How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you ever really thought about your “dreams” and what that actually means?

I think so often we’re busy-ing around, not giving ourselves permission and space to dream big.

When I say “dream big” I don’t mean in the clouds. I mean: being so in touch with your deepest desires that are in your heart.

When you create space to think about your dreams, you’ll find yourself happier than you’ve ever been. You show up in the world as a better woman, wife, mom, and friend because you’re connected to a purpose that’s bigger than you.

It’s not just dreaming for the sake of dreaming—it’s dreaming knowing that you can create your future exactly as you want it to be. It’s possible for you to make your dreams come true and not let them stay as dreams forever.

How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Follow these tips below and you’ll be well on your way to making your dreams a reality.

Tip 1: Give yourself permission to dream

The first tip is to give yourself permission to dream BIG.

Most women I coach are so dedicated to their families and the people around them, that they find themselves rushing around taking care of everyone else, waiting for the “right time” to set a goal or change their lives.

Here’s the truth: that time isn’t coming.

Life is full and we want it that way.

This means that in order to create space for dreaming big, you have to give yourself permission.

Even if it’s as little as five minutes a day. It’s worth it. It doesn’t have to be that you spend lots of time on this—a small amount of time every day can make a huge difference.

Write down your biggest dreams every day for five minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much more connected and fulfilled you feel every single day.


Tip 2: Visualize achieving your dreams

The second tip is to visualize achieving your dreams.

The way that you create a new and different future is to become the person who created that result.

It’s the old saying, “believing is seeing” — you need to believe it in order for it to become a reality. Not wait to see it to believe it.

Visualizing is a great way to believe on purpose because you end up creating the feeling in your body of having created the very thing you want.

Start by simply closing your eyes and imagining what it would be like to have created the deep desire you want. Get really specific and use your imagination to do this. The more you practice visualizing, the more concretely you’ll see your future as a possibility. This is how you draw in your dreams. It’s a little bit like magic!


Tip 3: Create a plan for success

The third tip is to create a plan for success.

This simply means thinking about how you could create your big dream.

For example, if your big dream is to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, you’d create a plan for eating fewer calories, eating foods that serve your body more, and increasing your exercise.

Your plan doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to include the next steps forward.

Like Les Brown says, “How is none of your business.” Meaning, “how” you’re going to create your dreams isn’t something to worry about. You simply need to believe hard, visualize, and create some sort of plan that you can get started with. As you fail and learn, you’ll adjust your plan.

Your path won’t be a perfect straight line toward success, but if you stay in motion, testing, trying, and evaluating, you’ll eventually learn what works and adjust your plan accordingly.


Tip 4: Take massive action, one step at a time

The fourth tip is to take massive action.

This means you take enough action to succeed. If you think you’ll succeed in 10 steps, you take 20 to make sure you’ll hit your mark.

Most people stop at taking a little bit of action. They “try” and see what happens. This isn’t going to cut it for your big dreams.

Expect failure. Expect missed. Keep going.

Once you start taking action, if you keep the “Massive Action” mentality, you’ll succeed no matter what, because you won’t stop until you’ve created your dreams.

You never have to give up. If you’re having fun along the way, you can always keep trying. You can always take more action and try again.

Tip 5: Evaluate your progress regularly

The final tip to achieving your dream is to evaluate your progress regularly.

This sounds obvious, but after coaching thousands of women, it’s something that surprisingly gets left out.

What happens is you can get stuck in taking lots of action without reviewing what’s working and what’s not. This feels like motion, but in reality, it’s like being on a hamster wheel.

To avoid this, think about how you’ll know you’ll have created your dreams. Is it a number on a scale? A number in a bank account? Will your relationship status change? Something else?

Once you know how to measure your success (and you get to decide this measurement, by the way), then you want to evaluate periodically so you know whether you’re moving toward achieving your dreams or not.

This way you can pivot and make changes as needed.

Not everything will work the first time and that’s okay. The key is to recognize what’s not working and change course.


A Final Note!

If you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to start living your dreams right away.

Don’t let a single day go by without writing down your dreams and visualizing them. This alone will help you take action and draw in your desires faster than anything else.

The long term benefits will amaze you—instead of feeling like you’re putting out fires and reacting, you’ll be ahead and living your dream life before you even know it.