I became a Certified Life Coach last year and it was life changing.

I’ve been able to help so many more women in their lives.

It’s super fun.

Recently, I just created this new training to talk about what I teach in Grow You (my coaching program).

This training is an hour long video and it’s completely free.

You can sign up for the free training here: 9 Tools To Up-Level Your Life Today

I want to give you a rundown of the 9 life coaching tools for high achieving women that I talk about in the training here, in case you prefer reading a blog post.

I chose these tools because you can start using them immediately. You don’t have to join the coaching program (although you’ll probably realize after using them you want to!). You can simply start using these tools in your life today.  They’re amazing!


9 Life Coaching Tools For High Achieving Women

Here are the 9 life coaching tools for high achieving women: 

  1. Rewire your brain + mindset
  2. Feel negative emotion on purpose
  3. Stop beating yourself up
  4. Find your passion
  5. Set + achieve impossible goals
  6. Increase your productivity
  7. Stop being busy
  8. Make more money
  9. Coach yourself + get support

Each tool is really important to your own growth, and you can start implementing each right away.

I use these tools, and I know they work. They’ll help you manage your mind, change your life, and create the exact future you want.

Here’s a deeper look into each of the 9 life coaching tools…


1. Rewire your brain + mindset

The first (and arguably most important) tool is rewiring your brain and mindset.

From birth, we form neuropathways that help our brains make sense of the world. We basically come up with thoughts and stories so we can survive. Some of these are useful, while others are not.

The best way to make sure you’re optimizing your mindset is to take a look at what you’re currently thinking. When you understand how to manage your thoughts, you can design your exact future (regardless of the past you’ve had). Without managing your mind, you can’t.

Like taking a shower and cleaning your body, you need to spend time every day cleaning out your thinking and deciding what to think on purpose.

I used to make my student loans mean something negative about me. Once I changed my mindset and decided my student loans were happening for me, I was able to create my future exactly how I wanted (including changing careers, paying off debt, and making money online).




2. Feel negative emotion on purpose

While managing your mindset is super duper important, you also have to practice feeling all the feelings. Why? Because your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings determine how you act (or don’t act).

If you go arround practicing affirmations, but you don’t feel them, it won’t work. You need to create the exact feelings that you want. And you need to be comfortable experiencing all emotions.

The reason feeling negative emotion is a total gamechanger is that you will stop being so afraid of negative emotion, which means you’ll go for your dreams.

The end of every experience is an emotion. If you stop making negative emotion means so much, and you start being willing to experience any emotion, you’ll move forward. If you don’t, you’ll stay stuck, in confusion, and in fear.

Negative emotion is harmless. Our brains haven’t evolved to know that. But it’s true. What I help students do in Grow You is to feel negative emotion on purpose. To face it. To let it pass.

Feeling negative emotion is the highway to your dreams.

I feel failure all the time. I just don’t make it mean anything. That’s the secret.




3. Stop beating yourself up

Something I see high achieving women do so much is beat themselves up.

It’s gotta stop! You don’t have to beat yourself up. In fact, it’s not serving you at all. It’s making it harder for you to achieve that thing you want to bad.

You can change and create the life you want through love, instead of being mean to yourself.

Most of us are meaner to ourselves than we’d ever be to someone we loved.

Practice loving yourself. Be curious. Have compassion. And most of all, stop beating yourself up.




4. Find your passion

Most people want to find their “passion” and this is understandable. It’s kind of become culturally acceptable to talk about “finding your passion.”

The truth is passion is an emotion.

All emotion is created by your thoughts.

If you want to feel passion, you need to think thoughts that create the feeling of passion.

This is always step one for my students and clients. Practicing feeling the emotion of passion.

Once you know what passion feels like (and that it’s an emotion you create from your thoughts), then you can look outside you to a new job to decide to create passion toward.

Most people mistakenly think they’ll stumble upon a job (circumstance) where they’ll all of a sudden be passionate about it. But this is impossible. Circumstances are neutral. A job will never give you passion. Passion is something you give yourself.




5. Set + achieve impossible goals

Setting and achieving impossible goals is a tool I’m obsessed with because of its power.

If you set an “impossible” goal, you bypass the part of your brain where you talk yourself out of it, and instead, you go for it anyway. This is super fun.

I set an impossible goal to make six figures online. Then I did it.

Now, my impossible goal is to make seven figures from my business.

What’s yours? Think about it.




6. Increase your productivity

When you do thought work and then practice feeling negative emotion, meanwhile you’re setting impossible goals, you’re setting yourself up for all kinds of success. The icing on this cake is to do productivity the right way.

This means that you focus on what you’re producing and not what the activity is, or what you’re “doing.”

Don’t “work on your blog from 2pm-4pm” put on your calendar that you’re going to write a blog post from 2pm-4pm. Then, you better hold yourself accountable to make that happen.

Most people are “working” instead of producing. When you leave the time and effort economy and enter the productivity economy, you will spend less time working and produce more. It’s better here. 🙂




7. Stop being busy

I teach my students and clients to rethink “busy.” When you say “I’m so busy” or “I don’t have time” you’re in time scarcity.

We all have the same amount of time in a day.

If you want more time, give yourself more time. Say no more. Delegate. Most of all, stop saying you don’t have time. Start saying, “I have plenty of time.” Doesn’t that feel good? It feels so good for me to say I have so much time. I love it.




8. Make more money

Making more money is something you need to consider to up-level your life.

The way you create more money is to provide more money to the market place. You don’t work harder or put in more effort or work longer hours. You simply provide more value. This is true regardless of how you make money (entrepreneur, freelancer, employee, etc.).

Money is always exchanged for value.

Want more money? Start thinking about how you can provide more value.

I’m constantly doing this in my business. I always want to provide more value and overdeliver.




9. Coach yourself + get support

The final tool to up-level your life is to coach yourself and get support.

I coach myself every day, and I get life coaching through several coaches.

It’s changed my life forever.

Life coaching takes you from where you are now and gets you to where you want to go.

There’s nothing better. It’s like having the cure to cancer. I have to share it with you because I know it can help you. It’s that good.

Side note: If you’re a high achieving woman, you can apply to Grow You here





A Final Note!

These 9 life coaching tools changed my life, and I continue to use them to grow into the next version of myself. 

If you haven’t already, jump in the free training and watch me explain all 9 tools right now: 9 Tools To Up-Level Your Life Today

This work is the most challenging, rewarding, and fun work I’ve ever done. Totally worth it.

See you in there!


– Natalie