How To Solve Any Problem Podcast

Can you think about a problem you’re having right now?

It probably doesn’t feel great.

When you have a problem and you’re feeling bad about it, the best thing for you to do is separate out the facts from your thoughts about the facts.

Facts are neutral. They’re circumstances. They’re neither good nor bad.

It’s when you have a thought about a circumstance that it becomes good or bad.

This is where problems are created.

You create your own problems by having thoughts about neutral circumstances.

This doesn’t mean you should stop.

You probably want to have some problems.

When someone you love lies to you, I bet you want to make that mean you’re disappointed. And  I bet you want to feel sad about that.

The point is not to eliminate all your problems.

The point is to recognize that you’re the one responsible for creating your problems.

When you understand this, you get your power back.

Then, you can decide how you want to solve your problems.

I did this with my student loan debt.

I used to think it was happening to me

When I started believing it was happening for me, everything changed. 

I turned my six figure debt into a six figure online business. 

I changed the story I was telling myself. 

I took my power back so I could create a solution. 

Whatever your problem, you can do this, too. 

I don’t have any doubts about it. 

You have what it takes to solve that problem. 

It’s within you. 

Listen to this episode to hear how you can solve any problem you’re having.

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