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Imagine waking up in the morning and looking forward to going to work.

You wake up, make some coffee, go about your morning routine, all with a big smile on your face.

There’s no feeling of dread or pressing the snooze button five times, you’re just genuinely excited to be taking part in your job.

Doesn’t that thought feel great?

What about if you looked at your bank account?

Let’s add that to the list of things that put a smile on your face.

Not only do you love your job, but you’re making more money while you do it.

I want these happy feelings to become your reality.

The good news is…. they can! Here’s how…  

If you want to listen instead of read, here’s the podcast episode that goes along with this post — How To Land Your Dream Job (And Make More Money).

Be A Person Who Adds Value

In order to love your job and make more money, you need to be a person who adds value to your business or company.

In order to be a person who adds value, you need to shift your mindset from the time and effort economy to the value economy.

Why? Value creates money. Time and effort do not. I talked in detail about this concept with money in this post: Value Creates Money–Not Time

When you go to the Apple Store, you ask what features the iPhone has, not how long it took to make, right?

Another way to look at it is through the perspective of your job. You’re not paid for the hours on the job, you’re paid for the value you provide.

I cover this idea more in depth in my Money Mindset Guide, as well as in the below resources for making more money:

When it comes to adding value, you never want to underdeliver. Always be looking for ways to overdeliver. This is the key to landing your dream job and making more money. 

Always Overdeliver

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, or a freelancer, you’re always serving. Your goal should always be to provide more value to who you’re serving. 

Based on what type of work you’re doing, who you are serving will be different.

Take a look at the list below to determine who it is you’re providing more value to:

  • Entrepreneur — client/customer is who you’re serving
  • Employee — boss and company are who you’re serving
  • Freelancer — companies who give you work are who you’re serving

No matter who it is that you’re providing value to, you must always overdeliver. This is how you land your dream job.

I constantly ask how I can provide more value to my clients, students, readers and listeners. You should be asking this question, too.

Whatever people pay for in my business, they get triple the value. Who doesn’t love a 3 for 1 price?!

When people get more than what they paid for, they are thrilled because it’s rare for this to be the case.

Multiply the value of your work, and not only will those that you are serving be satisfied by your work, but you’ll be more likely to land a job through word of mouth.

Word of mouth = more money.

If you are a person of value, you’ll attract more money—and opportunities.

The Amount Of Money You Can Make Is Limitless

You make money by providing value.

I talk about this in depth in the podcast episode How Much Money Can You Really Make?

You don’t need to work harder or longer to make more money. This mentality focuses on the time and effort aspect instead of focusing on value.

If your main focus is providing value, then your money worries will fade away.

Be patient when it comes to seeing the results of this mentality shift.

It may not come back to you next week in your paycheck, but it will come back to you eventually, by way of other means and opportunities.

Be open to where these opportunities can come from.

Just because you’re an employee at a company, doesn’t mean you’re limited in the amount of money you can make. This is a lie we tell ourselves to be more comfortable with how much we’re making, instead of being proactive and doing the work.

Unsure where to begin? Simply ask!

Ask your employer how you can provide more value.

Ask the company you’re interviewing with how you can overdeliver and provide more value in the job.

When you overdeliver in your job no matter what, it defines who you are.

When I knew that I wanted to work for my mentor, I wanted to show her that I could provide value to her business.

I sent her an eBook I made for her company when I applied. Then, I sent her a complete list of ideas of how I could work for her. 16 pitches total, all with descriptions of how I can overdeliver in value.

Instead of mentioning my backstory and details that had to do with me, I focused on what I could do for her.

Making the application process about yourself is a big mistake that I often see when I am hiring people to work for me.

Look for clues in how you can provide value by paying attention to what the employer is looking for in their job post.

Mention these when you are applying and let them know that you can do XYZ.

They want to hear that you are capable of doing everything they are asking for and that when you don’t know, you’re willing to figure it out.

I once worked with a company who helped me create my website and the entire process was a pain.

The company was always asking for more money, terrible at communicating, and was short-sighted when it came to the lifetime value of the work they were doing.

That experience was all I needed to know that I won’t be working with them anymore and I won’t be referring them to people I talk to.

There are plenty of downsides when it comes to underdelivering.

When you don’t overdeliver you leave so much money on the table.

Not only does overdelivering bring in more money, but it makes landing your dream job a whole lot easier.

Landing Your Dream Job

If you want to land your dream job, stop worrying about your credentials and start thinking about how you can overdeliver in value to that company.

It’s time to make that dream job dream about having YOU as an employee.

Be committed to the success of the company and go all in. This makes you invaluable to them.

Already an employee in the business you want to be in? Great! This idea works just as well for you, too.

The key is to stop thinking about pay raises and making more.

Switch your focus to overdelivering in value and then watch opportunity and money come to you.

Whatever job you hold, it doesn’t matter what you are doing — it matters who you are being.

When you imagine yourself in your dream job, who are you?

Here are some questions you should be asking to find the answer:

  • What thoughts do you have working in your dream role?
  • How do you feel in your day to day?
  • How do you show up every day?

Who you’re being now must align with the person you want to be every single day. This person is who lands their dream job.

The secret to landing your dream job is to become the person you visualize when you think about yourself at this job.

If you feel like you’re not that person at the moment, it’s time to clean up your thoughts.

Negative thoughts like “Oh this isn’t for me; this job sucks; I don’t like it” will make you feel weak and insecure.

No one in their power suits are having these thoughts!

No matter what job you have at the moment, you must act as if you’re already the person in your dream job scenario.

We tell ourselves, “Once I’m in my dream job, I’ll be happy” or “Once I run a business, I’ll be who I am supposed to be.”

Thinking external factors will change who we are inside is a mistake.

Just because you’re not living your intended purpose now, does not mean you can’t be who you want to be.

Below are some great resources to help hack your mindset and put you on the path to becoming the person you’re meant to be.

Mindset Resources:

You must do the work to refocus how you feel about your current job, especially if you don’t like it.

If You Don’t Like Your Job, It’s Not Your Job’s Fault

Your job is not responsible for why you don’t like it. It’s the thoughts you have about the job.

You have coworkers who like the job when you don’t. It’s the same job, but different perspectives.

The good news is, you don’t have to stay in any job. You can leave at any time.

Nothing bad has to happen in order for you to leave a job. You don’t have to be miserable.

What does need to happen, though, is you need to get your mind right and leave your job when you’re happy.

Sometimes it’s necessary to be in a job you don’t love. This is true for employees and entrepreneurs doing jobs in their businesses they don’t want to be doing.

When you feel stuck in your job and complain about it, it’s easy to blame yourself or your boss.

With this attitude, you are more likely to put yourself down, not show up and underdeliver.

More importantly, you’ll blame the job for not making you happy.

When you show up to your job and you suffer and you feel sorry for yourself, you’re not being who you want to be and you’re blaming an external circumstance for it.

Blaming your job for showing up less than what you’re capable of is detrimental to creating your dream life.

You have to start thinking about your job and your boss in a different and new way and start showing up as who you want to be.

What determines how you show up is how well you manage your mind and how purposefully you decide to show up in whatever job you’re in.

I used to complain about my job and blame my circumstances. When I learned what I’m teaching you now, everything changed.

I showed up at my job differently. I cared more about the company. My bosses didn’t bother me anymore. I was constantly overdelivering.

The result was not only that I enjoyed my job more, but I was showing up as a person of excellence.

I was being who I wanted to be.

And I still left. I left when I was happy—just because I wanted to.

Leaving a job because you want to feels much better than leaving a job because you have to.

Now that I have learned that lesson, I show up as a person of excellence in everything I do.

I know I will kill it at any job I’m in because I’m a person of excellence, and having this confidence changes everything.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Always check in with yourself to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Focus On Adding More Value

1. Ask yourself how you can overdeliver in value; contribute more; blow everybody’s mind.

Stop asking yourself what your job can do for you and how you can get a raise. Focus on what value you can bring to the table and overdeliver with those results.

2. Ask your boss/employer (or whoever you’re interviewing with) how you can serve them better and improve their company more.

This is a tough question to ask, but the feedback you will receive is worth it. You want to be a dream candidate for them to fill the position with, so it’s important to know what that means for them.

3. Ask yourself who you want to be as an employee at your job (or as an entrepreneur or freelancer) every day; ask how you can be the best possible you in your job.

Stop asking yourself if you’re living in your purpose in your job. There’s always going to be roles in your job or in your business that you have to do that you won’t really want to be doing. You still have to be intentional and take responsibility for how you’re showing up in that role. The goal is for you to show up as the best possible you.

4. Ask yourself what result you’re trying to create in your work life (at your job).

It is up to you to create the results you want in your life as you have to take responsibility for them daily. You’re already creating all of the results that are your reality right now, and this is great news! If you’ve been doing that unintentionally, now all you have to do is put intention behind it.

5. At the end of the workday, ask yourself if you’re proud of how you showed up and what you did.

When you feel proud of who you are being every day in the world, it feels so good.

A Final Note!

A small change in perspective will give you big results.

Feel proud about who you are being every day in the world.

Focus on adding more value, and just know that by doing that, more money and more opportunities will come.

Days of wanting the dream job are over for you — it’s time to land it!