Life hack asking brain questions

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.
― Thomas A. Edison

I am so excited to share with you this amazing life hack.

You’re not going to believe it, but I seriously nailed using it, and I cannot even wait to give you all the details (I’ve been hinting about this on Instagram and it’s finally here!).

I didn’t think it would work this well, but it’s amazing.

The tool is called Questions, and I’ll show you how to use it below.

This is how it all started…

Side note – Save this podcast about Being A Life Coach. Highly recommend listening to it after reading this post!

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The Moment I Hit A Wall

It was March of this year, and I was sitting in my car during lunch on a webinar when I heard the number I was waiting for.

It was the cost of the program I wanted to get into. It was $18,000.

I immediately got off the webinar. Closed my computer. Went back to work, feeling frustrated.

I was dying to get into this program.

There was no way I could justify paying $18,000 for a life coaching program while I was still in student loan debt.

But I knew in my heart I had to do this.

But how?


I Was 100% Committed To Making It Happen

After a horrible fall last year, I dove head first into personal development. It turned out to be the best transformation of my life.

After therapy, books, and podcasts, I stumbled upon The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo.

In a matter of a couple weeks of listening to every single podcast episode of hers, I was not only back to normal after my heartbreak, but I was 1000x better than normal. (Side note – really the secret to how I do everything is that I don’t dabble. If you want massive results, go all in. Works every time.)

My life was freaking amazing. It was incredible.

This woman singlehandedly improved my life through a free podcast (it’s amazing being alive in 2018, I swear!).

Not only that, but I’ve learned a ton about business from her. Brooke first introduced me to the I Love Marketing Podcast, which I singlehandedly credit to teaching me the foundation of direct response marketing. She also introduced me to Russell Brunson (and I’m now obsessed with his books).

In my life and in my business, Brooke has no less than influenced me more than anyone.

I’ve always loved personal development. I have a minor in philosophy and love thinking about people and the world. But through all my studying, I’ve never had a framework to teach personal development.

When I heard Brooke offered a program where she trained students how to become life coaches, I knew immediately that I had to do it.

People get really confused by this and start to think I’m changing my career to become a life coach and that’s not it at all. What I plan on doing is adding a subscription-based monthly coaching program to my business. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t feel like I knew how to really coach people.

It’s kind of like Tony Robbins. He coaches people a lot on money but also on life and a million other things. That’s how I see my career going.

It wasn’t a matter of if I should do the program – I knew it was happening. It had to happen. I felt it in my soul.

There was no “maybe I should” or “this would be kind of cool” or “I’ll think about it.”

knew I had to do this coaching program.

It was happening. That was all there was to it.

When I discovered the whopping $18,000 price tag, I felt my heart sink. 

That’s when doubt crept in.

I started thinking things like “I guess I’ll have to wait a few years” and “maybe it’s not meant for me—maybe I should do something else.”

But then something changed.


I Put My Brain To Work With The Greatest Life Hack: Questions

In Personal Development For Her I teach a tool called Questions. 

It’s where you put your brain to work by asking your mind effective questions to solve your problems.

Your brain is like a computer. When you ask it questions, it can’t help but come up with the answer.

Your brain will answer anything. If you ask negative questions, it will give you the answers. If you ask positive questions, it will give you the answers.

For example, if you ask your brain “why am I always so broke?” your brain will come up with the answers.

If you ask your brain “how can I make more money?” your brain will come up with the answer.

Just like I teach in my course, I decided to put questions to work because I wanted to get into this program so badly.

At night before bed, I asked myself (just in my head—not out loud) “how can I get into Brooke’s coaching program?”

Finally, after doing this for about a week or so, I woke up and started scrolling through Facebook on my phone and saw a GoalCoast video of Tony Robbins’ story. I know his story, but I love the guy, so I watched anyway. Something I didn’t know was that Tony got started in his career by working for Jim Rohn. As soon as I heard this I immediately thought, “that’s it! I can work for Brooke!”

My brain started to freak out a little and tell me things like “you’re crazy” and “this isn’t going to work,” but I decided not to listen to it and take action instead. I hadn’t come up with a better idea, so I had to try it.

I created an eBook to send to Brooke (to provide value to her ahead of time, something I teach in Online Business For Her. Then, I pretty much just straight up asked to work for her in any capacity to get into her coaching program.

She sent back an email asking how I could provide value to her company to the tune of $18,000.

I had no idea. My brain started to freak out, but since I had already used questions once, I decided to use it again. I asked myself “how can I provide Brooke’s company $18,000 of value?” I kept asking this and ignored all the freak out that was happening.

I came up with a list of about 15 different pitches, and I sent them over to her.

She reviewed them with her team and came back and said they didn’t really have a need for anything I had offered.

She said no. 

I was bummed but super determined to make this happen, so I replied with, “okay. I’ll keep thinking.”

Even with a “no,” I knew I still had to do it somehow.

About a week later, she came back to me and said circumstances had changed and she’d like to give me an offer.

I accepted without even reading much of the details. I didn’t care what they were. I was a yes.


The Outcome

For the last 4.5 months, I’ve been working about 25 hours per week for The Life Coach School helping with tons of content-based projects (creating blog posts, eBooks, etc.).

I finished working my way into the coaching program at the end of August.

I went to The Life Coach School coach training the first week of September. 

I joined 140 other people, many of whom I now call friends, and it exceeded my expectations.

Not only did I get into my dream coaching program where I got trained by the best female coach in the world, but I have had the honor to work for her company this summer.

I learned so much about business, marketing, and coaching that I couldn’t have anticipated.

Brooke talks about how she makes over $15M annually from her business (with the goal of hitting $100M in the next decade), and it has been such an amazing experience to get to learn from her in her business and also as her student.

I plan to launch a coaching program soon. You can check out my coaching program here.

I can’t wait to see where I take my business in the next few years from all this!


5 Steps To Use Questions In Your Life To Get Any Result You Want

Just like I used questions to get into my dream coaching program without paying cash for it, you can use questions to get whatever result you want in your life.

Here are the 5 steps to use questions to get any result you want

1. Identify what result you want.

Example: the result I wanted was to get into the coach training program.


2. Create a question that presents the answer you want.

Example: the question I created was, “how can I get into this coaching program?”


3. Practice the question until you find an answer.

Example: I repeated the question every night before bed so my brain would go to work on finding an answer while I slept. I did this for over a week until I noticed an answer one morning.


4. Take action with whatever answer you notice.

Example: when I was presented with the answer to pitch the idea of working for Brooke, my brain freaked out a little, but I ignored it and tried anyways.


5. Don’t give up (take massive action until you get the result you want).

Example: when Brooke said “no” to my initial pitches, I was bummed, but I kept thinking. I didn’t let her answer waver in my commitment. I went back to asking more questions.


Rinse and Repeat

You can use questions to get whatever result you want in your life. It works like magic. The more committed you are, the better.

It’s like the cliche that’s everywhere on Instagram, “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” — it’s true and it really does work.

Plus, you’ll amaze yourself and have unbelievable stories like this to tell.

It’s amazing.


A Final Note!

I didn’t pay for the coaching program by writing a check, but I paid with my time and effort.

This isn’t ideal, and if I would’ve been in a different situation, I would have happily written that check. But I knew this was for me. I knew I had to make this happen.

If you think you can’t make something happen because of money, you’re wrong. There’s always a way to be creative and resourceful.

The Questions tool is the perfect life hack to put your brain to work to make it happen.

If you are committed and expect things to happen in your life, they will.

It might not always be easy, but it’s 100% possible.

Use questions to get started. They’re magic.

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