How to land your dream job

Do you want to know how to land your dream job?

How about make more money, too?

The secret is to become a person who overdelivers in value. 

When you overdeliver in value to your job (or business), you become a person of excellence.

You attract money and opportunities. 

You move out of the time and effort economies and into the value economy.

I remember when I first learned this.

Overnight, I changed.

I used to complain about my job. I used to look forward to 5pm and the weekends.

I thought it was my job’s job to make me happy.

I was wrong.

When I stopped thinking about time and effort and started focusing on how I could provide more value, everything changed for the better.

I started to love my work. I overdelivered at my job.

I became someone who goes “all in” with whatever job I’m doing.

I created opportunity in my mind first.

Then, it became my reality.

In this episode, I show you how to land your dream job and make more money.

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Full How To Land Your Dream Job Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hey, I am just getting started with relaunching my second course. I relaunched my Money Mindset Course last month and now I am relaunching my Personal Development Course and I’m doing this because I am kind of repositioning myself in the market and I’m doing a little bit of a rebrand and it’s been super fun.

I love business and as you know, I’m scaling from six to seven figures. That’s like the stage where I’m at. So part of this stage of growth for me has been to go from this solo preneur and this six-figure hustler to the CEO of a company and really having a vision for what I want that to be like. Keeping in mind how often I want to work and what I want my role to be, what I want to be doing in my business. It’s been super, super fun. It’s required a lot of growth, which I love it has not been without some pain points.

I will tell you that much for me. What I wanna share with you today is how to land your dream job and make more money from the perspective of like what I have to offer, which is, you know, being a lawyer, being a financial planner, and also being a small business owner. And now being on the other side of the table where I’m hiring.

I think that this episode is going to be so good if you are an employee and if you’re an entrepreneur and if you are somewhere in between like a freelance writer or something like that, I think that the lessons that I’m going to share with you can literally change your life. They are so, so valuable. I remember when I learned that and every area of my life improved. It’s that good.

And the first thing that I wanna share with you is to become a person of value. So something I teach when I teach money mindset, and I’m talking about making more money and in my business courses when I’m helping entrepreneurs make more revenue is that you need to shift your thinking from time and effort. I pull out the time and effort economy to the value economy.

So value creates money, time and effort. Do not. There are so many examples of this and you’ll start to see it if you really think about it. So I give the example of going into the Apple store looking for an iPhone, right? You go into the Apple store, you’re looking for an iPhone, and you’re asking the associate all about the features of the iPhone and you want to know what it does, what it doesn’t do, all this stuff. And you want to know how much it costs, right? You’re trading the value of the phone.

You’re going to get this phone that has tons of value and you’re giving the money, right? That’s the trade. Now you’re not asking how long it took to make the iPhone. You know how much effort was put into creating the iPhone. You’re not asking any of that. So the same is true for you at your job or you when you pay for something.

I love the example of an attorney. So even if you’re hiring an attorney and you pay them hourly. So I just used an attorney, my own business, and they’re used billable hours. So they will bill, you know, certain hours for the number of hours that they worked. But I’m not actually paying for their hours. I’m paying for the value that they provided. I had documents created, right? I had a letter created so I paid money for that value, right? So even then, it’s not like you trade the actual hours.

And what happens is when you’re in the time and effort economy, you think that time and effort create money. So you’re focusing on how much time you’re putting in, how much effort you’re putting in, and that is not what creates money. So I want you to just get in the mindset of starting to look at how you can over-deliver in value. And the way that you over-deliver in value is that you focus on serving.

Now this is true whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re an employee or a freelancer. And I just want to make a quick side note about being an entrepreneur here. I always think it’s funny when people are like, Oh, it must be so nice not to have a boss. You’re kind of missing it. It’s true. I don’t really have a boss, but I do have a boss in the sense that my boss is the marketplace.

I’m serving the marketplace. I’m serving you. That’s my boss. There’s always someone you’re serving, so if you’re an entrepreneur, your clients, the market, your customer is who you’re serving. If you’re an employee, you’re serving your boss and the company. If you’re a freelancer, you’re also serving the companies who you’re working with, those clients.

Whatever role you have in the marketplace, you want to provide more value to whoever you’re serving and that that is the secret to making more money. It’s not enough to just, you know, do the bare minimum and do your job. You always, always, always need to over deliver in value. I am constantly asking myself and looking at my business and asking, how can I provide more value to my clients, to my students, to my readers, to my listeners? Whenever I sell something in my business, whenever I offer something, I want it to be a steal.

I want it to be worth triple. And that is a value that I have. And this is so rare and I want you to have this for yourself as an entrepreneur and as an employee. When you become a person who over-delivers in value, you not only create more money, but you create more opportunities for yourself, right?

Because people will refer you, people will think of you when a job comes up, you will just get it back tenfold. Now, it might not come back to you next week, right? You might work for someone who is an extremely difficult person. So this isn’t gonna be there tomorrow at your job and don’t expect to be noticed in that way. Do it for you so that you show up as a person of value and then the opportunity and then the money flows to you. And I want you to make sure that you are focusing on the value, not just for the money.

So when you focus on being a person who over delivers in value and that’s one of your values, the money flows to you, you’re not doing it. So you get more money. You’re doing it because this 

is who you believe in. I want you to know that it’s a total lie, that by being an employee, you’re limited in the amount of money you can make.

That is just be us. It’s not true. So I want you to just know that and I don’t want you to have that limiting belief. I want you to constantly thinking as whether you’re, you know, in health care as a physician, whether you’re a corporate exec or whether you are a freelancer and you have a side gig. Always be asking yourself, how can you provide more value to whoever you’re serving, whether it’s your boss, whether it’s the company, whether it’s your clients.

Because when you over-deliver in your job, no matter what job that is and what role that is, it defines who you are. Now I have some examples personally that I think will really, really help. You know, you understand what I’m talking about.

So I recently had website work done. I had lots of different website work done. I had a redesign and then I also had a bunch of different pages done with another company and I’ve had all kinds of different website work done. You know, I have a developer just over the last, you know, few years and then in the last six months I’ve done a lot of moving over from different software companies and all of that. So in one of those companies charged a lot of money for the work that they were doing and I was okay paying it because I expected excellence.

I expected them to over deliver in value and they didn’t. And they were nickel and diming me for everything. And whenever I made requests about, you know, changing things and wanting it to be really like exactly what my vision was, they weren’t very willing to make those changes. And when I wanted the changes, they kind of dropped off at the end.

And it was so interesting to me because what happened was of course they wanted more money for the work, but what was happening was they were pushing the money away. I am someone who talks a lot. I would have referred them to so many people. Like I’m constantly talking. People are constantly asking me about my website and who I use and what I recommend. So they lost out on those referrals. And also I’m constantly going to have more work. So you have to think of like the lifetime value and you have to think about over-delivering because that’s how more opportunities come to you.

I have no problem paying more, right? But include those costs and just know that if you have a service or a product or you’re an employee and you are doing like the bare minimum, it’s really, really obvious and you’re not helping yourself. You are hurting yourself. Even if that’s what was like in the contract, even if that’s what’s in your job description.

When you over-deliver, people want to work with you. People want to pay you more, right? I wanted this company to do more for me. So I could pay them more, but they had the opposite opinion right and they were trying to get from me and so I won’t work with them again and I’m not going to refer them.

Another example I had is I recently had posted little job description for a contractor in a Facebook group with female entrepreneurs and female creatives in the Chicago area and I did this on Facebook and I and I listed all of the things that I was looking for, like very specific and I gave the email to apply for this position.

Every single person who applied made the application, the email, the cover letter, all about them. It was like, here’s my work history, here’s my bio, here’s what I’ve done right. And there was nothing wrong with this, right? Like I’m not giving them a hard time. It’s totally fine. But what I would have loved to see is someone should take the job description that I had posted and emailed me and said, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. And like whatever I can’t do, I can figure it out.

The energy behind you applying for a position and showing that company, that employer that you’re all in is amazing and it’s so rare. That’s all people want, right? I don’t care where you went to school or what you did or all of your past jobs. I care if you can solve the problem that I’m having.

So when you’re applying for your dream job, when you are interviewing, you want to make sure that you are thinking about them. Always be thinking about the client, the customer, the employer, the person you’re interviewing with. How can you over deliver in value? Right?

It was so obvious, I just listed out what I was looking for. It would have been amazing for someone to say, I can do all of these things right and if I can’t do it, I’m going to figure it out because that’s the type of person I am. Boom, hired, no questions asked, right? It’s not like that out there in the marketplace. So I’m telling you, be this person and of course, right, you can still attach your resume. You can still put at the bottom if you want to know a little bit about me, here’s my background, whatever. But the energy behind it is so different.

So in the last year I was actually working for my business mentor, Brooke Castillo part-time, and I did it at first to get into her coaching program. And then I had stayed on actually for pay a little bit. I’m not doing that anymore, but it was such an amazing experience and I’m so grateful for it.

When I tried to get that job, I actually wrote a blog post about it and did a podcast about it. So if you haven’t listened to that, it’s the Question’s podcast episode, you should definitely listen to it. But I was trying to get into her company to work for her to get into her coaching program. The way that I approached her was very intentional. So I sent her an email and I said, I want to work for you. How can I provide value to your company?

Here is an ebook for your podcast listeners. And I had created an ebook for her and I offered her this ebook and I offered to work for her, like helping her do whatever she needed and she asked me how can I provide value to her company to the tune of the value of the coaching program. So I sent back to her 16 pitches, like with descriptions of how I can over-deliver in value.

Not once did I ever mention being a lawyer, not once did I ever mention being a financial planner. I never talked about how qualified I was or anything. The entire conversation was about how can I help her in her company. That’s it. Now, of course there was like a link, I think in my signature there’s a link to so you know, she could click on it and see, you know, my story if she wanted to.

But that was not the point. The point was, I was from the minute of contact, the first second of contact, I made sure that I made it all about me providing value to her company. I cared so much. I was all in and committed. Employers really good employers will care so much more about that because when you’re all in and you’re committed, you care so much, right?

You over-deliver in value and you will notice if you go into any store at any given time really, and you don’t get like the greatest service. I heard Russell Brunson talk about this, he’s like, I want to talk to the entrepreneur. Like when that happens because there’s such an energy behind the entrepreneur, the business owner, because they care so much, right? And you’ll see a lot of employees who are just kind of, there putting in their hours and they don’t really care.

They’re like, yeah, we don’t have that. You know, versus like, no, we don’t have that, but we have this and let me show you and this would be a great alternative. And it’s just like the energy behind it, right? There’s a difference when you want to over deliver in value.

So when I was interviewing people for the position, only one person had asked like, what are you really looking for? What would be the most valuable part of being an employee or doing this work for you? And I said being committed, like loving the vision, right? Cause I can teach you everything. This is not hard, but it’s not about the task that you’re doing. It’s about who you’re being.

So if you want to land your dream job, I want you to stop worrying about your credentials and start thinking about how you can over deliver in value to that company. When you’re all in and committed to the success of the company, you will have your dream job begging to have you. And this works just as well for when you are already an employee in the business versus trying to get the dream job. So if you’re in a job right now, show up as being all in and committed to the success of the company instead of just putting your hours in and making effort.

You know, stop trying to think about pay raises and making more in terms of like the title and just start thinking about how you can over-deliver in value to the company. And then those things will come to you as the result of that. It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing in your company, it matters who you’re being.

So I want you to imagine your dream job right now. Like what is your dream job? And ask yourself who you would be in your dream job. And that is worded very intentionally. Who would you be in your dream job? And the answer is who you’re being right now, because you are always going to show up who you already are. So the secret to landing your dream job is to become the person you want to be every single day.

In your dream job what thoughts do you have? How do you feel? Right? What actions do you take? Start showing up now in the job that you have as that person. It will be a life changer, right? You’re probably not thinking when you’re in your dream job, Oh, this isn’t for me. This job sucks. I just don’t like it. Like when you have those negative thoughts on a regular basis, they will make you feel weak and insecure, right?

You have to clean up those thoughts and coach yourself to get clear thoughts that come from abundance and generate positive, abundant feelings so that you are being the best version of yourself in the job that you have. Then you leave the job and then you go get your dream job right. You clean up first and you show up in your job now as the best version of yourself being that person you think you’re going to be in your dream job and then you leave and you leave when you’re happy and you leave just because you can.

I love that. I used to think that you had to leave when things were just so bad. That’s not true at all. Things don’t need to be bad at your job for you to leave. You can just leave when you’re happy. I did this as a financial planner. I was really happy, but I wanted to go out all on my own, so I wanted to do my business, so I quit. Right. Nothing had to get so bad for me to leave, so I really want you to do that.

If you’re in a job that you don’t really like right now, I want you to start showing up differently. So it is not your job’s job to make you feel better. If you don’t like the job that you have, it is not your job’s fault. It’s the thoughts that you have about your job. You know this because you can see other people in the job who have different thoughts and feelings about it.

You have certain thoughts and feelings that everyone else does as well. I’m not telling you to stay in the job, I want you to leave and get a new job. But what we often do is think that by getting another job, we are going to be happy and that is not how it works. It works by you getting your mind right and coaching yourself now so that you are happy first and then you leave and get a better job for you.

Nothing has to blow up for you to leave. You can just be happy and show up over deliver in value and leave because you want to leave. And sometimes it’s necessary to be in a job that you don’t love. You know? Because the money is really, really great. And this is true for employees and as entrepreneurs, if you’re an entrepreneur and you have to do things that you don’t want to do, maybe you don’t love being the CEO and managing employees. But that’s part of it.

You have to decide who you want to show up as. Even when you’re doing work you don’t want to be doing. It’s okay to not love the actual work, but who do you want to be? I want you to ask yourself and I want you to decide intentionally, anytime that you complain and you feel stuck and you blame your boss or the company or yourself and you know you put yourself down, it’s so damaging to yourself and who you are.

It feels terrible. You will under deliver instead of over-deliver. And it just starts the cycle of thinking that like happiness is over there outside of you. When you show up and you suffer and you feel sorry for yourself and you’re easily frustrated. You are not being who you want to be and you’re blaming external circumstances for it.

It’s all all BS. What determines how you show up is how well you manage your mind and how you purposefully decide to show up in whatever job you’re in. So I used to complain about my job and you know, blame my circumstances. I did this as an attorney. I did this even as a financial planner kind of in the middle of it. But when I did all of this work and I really learned how to over deliver and how to show up and how to manage my mind, I completely changed.

Literally overnight. I learned this work and the next day I showed up at my job completely differently. I decided who I wanted to be. I cared so much more about the company. My bosses didn’t bother me. I was constantly over-delivering and providing so much value and the result was amazing. It’s not only that I enjoyed my time there more, but everything flowed so much easier and the time went so fast because I wasn’t focusing on the time. Right.

I was focusing on excellence. I wanted to show up and be a person of excellence in whatever I do. That’s who I want to be and I’m still like that and I left. I left the job and I left when I was happy just because I wanted to. I want to show up as a person of excellence in everything I do and I want you to think about who do you want to show up as in the job that you’re in.

I want to know that I’m like killing it at whatever job I’m in. I had one of my life coaches recently tell me that she works with a lot of entrepreneurs and she’s never seen anyone work the way I work. And it was such a compliment to me and that’s honestly not the first person who’s told me that. And I love it right when I’m working, I am working and I want to be careful here.

I’m not grinding and like hustling from a place of negative emotion. I’m on fire and I’m killing it cause I’m, showing up with excellence and I’m over-producing and I’m over-delivering. Whether it’s me working at a financial planning firm, as a lawyer or in my business. That’s the kind of person I want to be. And I want you to really focus on who you want to be. So I don’t want you to do the minimum amount to get paid.

When you think about doing the minimum amount, you’re the one who suffers. Because remember in the CTFAR model, you create that result for yourself. You’re not going to fool yourself. You’re going to let yourself down. And I think it’s so damaging because you perpetuate this in your life.

So showing up, you know, in your day and blaming your job for how you show up is so detrimental for creating your dream life. I want you to intentionally show up in the job you have now over deliver in value. Decide who you want to be and know that this is going to take some work. It means you’re gonna have to stop complaining. You’re going to have to stop making excuses for why you can’t succeed in your current position. You know, you’re going to have to start thinking about, Oh, you can be happy in the job that you are in and what you would show up like in your dream job and think about what you want your dream job to be and to land that dream job.

You have to be that person ahead of time so you can start this right now even as you’re pursuing getting that dream job. Because when you over-deliver in value, all of those opportunities are gonna come to you. And I do want you to know that this isn’t just something that it’s like roses and daisies and rainbows and unicorns all the time.

Of course they’re going to be times where you do the work and you show up and you’re performing and you’re your best self and you know it’s unnoticed and it’s unappreciated. And I just want to say that that’s totally okay. What matters is that you can say that you created the result you wanted for yourself. You showed up in excellence doing your best. You don’t need the acknowledgement from other people all the time and you can just do it for yourself.

So I have a list of five questions that I want you to ask yourself on a regular basis and make sure you’re answering these questions. So the first one is, how can I over-deliver in value, contribute more and blow everyone’s mind? Love that question. I want you to stop asking yourself what your job can do for you and how you can get a raise right. It’s focusing on the wrong thing.

Okay, the next question, question number two, this, this takes some guts here, but ask your boss or your employer how you can serve them better and improve the company. Or if you are the stage of interviewing for a new position, ask the employer who or the person you’re interviewing with cause like what they’re looking for in a dream candidate for this position.

Question number three, ask yourself who you want to be as an employee at your job every day. Ask how you can be the best possible you in your job. So stop asking yourself if you’re living in your purpose in your job and start asking yourself who you want to be as an employee every single day. And if you’re an entrepreneur, do the same thing, but who do you want to be in this role? There’s always going to be roles in your job or you know in your business that you have to do that you don’t really want to be doing, but you still have to be intentional and take responsibility for how you’re showing up in that role.

The fourth question I want you to ask is, what results are you trying to create in your work life? This is something that you have to take responsibility for. It is up to you to create the results in your life. You’re already creating all of the results by what you believe. And I love saying that this is great news because if you’ve been doing it unintentionally, now you can just do it intentionally. So what results are you trying to create in your work life? Okay.

The last question I want you to ask yourself at the end of the work day, are you proud of how you showed up and what you did. When you feel proud of who you are being every day in the world? It feels so good. So I want you to focus on adding more value and just know that by doing that more money and more opportunities will come and that is how you land your dream job. Okay? I will see you next week.

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