Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

Journaling is one of the best tools for living an authentic life.


Because journaling helps you get clarity.

It helps you take all those sentences happening on a daily basis (over 60,000 of them) and get them out on paper.

This gives you so much authority over your life (more than you know!).

Use these journal prompts below to get started right now…

75 Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

These journal prompts can start you on the road to self discovery. Try to write a little every day to learn more about you. And don’t avoid the tough questions.

1. How Would I Design My Dream Life? 

If you could become anything you ever dreamed of, have anything you ever wanted, what would it look like? Describe what your perfect life looks like in as much detail as possible.

2. How Can I Achieve My Dream Life?

What steps have you taken to get where you’ve always wanted to be? 

3. What’s Holding Me Back From My Perfect Life?

What are some reasons you don’t think you could get to where you want to be? Remember, your dreams are possible if you set goals. 

4. Where Would I Like To See More Growth?

This question isn’t for you to look at the negative things about you. Instead, look at yourself with love, and figure out how you can grow even more.

5. What Are Three Things I Want Right Now?

What are the top three things you want in life? Setting incremental goals can help you achieve bigger goals. Think of three things you can work for right now.

6. How Can I Show Up For Today As My Best Self?

What are some ways you can show up for yourself today? How you show up right now will determine your future. How can you set yourself up for the future with your looks and your attitude? 

7. What Are Areas Where I’m Doing Amazing?

Use this question to love on yourself for a moment. What makes you amazing? What makes you unique? And what are you doing right now that you’re proud of? 

8. How Has Failure Pushed Me Forward?

Remember you’re always failing forward. How can you use setbacks as set ups for your future? 

9. What’s A Limiting Belief That I Hold About Myself Or A Situation?

You can’t control circumstances, but you can control how you react. What’s a thought or feeling that’s holding you back from making your life better? 

10. What Would My Highest Self Tell Yourself About My Current Situations? 

If the best version of yourself could talk to you right now, what would she say to you? How would she deal with the current situation you’re in?

11. What’s My Daily Routine And How Could I Improve It? 

What does the average day look like for you? If you could set up your dream schedule, what would it look like? 

12. How Can I Choose To Make Today Better?

You can choose to make every day work for you! What can you do today to make today be the best day you’ve had yet? 

13. How Can I Learn Something New Today?

Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. What’s something you’ve been wanting to learn? 

14. What’s Something I’ve Been Procrastinating?

What’s something you’ve been putting off? Remember procrastination is just a bad habit. 

15. What Are My Biggest Distractions?

What’s something that easily derails you from your goals? 

16. When Was There A Time I Haven’t Wanted To Do Something But I Did It Anyways?

Never let your feelings of not wanting to do something stop you. Even when things are hard and you don’t feel like doing them, push past that feeling and do it anyways. What was the result for you? 

17. What Would I Like To Discover About Myself? 

You may not know everything about yourself. Dig deep into your thoughts and learn more about you. 

18. Who Has Made A Big Impact In My Life?

Think of someone who has been big supporter in your life. Take the time to thank them for their impact. 

19. How Would I Like To Make A Difference In The World?

What’s something in the world you’re passionate about? How can you make a difference today?

20. Where Do I See Myself In A Year?

What does you in one year from now look like? 

21. What Do I See In My Future Self? 

Where do you want to see yourself in five, ten, or twenty years? 

22. What’s My Dream Job?

What’s the job you always wanted? 

23. What’s My Salary Goal? 

What’s your ideal amount of money every year? 

24. If I Could Create My Own Business What Would It Be?

Would you sell something? Would you provide a service? 

25. What’s One Material Thing I’d Love To Own? 

A nicer car? Better clothes? Remember you can set goals to get what you want. 

26. Do I Have An Abundance Or Scarcity Mindset? 

Do you think you have enough or do you think you’re lacking? Remember, if think you’re lacking, then nothing will ever be enough. 

27. What Are Three Things I’m Grateful For? 

Realizing what you have to be grateful for can change your outlook on life. 

28. What Are Things I Couldn’t Live Without?

What’s something that’s important? Is it sentimental? Or maybe just extremely practical? 

29. What’s Something I Want More Of?

Money? Family? Time? What’s that thing for you? 

30. What Do I Want Less Of In My Life?

Have you thought about trying minimalism? 

31. Have I Learned To Be Content?

Are you happy with what you have right now? How can you learn to be?

32. What Is Something I’m Afraid To Let Go Of? 

What’s one thing that you fear losing? What makes you afraid?

33. What’s Overwhelming Me Right Now?

Do a word dump of your biggest stressors in life right now. 

34. How’s Stress A Good Thing?

Check the things that are stressing you out right now. How can that stress help you? 

35. What Are My Healthy Habits? 

What are some things you do daily that are good for you?

36. Do I Tend To Bury Negative Feelings?

Do you avoid bad feelings? Remember, you can feel any feeling without letting it control you.

37. How Can I Take Hold Of My Emotions?

Remember, your thoughts create your feelings. 

38. What Makes Me Feel Happy?

What are those things that make you smile?

39. What Are Some Things That Upset Me?

What makes you feel sad or angry?

40. How Can I Change My Views On Bad Things?

What are the thoughts you think when you feel bad? What thoughts can you think instead? 

41. What Happened In The Last Year That I Never Expected?

COVID19? A job change? What looks different in your world? 

42. How Have I Changed In The Last Year?

Who were you a year ago? Have you changed in a positive way? 

43. How Would I Describe My Personality? 

Who are you? How would you describe yourself to someone else? 

44. How Am I Feeling? 

How do you feel right now? Happy? Hungry? Sad? Get in touch with you. 

45. How Does My Body Feel?

You feel your emotions in your body. Think about your current feelings. Where are you feeling those things in your body? 

46. What Do I Think About How I Look?

Do you love you no matter what? Do you dislike certain things? 

47. How Can I Be Content With How I Look Now?

What are some ways you can love you without changing a thing? 

48. How Can I Manage My Health? 

Are you taking care of you? Do you get necessary exercise? 

49. Do I Plan Out My Meals? 

Do you avoid emotionally eating? 

50. What’s Something Unhealthy I’d Like To Give Up?

Do you eat too much sugar? Do you not get outside enough?

51. What Is My Inner Voice Saying?

Go to a quiet place and listen to your thoughts. What are you telling you? Is it helpful? 

52. What Are Five Positive Affirmations?

Write five positive things you can tell yourself every day. 

53. What Is My Favorite Memory? 

Look back on the good in your life? What’s a moment that stuck with you for good reason.

54. My Perfect Day Is…

Write your dream day in as much detail as possible. 

55. What Did I Dream Of Being As A Child? 

Who did you want to be? What was your dream job?

56. What Do I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self? 

Write a letter to younger you. What would you say if they could hear you. 

57. What Is One Thing I Wish Others Knew About Me?

What’s something you wish you could tell others about yourself? 

58. What’s A Tough Question I Need To Answer? 

Don’t avoid hard things. Ask yourself tough questions so you can grow. 

59. What Word Do I Want To Focus On? 

Think of who you want to be. What word describes that person? Use that word to set goals for yourself. 

60. Who Is My Dream Partner? 

What kind of person do you see yourself with? 

61. How Can I Bring Out The Best In Others?

How can you inspire someone today? 

62. How Can I Be Kind Today?

Choosing to love others is an amazing way to love yourself. There’s so much joy that can come from being kind to others. How can you make someone’s day better? 

63. How Can I Spend Time With Those Who Matter Most?

How do you make sure you’re being with the ones you love? 

64. Describe A Time I Felt Loved…

When did someone else do something that made you feel special? 

65. What Are My Hopes For Your Family?

How do you want your spouse and your children to succeed? 

66. How Do I Act Differently When No One Is Around?

Do you feel like you change when you’re by yourself? Do you feel comfortable as yourself around others?

67. What’s My Guilty Pleasure? 

Is it something that’s benefiting you? Is it something you keep hidden? 

68. What’s A Negative Memory?

How did this memory change you and cause you to grow? Look at it in a new light. 

69. How Can I Coach Myself?

Learn to teach yourself how to control your thoughts. Take control of who you want to be. 

70. Do I Get Enough Sleep? 

What is the perfect amount of sleep for you? Are you getting that each night? What’s stopping you? 

71. What’s My Favorite Hobby?

How can you incorporate your hobby in your daily life and career? 

72. Choose A Word That Describes Me Now

If you could describe yourself in one word, what is it? 

73. Choose A Word To Focus On…

Think of who you want to be. Pick a word that descibes that version of you.

74. What’s A Book That Has Inspired Me? Why? 

What piece of literature has make you think a lot? 

75. Set A Timer For Five Minutes And Write What Comes To Mind…

Do a brain dump. Take five minutes and get everything off of your chest.

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A Final Note! 

Journaling can help you have a total mindset shift.

It’s worth the time and effort, even if you don’t always feel like it.

Just get out a pen and paper (and this blog post!) and start writing.

You’ll be so glad you did.

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