How to increase blog trafficWhether you are a newbie blogger or a pro, there isn’t a single blogger I know who doesn’t want to increase her pageviews.

I started blogging 2.5 years ago, and now my pageviews are between 100k-250k per month – a lot more than when I started but a lot less than where I think I’ll be in 2 more years.

If you want to increase your pageviews, I recommend doing the following steps.

(And if you haven’t started a blog yet, read my how to start a blog tutorial to get started.)


1. Make sure your blog is ready for traffic

There is a lot of traffic out there that you can have access to. You just have to get your blog in front of the right people.

But there is no point in doing that if your blog isn’t ready.

You have to make sure your blog is set up properly. All the other tips are going to magnify your blog and promote it. So, if you don’t have it set up properly, all the effort in the next steps will just make it fail faster.

Here are my favs for setting up your blog the right way:

Use these resources to make sure your blog is the shiz-nit before moving on to the next steps.


2. Post consistently

It’s really important that you post consistently so that readers know when they can come back for new content.

Posting 3x per week is typically what I recommend. I only post 1x per week because I work full time, but I wish I posted more!

Also, make sure that you have an editorial calendar and post only about the topics that you’ve categorized in your blog. Be clear about your purpose and content. People should know what to expect when they come to your blog.


3. Learn Google SEO

There are three ways to direct people to your blog — 1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 2) social media, and 3) guest posting.

I avoided Google SEO for three years. Don’t be like me!

I created a guide to learning SEO, so hop on over to that post now and get started working on it.


4. Grow your social media following

It’s really important you are posting on social media consistently. The more of a following you have on all relevant platforms, the better.

My advice to you is to only focus on the social media platforms where your readers are. The more authentic you are, the more you’ll connect with your tribe, and the more raving fans you’ll have.

Whatever you do on social, make sure you’re authentic and true to yourself and your brand.


5. Master Pinterest

The best way I know how to drive people to your blog is through Pinterest. It’s like the “dumb version of Google SEO.” Pinterest is a search engine. And you can master it much easier than you can Google SEO.

To get started with Pinterest, read my How to get started with Pinterest for Bloggers blog post.

The best advice I have for you is to create a Pinterest strategy and stick to it. I got mine from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, if you’re interested in learning one now.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche


I use Board Booster and Tailwind for my Pinterest scheduling and performance. I also pin manually and make sure my account is in line with my brand and very professional.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to use Pinterest to grow your blog.


6. Join Blog Groups on Facebook

The fastest way to learn how to do something is from other people. Lucky, you can learn from people online — without having to actually be by them. Through my own personal experience, Facebook groups have been critical to my traffic growth. I’m a part of several groups and have my own that you can join here.


7. Start a YouTube Channel

Start doing videos to drive traffic to your blog. YouTube is another search engine that you can master through it’s own SEO on the platform. This will help you increase your traffic to your site. Plus, everyone gets to know you so much better with video. It’s the way the internet is going, so I can’t recommend it enough.


8. Guest post on other blogs

Guest posting on other blogs will drive traffic to your blog. Not only will it get you exposure to that blogger’s audience, but you’ll likely get a link back in the post which will improve your Google SEO rankings.

This is a great way for people to find you and start following you on your blog.


A Final Note!

You can take action right now to increase your pageviews and drive traffic to your blog.

The best piece of advice I have for you is to start with one strategy and master it, then move on to the next. I did this when I took Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and it has made a huge difference in my traffic with Pinterest.

For all of my blogging posts, visit my Blogging Page.


P.s – here are my favorite free blogging resources:

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