that you are bad at saving money. A positive affirmation out of this negative belief is that you are good at saving money. If you can say to yourself that you are good at saving money every day, you’ll begin to believe it and act on it.

Put differently, here are the 4 steps to creating positive affirmations:

  1. Identify your negative self-talk.
  2. Create a positive affirmation that is the opposite of your negative belief.
  3. Say the affirmation daily.
  4. See change.


Examples Of Positive Affirmations For Money

Here are my money affirmations that I believe:

  1. Money is easy.
  2. Money is unlimited.
  3. I can create as much money as I want.
  4. I love money.
  5. I like having money just because it’s money.
  6. I like paying off my student loan debt.
  7. Value creates money – not time.


These are examples of money affirmations. They may look similar to yours or they may be very different. Whatever yours are – make sure you believe them!

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