Massive Results Podcast

If there’s an area of your life where you want to new results you can’t do more of what you’re already doing.

Doing more of the same action will lead to the same or slightly better results.

If you want to uplevel your life and get massive results⁠—results that take you to a completely new level, you need to change your identity.

I did this when I shredded my identity as a lawyer, then a financial planner, then a blogger, and then a life and business coach. For each career change, I decided I wanted to level up completely. I wanted to create massive results.

If there’s an area of your life where you don’t just want to improve, but you want to completely transform and uplevel your results, listen to this episode, and I’ll show you exactly how.

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Full Massive Results Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hello my friend. I am really, really happy to be with you this morning or this afternoon if it’s Wednesday or if it’s a completely different day. I’ve gotten so many emails lately of people who started listening to the podcast and are finally caught up. I love that. I remember doing that with all of my favorites and I still do it, so it’s super fun when you do get caught up, although like some of them said it’s kind of a bummer because you can’t binge anymore. You have to wait a full week, so I totally get it. I love those emails from you guys so much.

And lately I have had so many people joining Grow You and Online Business For Her. Online Business For Her you can go to if you want to check that out. It is my online business program where I teach online business and most people who are in both are really happy with the combination of it, but I’m getting a lot of emails about the difference between the two and which to take, and this actually really relates to today’s episode, so I’m going to use it as an example.

People will ask which should they take? And I tell them that they’re very different and that they likely need both. And I don’t tell them that because I want to sell them on both. I tell them that because it’s the truth, right? Like my life doesn’t change whether or not they take both. Theirs changes. That’s the truth. So when you take a program like Online Business For Her, you’re getting the actions to take, you’re getting the strategy. I tell you exactly how to start your online business and make it profitable regardless of where you’re starting from. If you have it as an idea in your head or if you’re making a little bit of money, right, I really give you the strategies and the tactics and tell you exactly what to do. That is a one and done program, right? It’s really everything you need to make money online.

Now contrast that with a program like Grow You, which is life coaching. I really love the gym analogy, which is why I continue to use it. So I pay $200 a month for my gym and club membership. I don’t ever plan on stopping. This is something that I do for my health. I go at least five days a week, most weeks I value it. It keeps me in shape because I use it. Okay, Grow You is like that except for your mind. It’s for your mental health and your emotional health. And it’s a way for you to learn how to self coach, how to use the tools that I’m teaching, how to get coaching from me. So it’s something that will help you use your mindset to optimize your results. Now you need both in your life, regardless of whether it’s from me, because you will not get the results that you want if you just focus on one or the other.

So that’s kind of what we’re to talk about today, which is massive results and massive results is the level of results that you have in any area of your life. So taking more action doesn’t lead to upleveling your results. And you know this, right? You know a lot of people who work really, really hard, who are not making millions of dollars. So it’s not that taking more action leads to results. It’s taking the right action and the right action is derived from taking the right feeling and the right thoughts. So your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions and your actions create your results.

So I’ve shifted my results well, taking very different action and actually working less. And the way that I’ve done this as I’ve really focused on the result that I wanted and how I could up level my life, really. So I like to think of the last few years. It’s a really good example. So I think of the programs I’ve created in the last year versus the programs I created three years ago. Now on the face of it, you could just look and say, it’s kind of the same, right? I’ve created a program this year. I created Online Business For Her and three years ago I created a Blog With A Full Time Job. Both of them are online programs, right? But the quality and the type of result that I’m getting with them is so different.

Now the content in Blog With a Full Time Job is still really, really good. It’s still applicable. It’s not like it was a bad program, but the level of result that I’m creating in my life from those programs is very different because I’ve upleveled based on my thinking and my feelings based on who I am being. This is why so many people use the being list tool. If you haven’t listened to that podcast, you definitely should because it helps you identify as a new person because what’s actually happening is you have to completely shred your identity of who you once were.

So I am unrecognizable to who I was three years ago and most people just aren’t willing to do this type of growth and work because it’s very, very challenging. I had to completely let go of this hustler and this person who took all of this action and who overworked and who was a blogger and like that was a whole identity that I really liked at the time and I had to shred it like it’s, it’s dead. That person does not exist. Isn’t that like wild?

It’s so crazy to think about and it’s a very challenging to do this work and that’s why I don’t really think you can do it alone. Like I don’t know anyone who has taken their results up to new levels in such an exponential way without a coach or a program. That’s been true for myself and it’s been true for all of my students and even my friends and peers. I don’t see anyone really going from a certain level of results to like a completely different level. Right. It’s like going from making a couple grand a month online to making six figures to making seven figures. Like those are massive results. So that’s why most people can have stayed the same because they’re not learning how to completely shred their identity. And it’s just hard to do yourself.

It’s something that when you have someone leading you as a coach or as a teacher or as a mentor, they can direct you. Now you’ll still do the work on yourself, but you’ll be able to see it in a different way than coming up with it on your own. And that’s why I love the work that I do because I feel like it’s such a gift to give to someone because I’ve had so many teachers and mentors give it to me. I just, I love nothing more than kind of inspiring and helping other women do this in their own lives.

So when I look at my identity shift and my personality shift over the last few years, it has been so amazing and I’m very proud of it. And it’s also so obvious in my results. My results are completely different and I have massive results if you compare them to where I was at three years ago and in three more years I plan on having massive results. I don’t plan on staying where I’m at at all and it’s going to take and it is taking me to completely shred my identity to do this, and it’s not just with money, it’s with every area of your life. It’s with your health. It’s with weight loss. It’s with your relationships. Like you have to give up your identity right now that’s getting you the results in your life if you want to uplevel and get to a different level of results, it’s just the way of it. If you want to take a free training, I have a free training on this. It’s called Nine Tools To Uplevel Your Life. If you go to Nataliebacom/free-training, you can get a little bit deeper information. It’s like an hour long webinar that I give you about upleveling your life.

Behind the scenes of what I’m talking about right now with massive results is massive action and massive thinking. So I have two podcasts on this. I actually went back and listened to them. It was super fun to go back to over a year ago, kind of when I first started, when I did the massive action podcast, and then about six months ago when I did the massive thinking podcast. So listen to those, but just as a review, just because I think it will be really helpful so I can dive deeper into massive results is to kind of explain what the differences between all three.

Massive action is something you do. It’s taking enough action to get the results that you want. It means that you are committed to taking action and not quitting regardless of the failures and the obstacles. It’s all about producing. So massive action is all about the A line, I call it the A line in the coaching program that I do in Grow You because it’s the action line. It’s the actions that you take. Contrast that with passive action, which is where you’re learning and consuming. So right now you are in passive action because you’re listening to this podcast. There’s nothing wrong with passive action. In fact, you need it as a precursor to massive action because you need to learn which action to take, right? But you want to balance that out. You want to balance the passive action with the massive action. So you learn and you consume, you do the podcast, the courses, the conferences, and then you take massive action. It’s the action that you take. And the reason that this works is actually because you’re changing your thinking from all. Try this and take a little bit of action, to I’m committed to this no matter what.

However, there is a little problem with massive action and I cleared that up in the massive thinking podcast. The problem with massive action is that you can end up taking action without evaluating your results. So you can say, I am so committed to getting this result. And then you can take a whole bunch of action and still get the same result because you’re not evaluating what’s not working. And you’re not changing your strategy and you’re not changing your thinking. So you can go and do 50 consults and say, I’m so committed to this, I’m so committed to this. And if no one signs up for your coaching program, you’re actually still in massive action, but you haven’t shifted your thinking, right? You can say, I’m committed to losing the weight and you can stay on the same meal plan and not lose any weight even though you are quote unquote, in massive action. Same thing with if you want to meet someone, you can say, I’m committed to meeting the man of my dreams and getting married and you can be committed to that and take massive action. But if you’re not evaluating what you’re doing, you can go on 300 dates in a year and not end up in a relationship. So in that case, it’s not that the massive action is the problem.

Okay? So you have to look at what you’re thinking, which is massive thinking and it’s also something that you do, but it’s something that you do in your mind. It’s thinking new thoughts over and over until you get the result that you want. So it’s instead of continuing to think, you know, I’m going to stay on this meal plan or do what I’ve been doing for the dating or do what I’ve been doing for the consults. It’s changing how you’re thinking about the consults. Maybe before every consult you’re thinking, oh my gosh, I’m really worried that no one’s going to sign up for my program. Right.

I was coaching someone in Grow You about getting a job and she felt like she was too old to get a job and she had all of these reasons why she is unlikely to get a new job and it was such a mindset problem that applying for more jobs and going on more interviews wasn’t going to serve her because her thoughts right before she would go into that would be like, oh my gosh, I hope I’m good enough for them. I hope that they consider me. I know that I have so much experience and that they’re not looking for this. And like there was filled with doubt as if it was already not going to happen for her. And so of course she created that result in her life and so she doesn’t need to go on more interviews. What she needs to do is change her thoughts and her thoughts need to be changed to something like, I’m the perfect person for this. It’s actually so valuable that I have all these experiences. These damn millennials can’t even show up on time, right? Like whatever it is.

So you slowly shift your thinking, but you have to notice where you’re starting from and then notice what it’s going to take to get there. So if you’re thinking the thought one day I’ll be able to get my dream job, that thought is going to help you move from, I’m never going to get my dream job to something, maybe you’ll get more interviews, but it’s not going to actually get you the result of having the dream job. How do we know this? Because someone who’s in their dream job isn’t thinking, I know one day I’ll be able to get my dream job. They’re thinking, this is my dream job, and your thoughts are what create your results. It’s not the other way around. And this work is never done. That’s why I love the gym analogy. I’m like, I’m not thinking about what I’m going to quit my gym membership, right? If I’m quitting my gym membership, there’s a problem and it’s the problem for me it’s not the problem for the gym. It’s just like if anyone ever quits Grow You, I’m like, oh my gosh, that sucks so bad for you because that means that you’re going to continue to make the same type of decisions that you’ve always made, which means you’ll get the same results.

So if you think you don’t have the money or the time, you’re actually going to create more of that in your life and you actually need Grow You more than anything else in your life because the reason why you have the results in your life is because of how you’re thinking about it.

So the biggest problem that I see with the concepts of massive action and massive thinking is like people will listen to this podcast and even in Grow You and they’ll sign up for Grow You and they’ll be like, they’ll submit, you can submit the in the Q and A box on some of our calls, they’ll understand that they need to quote unquote work on their mindset and that it’s quote unquote just their thoughts and then they’ll say, but what action should I take here? Like, and that is a sign if you are asking for what action to take, that’s a sign that you need to work on your thinking because you’re, because you’re looking for a line coaching, you’re looking for the action to take and now it might be that you need different action to take, but what is for sure is that your current thinking is what is creating your actions and what is creating your results and what’s usually the problem is the thinking.

And you know this, if you ask yourself or have a coach ask you, what are you thinking about it? Whatever it is you want, right? Example one would be, I’m taking all of this action. I love this work. I’m so excited to get my dream job. I’m going on all of these interviews and the interviews and I really think that it’s coming for me like I, but I have been going on like 50 interviews. I’m spending all this time doing it. I’m, I’m hustling, I’m doing it, but I’m not getting the result that I want. Like what do you think? Right? That’s example number one, which I don’t even know that I’ve heard that type of enthusiasm and energy yet from anyone who I’ve coached, right?

Which always tells me it’s a mindset problem because what I always here is example number two. I don’t know what’s wrong. Nothing is working. I wonder if this is even possible for me. My circumstances are the reason why this can’t happen. I know that I’m not going to get this job. It’s just because I’m too old. Like this just isn’t something that’s possible for me. Like help. What should I do? Right? Those are just thoughts. So notice what is true for you because what your thinking is, what’s creating your results? Because what’s in your mind, what you’re thinking is creating the emotion that’s fueling those actions. I talked about this in goal fuel. How you feel about your actions is what tells the truth. It’s whether you’ll be successful longterm. So if you’re fueled by commitment and enthusiasm and love and passion, you’re going to succeed, right? But if you’re fueled by fear and worry and frustration and doubt, you’ll quit.

Now that’s different from talking about the normal discomfort that comes from taking action, but having some disappointments along the way. Like I went on this interview and I was really excited about and I did my best and I’m trying all of these things and I actually didn’t get it. So you feel the disappointment of that because you’re deciding to think, hey, I really wanted that job and I didn’t get it, so I’m disappointed, right? That type of discomfort is good because it moves you forward and you get stronger from it.

Contrast that with the discomfort of, you know, self pity and self doubt and spinning in your head and that being the fuel motivating most of your action that you’re taking. So you want to be onto yourself. You want to notice the results that you’re creating in your life. So your results are the effect of your thinking. Your prior thinking is exactly what got you the results that you have in your life.

So a few years ago I was thinking, oh my gosh, I’m so excited. I’m not going to be a lawyer and a financial planner anymore. I’m going to be a full time blogger. This is so fun. I’m just going to coffee shop it up and I’m going to hustle and I’m a hustler and I have to be this person who gets up at 4:00 AM and does all this work and right? And I created a six figure business that way. I created an online business where I was a blogger and I did that by taking massive action and it was fueled by positive emotion. And my thought was, I want to do this. I’m committed to this. I’m committed to creating, you know, my life as a six figure blogger.

At that time I was creating massive results, but here’s the thing. Then that became my new normal, my new before, right? My new starting point and then that was easy for me and then I had to decide what is the next level for me. I wanted to level up and what I know for sure is doing more of the same or doing it better, does not enable you to quantum leap. We call it, you can’t jump to the next level. Like, sure, I could have made a little bit more money and maybe even doubled it, right? Or whatever the case may be, but I would have still been this version of myself as this like six-figure hustler blogger.

When you want to change your life, I want you to think about it as massive results. Look at the results in your life and see where you want to completely change your results. Where do you want to get massive results? Massive results is the level of results. So I no longer want it to be this six-figure hustler blogger or coffee shop worker. I wanted to be a life and business coach, right? Making, you know, I want to get up to $5 million. That’s my goal and down to work three days a week. That’s my goal right now. I can’t do better what I’ve always done. I can’t continue to think in the same way. Even though I was fueled by positive emotion and I always knew I was going to be successful. I had to completely shift my identity and give up who I was and I don’t think I would have been able to do that without hiring coaches to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars, getting in multiple coaching programs, and then completely changing who I was like really, really seriously. I want you to understand how hard that is. It’s worth it, but you just have to know that it’s going to be hard because even if you’re at a point where you kind of like your life, like I, I really enjoyed being the six figure blogger and I had to give up my good life to give that up to create an even greater one. But there is the negative emotion that comes with completing that chapter, right?

So I did this recently with the drinking, I quit drinking and I’m going to do a whole podcast about that. But one of the biggest reasons was that when I thought about my future self, she would always come back and she just was a nondrinker, that was it. It was as simple as that. So I really wanted to create massive results in my life, in other areas. And for whatever reason, my brain just kept telling me I don’t drink when I have those massive results. So I decided to do it and that’s like a complete identity shift, right? I always would go to happy hours and I always would go out with my friends or whatever the case may be. Like alcohol is just a part of my culture and my social life. It wasn’t creating like problems. I was not like getting arrested or like anything like that. So to give up something like that and to have such an identity shift was hard. And I decided to think about it as a chapter being complete. Like I drank and now that chapter is complete. It’s kind of like when you go from being single to married, you’re like, okay, well now the, the being single chapter is complete and now the being married chapter is open.

So the blogger chapter is complete and now the life in business coach chapter is open and it’s a change in the level of results, it’s massive results. If you want to have massive results in your life, you can’t do more of the same or just be better at it.

So here are a few steps that I want to give you and I kind of talked about them, but I just want to give them to you in order so you can actually do this. So step one is I want you to identify an area of your life where you want different results and it can be any area health, your weight, your mindset, your relationships, your family, your friends, your money, your business, your career, your hobbies, your home. Like it can be fun and entertainment, contribution, religion, whatever. Identify the area where you want different results.

So maybe you want to lose 50 pounds, you want to meet your life partner, you want to get that dream job, you want to make six figures in your business, whatever it is for you. And it needs to be real. It can’t be this fantasy land like, oh, it’d be great to be an NBA player, or it’d be great to be a billionaire and it’s met with like this low grade disappointment in fantasy land, ok? It can be a huge quantum leap, but it also needs to be something you genuinely want and can visualize for yourself. So for me, maybe one day I will make $100 million, but right now, like that to me is fantasy land. What is not fantasy land but is still a massive result would be to make 5 million in revenue in a year in my business, right? Or to get to that seven figures and that’s going to be next.

So whatever it is for you, be honest with yourself, but knowing that you can believe anything and that anything is possible, identify the area of your life where you really want different results and you want these massive results.

And then step number two is ask yourself what your thoughts are about the result and write it down. So let’s say that the result you want is to find your dream job. Okay. Ask yourself, what are you thinking about it? Are you thinking, I know this is going to happen for me and I’m committed to it and this is working and here’s what I’m doing and I’m really excited for this next chapter and yes, it’s going to be hard to close this current chapter in my career, but I’m all in, I’m going to do it right? Are those your thoughts or are you thinking it’s a bad job market, a recession is coming. I’m too old. I don’t know what to do. This just seems impossible, right? If those are your thoughts, that’s where the problem is, right? So identify step two is to ask yourself what your thoughts are about the result.

And then step number three is to ask yourself what emotion is generated from thinking that thought? So if you’re thinking the thought, I know this is going to happen for me and I’m really excited and committed to it, ask yourself what the one word emotion is that you feel when you think that thought. Make sure it’s one word, so maybe it’s excited or maybe it’s energized, whatever it is. Write it down. Just the one word emotion. So if it’s that you’re thinking this is a bad job market, I feel and I don’t know what to do, maybe you feel the one word emotion of worry, right? You just want to ask yourself what the thought is about the result that you want and then what the emotion is that is created from that thought.

Now the fourth step, right? Step one was identify the area of your life where you want a different result and what that result is that you want. Step two is what’s the thought about the result? Step three is what’s the emotion generated from that thought? Step four, you have two options, so if your thoughts and feelings are aligned with your desired result, kind of like in that first example, I know this is going to happen for me, I’m committed to it, it’s working, and then you’re actually taking actions. Then you need to focus on a new strategy. Ask yourself, what actions can I take from here? So this would be like someone coming to me in their online business and I would say, all right, you need to get in Online Business For Her.

What usually happens is I get wonderful emails from y’all, which I love. You can send them to [email protected] and it will be filled with things like, I’ve been doing this for so long, I think the market’s too saturated. I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck on my niche. This isn’t happening for me. I here’s my story and it’s a very long, sad story. What should I do? Take Grow You or take Online Business For Her, and that is option number two. You can’t just take action. You need to work on your thoughts and feelings. You need to identify if your thoughts and feelings are not aligned with having the desired result. You can take all the action you want. You can take Online Business For Her, but if you don’t have thoughts and feelings that are aligned with having the result you want, you’re not going to create the result.

So it’s so funny to me that I’d even do mindset coaching because I’m such a person who has so much experience with taking action. But what I’ll tell you is I was hustling too much. I was taking too much action without balancing it with upleveling my life with this mindset work because I was creating results, but I wasn’t creating the massive results that I have now and that I want to create for myself in the future.

So that is why I teach both. That’s why I have grow you. And that is why I have other programs that teach you the strategy. This is why you need both in your life. So again, step number four is to identify whether your thoughts and feelings are aligned with having the result you want. If they are aligned with it, then figure out more strategies to take.

If they’re not aligned with it, then you need to do more thought and feeling work. Because I want you to know that if you don’t have the level of result that you want, doing more of or getting better at what you’re doing isn’t going to work. I see this all the time with the bloggers who stay in that hustle mode and that massive action mode without upleveling their thinking and their feelings because they haven’t invested in themselves. And that’s why when someone says to me, they are not ready to invest or they don’t have the money or the time, it’s just showing me what their thoughts are cause those are just thoughts, right? We would never say that about going to college. We find a way like I’ve done some crazy shit for money, you guys. Like i just have, selling things, like downsizing. just really like I’m always asking my brain how I can make this happen. And it’s so fun when you put your brain to work on it. So that is my hope for you.

As always, you’re welcome to join me or Grow You, if you go to I would love to take this work deeper with you and from here start to notice in your life where you want to uplevel and get those massive results. It’s really hard, but it is super fun and really just changes your experience of life and that is the gift that I want so much to give to you. All right, I will talk to you next week. Bye bye.

Hey, if you liked this podcast and really should check out, Grow You, my life coaching program. I coach you on everything I teach on the podcast so that you can uplevel your life. We 10x it so you get the results you want most. Just like a monthly gym membership to get your body in shape, this is a monthly personal development membership to get your mind in shape. It is an investment your future self will thank you for. Check it out at That’s I will see you there.