Life Coaching Tools

“Life coaching is truly its own unique service designed to help ambitious achievers meet the outcomes that will bring them success and fulfillment.”
– Tony Robbins

I’m a little biased, but life coaching is AMAZING.

I mean it.

There’s nothing that has changed my life more in the last five years than life coaching.

And for that reason, I want to share with you my absolute favorite life coaching tools…

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11 Life Coaching Tools You Can Use Right Now

Below is a list of my favorite 11 life coaching tools.

These tools helped me:

  • Meet the love of my life
  • Pay off my law school debt
  • Build a virtual life coaching program
  • Lose 25 lbs
  • Declutter my life
  • Become a better reader

And so much more.

More in the sense that I became someone unrecognizable. I know how to handle my problems. I feel better. I’m ahead instead of behind. It’s a beautiful thing that is 100% available to you.

So, let’s get started. Here are my top 11 favorite life coaching tools you can get started using today…

1. Plan everything on your calendar ahead of time.

The first tool is to plan your calendar out in advance. This is an amazing tool to help you to take control of your schedule. 

Put everything on your calendar in specific time slots. This is such an incredible way to do things. When you put time slots on your calendar you’re putting in results. You’re deciding that these things are going to be done. You’re setting yourself up to succeed. 

When you plan things ahead of time, you’re planning to win. 

When you just have a regular to-do list it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And when you see the long list of things needing to be done, it can seem exhausting. Setting things in time slots allows you the time to get done what you need to be doing. No stress involved. 


2. Pull yourself out of negativity.

The next tool is learning to pull yourself out of negativity. If you’re a negative person you don’t want to throw yourself straight into being positive. That’s an overwhelming jump. 

Instead, I’m talking about clearing the negative thoughts out of your head. Be neutral to the situations you’re in. It’s not the situation that is causing your negativity. Instead, it’s the thoughts you’re thinking about the situation. The things you think create how you feel about your circumstances. 

You don’t need to put yourself in emotional pain.

Remember not to stay neutral. Eventually you want to grow into positivity. You want to create new, good emotions. Create excitement, create love, create joy. 

Let go of the negativity holding you back. Grow into positive emotions.       


3. Stop emotional eating.

The third tool is to stop emotional eating. We all are emotional eaters. We all eat as an emotional response to something in our lives.

It may be because of something good. It may be to avoid something negative. 

There’s a big problem with emotional eating. Usually we aren’t aware that we’re doing it. We’re looking for comfort in our food.

It’s important to learn to be aware of our emotional eating habits. The best way to overcome emotional eating is to plan. Plan your meals out in advance. 

You don’t have to celebrate an accomplishment with food. Let the accomplishment be the reason to celebrate. 

You don’t need to use food to avoid the negative emotions. Deal with those feelings head on. 

Plan your meals and align with the best version of yourself. It may not be comfortable to resist eating when you want, but it’s a big step. It’s an incredible way to continue to grow. 


4. Become a conscious drinker.

I quit drinking. Not because it was a problem for me. But because I believed my best self was a non drinker. 

We tend to drink to feel pleasure. Or sometimes it’s to avoid something. 

I want to teach you a different way to handle it. I want to teach you how to be a conscious drinker. A conscious drinker plans out their drinking in advance. 

No matter the amount, you need to decide how much you’re going to drink 24 hours in advance. When the time comes to drink you stick with it. You don’t drink anymore than you planned to drink. 

It’s also important to allow for urges. When you feel an urge, don’t bury it. Don’t avoid it. Allow yourself to process the negative emotion. 

Choose to drink intentionally. Your future self is going to thank you for choosing this. You’ll be grateful to yourself you planned ahead. 


5. Get ready every day.

The next tool is to get ready every day.

How you choose to show up every day matters. It doesn’t make a difference where you’re going. It just matters that you show up for you. 

Get up every day and choose to get ready. Even if you aren’t going anywhere. You’re showing up for yourself. You’re showing the world who you are. 

How you choose to show up shows what you want to create more of. If you show up looking disheveled that is what you’re going to continue to create. If you choose to show up like you’re the boss than you’re going to create that. 

When you choose to get ready and show up, you’re creating your future self. You’re going to raise your self esteem. 

If you’re already ready everyday, then you’re going to be prepared for any opportunity that comes. 

When you choose to show up you’re choosing to love yourself. You’re loving yourself no matter what. You’re amazing even when you’re not amazing. And you’re loving 100% of you. 

Who do you want to be in the future. Choose to be that person now. 


6. Practice self care (the right way).

Practicing self care the right way is one of my favorite coaching tools.

Make sure you’re practicing self care. It’s so important to learn to practice self care the right way. There’s so much confusion about what self care is. It’s not just bubble baths or mani pedis. Self care isn’t just about feeling good. 

I like to think of self care as hooking your future self up. You’re making decisions with your future self in mind. 

You don’t want to just avoid negative emotions by replacing it with something positive. You want don’t want to just avoid short term discomfort. Self care is all about living with the short term comfort. You do this knowing that it’s going to benefit you in the long term. 

Self care is choosing self confidence and self love. It’s loving yourself through your mistakes. You don’t have to beat yourself up for your mistakes. Acknowledge your mistakes, but still love who you are. 

Have your own back through your decisions. Choose to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings. 

Choose to think things that benefit future you. And choose to put positive input in your mind. When you hear negative, say the opposite. 

Self care is all about self love and choosing your future. 

Hook yourself up for success. It’s one of the best things you can do. 


7. Take action (instead of always consuming).

It’s so important when learning to take action.

You need to learn to manage input versus output. There’s so much negative news out there right now. Only focusing on input will overwhelm you. 

Output is choosing to take action. It’s choosing to produce and get results. 

Your primal brain wants to focus on all the bad news out there. It’s looking to learn the dangers so it can protect you. It wants you to stay alive. 

You need to balance the negative input with positive input. For every hour of negative input give yourself an hour of positive. When you take control of your input you’re taking control of your brain. 

You have the ability to choose what you think about the input. 

Choose to create the life that you want. Choose your thoughts. And choose to take action. 

Choose to do positive output. Make sure the output is something that is benefiting your future. 

Negative output is when you’re doing something that goes against your desires for your life. Make sure your output is moving you towards what you want most. 

Plan your positive output out. When you plan, you’re working with your future self to create the life you want. 

Put constraints on your input. Focus on your output and your future. 


8. Make “Thinking Time” a habit.

Tool number 8 is Thinking Time. You shower every day, right? Or you take care of your body every day. Thinking is like taking a shower, but for your mind. 

Give yourself some time, maybe just ten minutes a day to sit and think. Take a notebook, write some of your thoughts down. 

You have over 60,000 thoughts that run through your head every single day. 

Try and optimize your thoughts. Do you want success? Do you want to achieve great things? Learn to be a mindful person. Learn to create your own thoughts. 

Try and write down everything you’re thinking. Learn from your thoughts. Choose to think thoughts that are going to benefit your future. Practice those thoughts until they become habits for you. 

Reprogram your brain with your thinking time. Use your thoughts to create the results that you want. 


9. Get really good at decision making.

Decision making is a skill you need to have.

And it’s a skill you can actually get good at. It can take some work to get to the point where you’re good at it, but it’s worth it. 

Lay out the steps for each decision you make. Look at it objectively. Identify your options and lay out the pros and cons. After you decide, take action. 

Then start the process all over again with a new decision. 

Don’t let fear and doubt hold you back from making good decisions. There truly aren’t right and wrong decisions. Choose to have your own back no matter what you decide to do. Don’t go back on your choices. 

This is a skill that will benefit you to learn. The better you get, the faster you’ll be at it. 


10. Become accountable to yourself.

The tenth tool is self accountability.

Self accountability is being responsible to yourself. It’s taking hold of your life and your goals. 

You’re following through for you even if you don’t feel like it. 

You’re not expecting others to be accountable for you. And you’re not using another person to help you work through things. You’re making the choice to do the right thing for you. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even when you don’t want to. You’re choosing your future. You’re getting over the current discomfort. And you’re deciding to set yourself up for success. 

Accountability is another skill you can learn. You even have some practice already. You show up for work every day don’t you? 

Self accountabilty is all about doing stuff for you. And not letting any excuses stop you.

Meet yourself wherever you are. Choose to make every situation work for you. You’re always failing forward. 

Choose to take responsibility for your actions. When you do this, you’re taking responsibilty for your results. 


11. Coach yourself.

The final tool is coaching yourself.

You have the ability to coach yourself through life. Self coaching can be used to solve problems. It can be used to accomplish goals. 

Self coaching is an absolute life changer. Make it a habit. 

Learn that you can’t control circumstances and people. Learn to understand your feelings. Know that your thoughts control your feelings. Learn to retrain your thoughts. Choose to take massive action. 

Create the person you want to become through self coaching. Don’t let your feelings control you. Instead, take control of your feelings through your thoughts. 

Choose to take actions towards the person you want be in the future. 


A Final Note!

If you use these tips they can change your life. These life coaching tools are super powerful. 

Do you have ambition and do you want to change your life? Then these are things you need to start doing today! 

Set big goals and start achieving big dreams now! 

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