You Need Identity Shift To Get Massive Results

Many people are joining Grow You and Online Business For Her and they’re really happy with the combination, but interestingly, I’m getting an equal number of emails about which to take.

The truth is: you may need both. Not because they’re my products (my life doesn’t change whether or not you take them—yours does) but because you need the tactical strategies AND the mindset work.

Grow You is like going to the gym for your mind. I pay $200/month for my gym/club membership. I go at least 5 days per week. This is exactly what Grow You is like. It’s not a one and done experience. There is no end to improving and growing your mind, just like there’s no end to working out. It’s forever.

Online Business For Her (and my other programs) give you strategy. You need to know the strategy, but you also need to manage your mind as you do it. It’s not either-or.

I’m bringing this up because it’s something I see so often from students and clients.

They want to know what to do without recognizing that they’re not becoming someone new.

If you want to listen instead of read, here’s the podcast episode that goes along with this post — Massive Results

You Need Identity Shift To Get Massive Results

The Problem: You Think You Need To Know The Actions To Take

It’s not enough to learn what to do.

You need to completely change who you are as an identity shift to get massive results.

LOTS of people work really hard and aren’t multi-millionaires.

Doing more of the same or slightly improving won’t help you uplevel your life.

I’ve upleveled my results while taking action that is seemingly the same, but really it’s completely different.

I created courses when I was side hustling as a blogger.

I created programs as a Life and Business Coach.

The level of my results is totally different although in both scenarios I created programs.

This change is a result of a shift in my identity. I’m a completely different person than I was 3 years ago. I’m unrecognizable. I completely upleveled my life.

This is really hard to do yourself. I’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars to make this happen. You need a coach or a program to make it happen. This is the way I did it, and this is what I help my students and clients do.

Massive results refers to the level of results you have in any area of your life.

Before I show you how to uplevel with massive results, I want to review massive action and massive thinking with you (two concepts I teach).

A Review: Massive Action + Massive Thinking

Massive action is taking enough action to get the results you want (in spite of the obstacles; not quitting); it’s producing.

Passive action is learning and consuming (podcasts, courses, conferences).

The reason it works is that you change your thinking from “I’ll try this” to “I’m committed to this no matter what.”

The problem with massive action is that you can end up taking action without evaluating the results, which leads to you continuing to get the same results (example: continuing to make offers and no one buying; doing more of the same won’t work).

The solution to massive action is massive thinking.

Massive thinking is thinking new thoughts over and over until you get the result you want.

Example: Practicing the thought, “One day I can make $500k per year.” This thought will help you move from “It’s not possible to make $500k per year” but it won’t get you to $500k because the person making $500k isn’t thinking “one day this is possible,” they’re thinking something like “making $500k is so easy I don’t know how not to do it.”

So, with massive action, you’re doing the action over and over. With massive thinking, you’re thinking new thoughts over and over.

The work isn’t ever done. If you want a full life where you’re changing your experiences and growing, you’ll always use massive action and massive thinking. 

The result of doing this work is massive results.

You know it’s working if you see a complete identity shift and upleveling your results. It’s not better or more of the same, it’s shockingly different.

Your Emotions Tell The Truth (Goal Fuel)

The emotion fueling your action is what matters.

It’s what tells me whether you’ll be successful long term (I talked about this in the Goal Fuel Podcast).

If you’re fueled by commitment, love, or passion, you’ll succeed.

If you’re fueled by fear, worry, and frustration, you’ll quit.

This is different than the normal discomfort that comes along with goal setting. This is different than feeling embarrassed because no one bought your product or showed up to your event. That discomfort is good because it moves you forward and you get stronger from it. But that’s not the main Goal Fuel fueling your goal. (See: Deliberate Discomfort Podcast)

The emotions fueling your actions tell me what you’re thinking. When I coach someone and they’re motivated by fear and stress, I know they’re headed for more problems and will likely slow down or quit. When someone is committed and excited, I know they’ll work through their problems.

Steps To Using Massive Results

So, for you… if you want to uplevel your life and your results so you have massive results, do the following steps.

Here are the steps to get massive results: 

1. Identify an area of your life where you want different results (health, weight, mindset, relationships, family, friends, money, business, career, hobbies, home, fun, etc.).

Examples: Wanting to lose 50lbs, meet your life partner, get your dream job, or make six figures in your business. You can also register for this free webinar training here: 9 Tools To Uplevel Your Life 

2. Ask yourself what your thoughts are about the result.

Write down exactly what you’re thinking about this result that you want. Example: Let’s take “finding your dream job” as the result you want…. What do you think about that?
Are you thinking: 1) “I know this is going to happen and I’m committed to it; this is working” OR are you thinking 2) “it’s a bad job market, a recession is coming, I’m too old, etc.”?

3. Ask yourself what emotion is generated from thinking that thought.

Examples: 1) energized, excited, committed, OR 2) doubtful, unsure, and worried.

4. TWO options:

1) Your thoughts and feelings are aligned with having your desired result, then you need to work on actions. Ask… what actions can I take from here? 2) Your thoughts and feelings are NOT aligned with having the desired results, then you need to work on mindset and emotions. My coaching is based on mindset because the actions will naturally flow when you identify as having the result you want. It’s rarely ever an action problem.

You have to ask yourself or have a coach ask you)… “What are you thinking about this thing that you want? What are you feeling?”

  • Example 1: “I’m taking a bunch of action, I love this work, I’m so excited for what’s next, I’m debating between doing these two things… what do you think?!”
  • Example 2: “I don’t know what’s wrong, nothing is working, I wonder if it’s even possible for me, this just isn’t working.”

How you think and feel about your goal and where you’re headed is what will determined the level of result you create.

It’s not enough to learn the action; it’s not enough to get the mindset—you need BOTH.

A Final Note!

If you don’t have the level of results you want—if you don’t have massive results, you need to get a coach and a program to help you completely shred your current identity.

It’s the best advice I have for you, and it will change your life forever. I know because it worked for me. It’s the only thing that really works.