How To See The Beauty In Life

The day to day routines that we so often find ourselves in can leave us missing out on the joy that is right in front of us.

With a little bit more mindfulness, you can experience more joy and see the beauty in your everyday life.

Beauty is subjective to every person, and yet, we all can find ways to experience whatever beauty is to us simply by paying more attention.

For example, I absolutely love flowers and aesthetics, so when I’m walking around Charleston, SC (where we live), I can pause and take in the breathtaking architecture and landscape that’s right in my city. If I’m not mindful, though, I can be distracted and thinking about a million other things for the pups, baby, work, and on and on.

Noticing the beauty in life can also give you pleasure and satisfaction and change your state (how you feel). This will leave you feeling so much more content and enjoy the present moment more versus if you’re in your own head, worrying about your day to day.

The best news is that you can turn this into a habitual practice, where you focus on small beauties in your every day, feeling more joy, and ultimately, becoming more optimistic about life.

Instead of being someone who sees the world as a “fearful, scarce place” you can become someone who sees the world as “beautifully magical and benevolent.” The choice is yours.

How To See The Beauty In Life

Today, I’m sharing some practical tips on how you can become more aware of the beauty all around you.

Tip 1: Pay attention to your senses

Start to find beauty in your everyday life by paying attention to your senses.

What do you smell?
What does the air feel like on your skin?
What white noise is in the background?
What else can you hear?
What can you see?

Sensory walks—where you shift your attention from one sense to the next—are a great way to implement this tip. Walk for at least 10 minutes and every 1-2 minutes shift your awareness to a new sense.

This will help you live more presently, enjoy life more, and see the beauty all around you.


Tip 2: Start a gratitude practice

Instead of reaching for your phone and checking your social media first thing in the morning, start an intentional morning routine where you spend a portion of it practicing gratitude.

By getting into the state of feeling gratitude, you’ll shift how you experience life—instead of feeling “fine”, you’ll start to raise your vibration and energy much more consistently.

You can start with these resources:

Tip 3: Get outside

So much of our suburban lives are inside four walls.

Yet, historically (as we’ve evolved as humans), we weren’t made to spend so much time under neon lights). We have so much connection to nature biologically (most of which we neglect).

Getting outside and truly noticing the beauty around you is one of the best ways to experience more beauty in your day to day life.


Tip 4: Start a morning routine

Making time for yourself to have a set morning routine is one of the best life hacks I have for you.

As women, wives, and moms, we end up giving so much to everyone else throughout the day that we can lose ourselves.

Remember this: “The mornings are for me; the days are for them.”

This allows you a sacred time every day—even if it’s just 15 minutes—to dedicate to your development.

It’s up to you to make time for yourself, and no amount is too small. But just be sure to use that time deliberately.

Here are a few ideas for how to see the beauty in life during your morning routine:

  • Coach yourself every day (take the How To Coach Yourself Course in Grow You)
  • Journal following one of these 75 Journal Prompts For Women And Moms
  • Meditate (I suggest starting with practicing 10 minutes of silence every day)
  • Remake Your Morning Routine (learn how in this blog post)
  • Stretch (and focus on something you love about your body)

Tip 5: Listen intentionally

Finally, listen intentionally so that you’re hearing and sensing what the other person is saying and feeling.

This means you’re not listening just to respond. You’re just holding space and truly listening to the person you’re conversing with.

Listening is a skill most of us aren’t very good at but that you can practice and improve on with a little intentionality every day.


A Final Note!

While we all have a unique perspective on what constitutes beauty, I know that for most women—we’re not spending enough time indulging in it.

So, this week, give yourself permission to totally and freely indulge in the beauty of your life, whatever shape and size it comes in. I’ll be joining you, too!