How to create your ideal work day

Have you ever thought about what your ideal workday looks like?

You may have thought about what you’re ideal day looks like, but what about your ideal workday? There is a BIG difference between your ideal day and your ideal workday!


Your Ideal Day

Your “ideal day” is what you would like to be doing for a whole day regardless of circumstances that currently limit you – time, family, money, health, or other limited resources.

Your ideal day may be very different than other people’s ideal days. My ideal day would be traveling around Europe learning about history. My mom’s ideal day would be laying out on some beach.

What does your “ideal day” look like? Think about this, and then contrast it to your “ideal workday.”


Your Ideal Workday

Your “ideal workday” is the perfect day you spend working or making a living. Knowing that you have to work, ask yourself what would make your workday most suitable for you? What does your perfect workday look like?

To help you decide what your ideal workday looks like, imagine waking up in the morning and going through your day. Imagine your tasks, your meals, your coworkers (if any), your family life, and your health. Imagine perfectly what your ideal workday looks like, including after work. Time you spend with family after work is over or time you spend preparing for the next workday. Think about where you live, your finances, and your career path. Visualize your perfect workday, including as much sensory visualization as you can (think about what it looks like, feels like, smells like, and sounds like). Notice what time you get up, go to sleep, and how much you get paid. Think about all of the details that come with a job/career and imagine your ideal workday.

Once you decide what your ideal workday looks like, take inventory of what your workday looks like now. Then think about what changes need to be made for you to bridge the gap between your perfect workday and the workday you currently experience. Make goals to bridge the gap.


How Your Ideal Workday Can Change Your Future

It is so important to think about your ideal workday separately from your ideal day because you have to work. Since you have to work or do something to make a living, thinking about your ideal workday will help you visualize what you want your future career to look like. If you have to work, it does not make sense to keep visualizing what your perfect day looks like if that is somewhere on the beach (save that for your vacation planning). What you need to do is to try to make your working days exactly what you want out of the work you do.

After you decide what your ideal workday looks like, you can take action and make it happen. But if you don’t even know what your ideal workday looks like, it will not happen.

Being intentional about what your ideal workday looks like is the first step to taking control of your future working life. To really “be on purpose” and feel good about what you are doing for work takes incredible passion, courage, and determination. Not to mention, you need to know what it takes for you to have an ideal workday. After you know what you want out of your workday, only then can you take action and make changes so these things come to fruition.


A Final Note!

I encourage you to decide what your idea workday looks like for you. Ask yourself questions to help you decide what’s important for you in your ideal workday.

Think about what you want your environment to be like, what people you want to be around, and what substantive work you want to do. If you have to work to make money, decide what your ideal workday looks like.