How to grow your email list

I grew my email list to 10k in 7 months last year.

Now, my email list is over 25k.

This is super awesome because it is true what the pros say – “the money is in the list.”

But I want to point out one caveat.

The reason the money is in the list is because that is where your audience is. It’s where you can directly contact and connect with your audience. 

The larger and more engaged your email list is, the better (and the more money you will make if you do it right).

Here is the exact strategy I used to grow my email list.


1. Create lead magnets

The first thing you need to do to grow your email list is create lead magnets (aka freebies or opt-ins).

Create something that your readers will love. This will give them the extra push to want to join your email list.

Here are a few tips that I’ve found work really well:

  • People love cheat sheets and checklists
  • Quizzes work really well, too
  • Lead magnets should be short and sweet — your readers should feel like their lives have improved in some way very quickly after getting the freebie from you
  • Give something away that gives your readers actions to take
  • Make sure you give something away that your readers can get results with
  • Create something that ultimately will be in line with what you plan to sell down the road (this is really important!)
  • Keep trying different opt-ins until you have something your readers love (I’ve gone through over 25 lead magnets, easily)


2. Use ConvertKit

Use ConvertKit (grab a free 30 day trial with my link!) as your email service provider to grow your email list.

I did this and it legit made all the difference in growing my list up to 10k.

Seva is amazing. It will help you grow your list exponentially in a short amount of time. The downside is that it’s pricey. But blogging ain’t cheap, my friends.

As a blogger, you actually need to use something like Seva because you really need the forms and functionality it offers. Seva was made for bloggers by a blogger. Other platforms can’t offer you what Seva has, so your email list won’t grow as much.

Here’s a snapshot of what Seva looks like in my portal. You can see all the different shades of blue, which represent the different opt-in forms people use to join my email list. This makes tracking performance super easy.

ConvertKit Free Trial


3. Create landing pages

It’s not enough to have an opt-in form here an there (although those are necessary).

You have to create landing pages that look nice and pretty and have nothing else on them.

This will increase your conversions.

I use and love Lead Pages for this. This helps get high conversion rates (people opt in a lot because I use these landing pages).

Here’s an example of one of the landing pages I created with Lead Pages:

The key is that you have a completely separate page that looks like a sales page almost and that is specifically meant for getting people to join your email list – no sidebar, no content links, no nothing! Just a landing page.


4. Promote your lead magnet on Pinterest

After you have your lead magnet and landing page set up, it’s time to promote it.

One place that is a must for promoting your freebie is Pinterest.

Create a separate pin image for your freebie, and then pin that image on Pinterest, linking to your Lead Pages landing page.

I have many freebies that I promote on Pinterest, and I get a lot of subscribers this way.


5. Use an exit intent pop up

Use an exit intent pop up to capture readers before they leave your site.

I use (and am obsessed with) Opt In Monster for this. I learned at Traffic And Conversion Summit that having an image in your pop up converts much better, and it’s true.

So, I don’t use Seva for the exit intent popup. Instead, I create a more professional looking popup with an image with Opt In Monster.

Opt In Monster


6. Capture low hanging fruit

Another part of promoting your freebie and growing your email list is to make sure you make it easy for people to opt in or get your freebie when they’re already on your blog.

Put ConvertKit forms for subscribers to join your list in places they’ll expect to see them.

Your conversion rates will be lower, but you still need to have them.

Examples of where you should include opt-in forms:

  • Side bar
  • Footer
  • Subscribe page
  • Below blog posts


A Final Note!

Your email list is SO important as a blogger.

Your email list is the #1 metric for determining whether you’ll make money blogging.

To review, here’s how I grew my email list: 

  1. Create a freebie (aka, opt-in, lead magnet)
  2. Use ConvertKit
  3. Create a landing page for the freebie (with Lead Pages)
  4. Market the freebie
    1. Pinterest
    2. Pop-up (using Opt-In Monster)
    3. Above and below content
    4. Within content

Cheers to growing an email list that knows you, likes you, and trusts you! 🙂