How to show up as your best everyday

How you show up every day matters.

I’m talking about the physical side of things—what you wear, how you do your hair, whether you put on makeup… all of it.

It matters.

And it doesn’t matter for the reason you might think…

If you want to listen instead of read, here’s the podcast episode that goes along with this post — Getting Ready Every Day.

Why Getting Ready Every Day Matters

Getting ready every day matters because every day is a new opportunity for you to show up and present to the world exactly who you are.

Remember: who you are is what you attract. So, how you show up is what you’ll create more of. 

Every single day is an invitation to live your life on purpose from your future.

Here are resources to check about if you don’t know what I mean by living “from your future”: 

You’re deciding who you want to be and what you want to create more of based on how you show up today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Today matters. You matter.

Show up disheveled, feeling like a hot mess? That’s what you’ll create more of.

Show up like the boss of a million dollar company? That’s what you’ll create more of.

You don’t get to the future place where the result you want is before you become her. You have to become her, then you get the results.

I get dressed and ready every day even while working from home. I do my hair and makeup. Every. Day. (I have my mom to thank for making this easy for me since she has always done this for her entire life!)

It’s a habit for me now. It’s who I am. I don’t do it some days and not other days. I do it all the days.

I want to be someone who shows up ready to own the day. That’s the energy I want to bring. That’s what I want to create more of.

I do it for me. I work from home. I don’t need to dress up. I do it because I want to. Even on the days I don’t see anyone, I still do full hair and makeup. That is who I want to be. Seven figure me does that. That’s who I’m becoming. That’s who I want to be.

Think about how your life would be different and better if you showed up with intention every day. Here are some of the reasons I came up with…

5 Benefits Of Showing Up Every Day

The benefits of showing up every day reach far beyond thinking you look good.

I don’t want you to do this for outward approval or attention.

I want you to consider doing it because…

  1. You become your future self ahead of time (meaning it’s easier to become the person who has the results you want)
  2. You improve your opinion of yourself (you’ll increase your self-confidence)
  3. Your relationship with your body will change (when you treat your appearance with attention and care, you relate more positively to your body )
  4. You vibrate on a higher level (with more abundant energy) in your life (you create thoughts and create higher level feelings, like excitement and joy when you are put together)
  5. You’re ready for opportunities (instead of avoiding going out of the house, you welcome it, and could jump on video if someone wanted you to)

I can’t stress it enough… this is about YOU, not anyone else. Not your coworkers, not your spouse, not your boyfriend, not your kids, not your girlfriend you haven’t seen since college, not anyone. It’s just for you.

When you don’t care how you show up for the day, you’re saying you don’t care about you. You’re saying it doesn’t matter. You’re saying you don’t matter. Even worse is when you only care because you think you can manipulate what other people think.

I want you to know you matter and how you show up every day is a direct reflection of what you think (whether consciously or not).

This is why it’s easy for me to get up shower and put on full hair and make up every day. That’s who I am. I’ve become her on purpose.

Talking To Yourself About How You Show Up

As you start this journey, I want you to practice talking to yourself randomly in the mirror in the morning when you’re getting ready. Not the entire time (because that would be extra weird, ha!) just a line or two as you’re going about your makeup or hair.

Say something like, “I love you” or “I look good” or “I’m going to own today” or give yourself a wink (yes, a real wink).

This may sound silly at first, but give it a try for a week.

You’re amazing, and when you’re not amazing, you’re still amazing (see what I did there? It’s not about being perfect—it’s about loving all of you).

It’s worth giving this a try.

I came up with some starter thoughts for you…

Here are some thoughts to say to yourself as you get ready to show up for your day:

  1. I love you
  2. You look pretty
  3. You’re a  good person
  4. You’re sexy
  5. You’re ready to own this day
  6. Damn, you look great
  7. You’re ready for today’s assignment
  8. You can do hard things
  9. You’re showing up because you matter
  10. You were made for this
  11. You got this

And then also remember to 1) smile at yourself and 2) give yourself a wink.

Some version of giving yourself a one liner will help you pause and appreciate you—not for your beauty or looks but for your intention to show up as your best, ready and empowered to take on the day.

How To Starting Showing Up

Now let’s get to some practical tips I think will help you start showing up as your best every day (even when you don’t feel like it)…

First, brainstorm who you want to be in your future.

Before you start taking action, think about who you want to be as your future self.

What area of your life are you setting goals in that you want different results in? For example, maybe you’re working on building an online business (if you’re not in my free online business course, jump on in there, and I’ll show you how), or maybe you want to lose weight, or maybe you want to get married.

Whatever you want to change your results in, in the future, focus on dressing and showing up like that version of her who already has it.

Once you have her in mind, you can move to the second step.

Second, choose your style and your appearance deliberately.

Next, is to choose your style and appearance intentionally.

I wear neutrals (more on that here), pointy shoes, and dainty jewelry. I wear full hair and makeup every day. I’m the CEO of a million dollar company in my head and I help women with business and mastering life. So, I want to make sure I show up ready to own my day.

Neutrals add constraint to my life. I like to be trendy, but polished.

What’s your style?

Your syle is different than “oh, I like that outfit.”

Your style is, “oh, that’s so me.” 

Instead of having a hodge podge of random clothes you like, I want you to consider deciding on a style you want to have intentionally and constraining yourself only to that style (listen to this podcast episode on constraint for more on this).

What happens when you do this is that you always have something to wear, you show up consistently as the person you’re becoming, and you can mix and match almost everything.

My question for you is: what style does your future self with the result you want have?

When you answer this question, you’ll have your answer to how you want to choose your clothes and appearance.

You don’t have to wear neutrals or do what I do, but you likely will have some level of consistency and showing up polished (even if you’re edgy or a free spirit), it’s the intention that will pull it all together.

Third, start small.

Once you have this great vision of how you want to show up as the future self who has the results you want, the best way to start is to start really small, one step at a time.

The smaller the better.

So, instead of committing to doing all of it starting tomorrow, use a minimum baseline.

Instead of doing your hair, makeup, wearing heels, and trying to force so much change at once, meet yourself where you are now and change something small.

For example, decide to pick out your outfit the night beforehand (this is what I do) and wear that outfit the next day. Choosing what to wear ahead of time, the night before can be enough of a task. Then, once you’re solid in this new habit, add on top of that another habit.

This is habit stacking, and I highly recommend reading Atomic Habits by James Clear for more on this.

You can choose what you want to start doing effective today (or tomorrow, depending on the time of day you’re reading this). The key is to do something every day so you’re consistent. 

Do not do something randomly or periodically. It needs to be in your being. Small consistency is the best way to go because it creates long lasting change.

What To Do About The “It’s Hard” Part

If you do the steps above, you’ll manifest the person you want to become.

You’ll show up every day and own your day.

It’s as simple as that.

But as we all know, simple doesn’t mean easy.

Becoming someone new, setting and achieving impossible goals, all means giving up who you are now. It means discomfort and what I call in my Grow You Coaching program “the river of misery.”

It’s going to be hard. 

It’s going to feel uncomfortable.

By definition, that’s what it takes to get new and different results. You have to grow.

And you may think, “why would I do that just to ‘dress up’ every day? Why would I feel so much discomfort?” The answer, my friend, is because this is what it takes to get the results you want.

Current you shows up one way. Future you shows up a different way. And that comes down to everything, as little as what shoes you wear and whether you do your make up.

So, here’s what I want you to do to manage your mind around showing up even when it’s hard: 

  1. Expect it to be hard! Don’t plan for it to be easy. Plan for it to be hard and do it anyways. This is where you need to get good at experiencing negative emotions. It’s the discomfort that you’re avoiding. The key is to learn how to experience (instead of avoid, resist, or react) to that negative emotion. Then, you’ll get stronger.
  2. Remember your why. If you know and hold onto your why, then you’ll be able to show up, even when it’s hard. My why is my future. I care more about it than the pleasure of the present moment.
  3. Have some thoughts ready to go when your brain tells you to skip today. Something like, “I know you don’t feel like it but you’re worth it and we’re doing this no matter how we feel.”
  4. Start coaching yourself. This is a daily practice I highly recommend. You can read the blog post and listen to the podcast here: blog post and podcast.
  5. Get coached on this. There’s nothing better than an outside perspective to show you your mind. This is what life coaching is all about. And I can help you do this in Grow You.

This last part of the equation is all mindset. The previous steps were the tactical part. You need both for it to work, so 1) create a plan and 2) manage your brain.

That is the secret to success. 🙂

A Final Note!

Regardless of whether you work in Corporate America, are a stay at home mom, virtual assistant, doctor, or a lawyer, you matter.

How you show up every day matters.

And right now for some unknown amount of time, you have a body and get to be alive. It’s a privilege. We’re all so lucky.

So, let’s act like it.

Let’s show up as our best and make every day count.

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