Being list

I want to introduce a new concept that’s a life changer (and by life changer, I mean it’s literally changed my life). 

It involves creating a list. 

But not a to-do list.

Instead, it’s a “Being List.”

So, here’s how it works…

If you want to listen instead of read, here’s the podcast episode that goes along with this post — Create A Being List.

What We Normally Do To Set Goals

Before I show you how to create a Being List, I want to rewind and explain why this even matters.

We normally set goals by choosing something we want and then we create a list of things we need to do in order to get this goal done.

We put it on the calendar, set mini goals and take action trying to get the results.

In fact, I teach this exact method of goal setting, which you can read about here: 

Setting goals is all fine and dandy (and let’s be honest most people don’t do it), but that alone really isn’t enough.

The Problem: Focusing Too Much On Actions

The problem with setting goals alone (without more) is that you can end up taking too much action without shifting your thinking. 

Let me explain…

When I’m coaching people, there’s no shortage of people having big dreams.

The problem is that they start to understand that they need to think about “being the person ahead of time” and creating their “future from their future” but then take action from who they are right now.

For example, a student will say “I want to make six figures from my business” and she’ll really mean it.

She’ll visualize and think about what it would be like to make six figures.

From here, she’ll focus too much on actions.

After visualizing, the student goes right back to playing small and trying to make time for her business. Her worries stem from trying to figure out what to do from where she is right now.

As a coach, it’s easy for me to see the problem.

Her desire for the result is clear but she doesn’t practice having thoughts and feelings that the person making six figures would have.

The person making six figures from her business isn’t “trying to find time to work on her business.” She’s IN LOVE with her business. She’s thinking about email marketing, overdelivering in value, and how to do better webinars.

This disconnect between desire and the end result that’s wanted is why results will either take longer or be nonexistent.

When you operate from the place of having whatever it is you want before it’s even there, the result will come.

If you don’t have new results within a couple weeks, you’re doing something wrong. DON’T keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

Actions are what create results so it feels really good to take action.

You know what feels even better than taking action? Getting the results you want.

Taking action from the person who you’ve always been, to get the results you have now, will NOT create new and different results.

The mental state that you have to be in to get those results is what you need to be thinking about.

The student wanting to make six figures in her business needs to practice the thoughts and feelings that a person would have who is already making six figures.

If you’re not clear on what thoughts and feelings you need to have, then seek out the people who are doing what you want to be doing.

There are enough people on the internet talking about the results that you want that you can see their mindset and how they’re thinking.

Don’t be a product of your environment, make your environment a product of you.

When I was talking with my life coach about something that wasn’t working, I asked him what he thought I should do next.

He said “I don’t know what you should do, but try something different. See what works.”

This is hilarious and important.

You can’t keep doing the same thing, just to keep working on your to-do list and expect new results.

When you look for the answer outside of yourself, say from another person, you’re not in the right mindset.

We’re not trained to look for the answer within ourselves, we’re taught to ask questions.

No one is truly certain on what to do next, but it always works when you try something new.

Try something new and create your “Being List.”

The Solution: Your “Being List”

A “Being List” is your list of thoughts and feelings you need in order to be the person you want to be and achieve the goal you’re working on.

The thoughts you think as the person who has the result you want are totally different than the thoughts you have now.

So, the goal is for you to create a Being List, where you write down your thoughts and feelings that you’d have as the person who has this result.

If you do this, you’ll realize how much more seriously you’ll take the area you’re trying to get results in. 

I write down my thoughts every week that I want to focus on believing as if I had the results in my life that I want to create.

This happens BEFORE I make my to-do list.

Why? Because from a clean place where I’m thinking as if I’m the person who has those results, I feel and act very differently

If I stayed thinking the same thoughts that got me to six figures, it doesn’t matter how much action I take, I won’t create seven figures. But if I’m believing I’m a seven figures business owner, then I’ll take completely different actions.

Being List Examples

Here are examples for business, health, and career…

1. Desired Result: Seven Figure Revenue In One Year


  • Making $83.3k/month is easy.
  • My business makes $1M in revenue per year.
  • I love sales and marketing.
  • I’m committed to scaling to $2M.


  • Steady
  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Committed

Resources for building a business:

2. Desired Result: Lose 10lbs 


  • Food is fuel for my body.
  • Food is a non-issue.
  • I allow my cravings without answering them.
  • I don’t eat dairy, flour, sugar, and limit alcohol and caffeine.


  • Strong
  • Committed
  • Healthy

3. Desired Result: Change Careers To Something Better


  • I am a person of excellence.
  • I always overdeliver in value.
  • I’m creating opportunity and looking for ways to create my dream job.


  • Productive
  • Confident
  • Excited

Resources for switching careers:

These examples are just that – examples.

Your Being List will be different.

The key is to remember that what you believe always creates the results in your life.

That being said, there is a BIG difference between wanting something and wanting to want it.

Wanting It Vs. Wanting To Want It

When you want to want something, you have the desire, but you’re not thinking and feeling like you already have it.

If you stay in your current mindset, but still want something and actively try to get it from this place, you likely want to want it.

“If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence.” – Abraham Hicks

When you want something, you’ll be the person ahead of time. You’ll think and feel as if you already have the result. Then you’ll take action from that place and create the result.

When I committed to making six figures, all of my actions came from that place.

I wasn’t focused on the absence of the money, I was focused on it being there.

Now it’s your turn. It’s time to create your own “Being List.”

How To Create Your “Being List”

To begin creating your list, you need to ask yourself what your thoughts and feelings would be for the result you want.

When you have your answers, make your “Being List” for the week. These will be the thoughts and feelings you focus on all week long.

Practice these thoughts and rewire your brain to form new neural pathways so you can actually believe them.

Do this every week, before you write out your to-do list.

By doing this every week, you will grow a lot and a lot will change.

As you grow into her, you’ll realize how much differently you think and feel as her.

Throughout the week, notice how much more seriously you’re taking your goal. You’ll likely be taking it more seriously.

When you take action all day from the thoughts of the person who has the result you want, your “to-do” list will be 1000% different.

Be prepared for this process to be uncomfortable for you.

By taking on the identity of the person you’re trying to become, it means giving up the identify of the person that you are right now.

This will be uncomfortable because you’ll be feeling feelings that you’ve never felt before and that you’re not quite comfortable with yet, such as being determined and having courage.

This is especially true if you’re someone who loves being in flow and taking it easy.

The person you need to become to be a six figure businesswoman is likely not going to be taking it easy.

You need to be prepared for this.

You may find that you enjoy wanting to want it much more than wanting it.

It’s okay if this happens because all you need to do is make an adjustment.

When I am acting as the person who makes seven figures in her business, I allow myself to feel negative emotion, because I expect it.

I’m a positive person and this is a choice, but I also know where my business is going and I know that there are going to be uncomfortable moments on the way to my results.

A few don’ts when you begin implementing the Being List into your weekly routine…

  • Don’t write a list about what you’ll do with the money. There will be no shortage of things you can do.
  • Don’t wait for the money to appear out of thin air. Money is exchanged through selling something, so what are you doing to bring that money in?
  • Don’t indulge in confusion or I don’t know. Stop yourself, start over and begin with a “Being List” and the action will flow so much more freely.
  • Don’t create a plan B. People would tell me what my plan B was if my business didn’t work out. Never once did a plan B cross my mind.

By creating your “Being List,” you’re already on your way to creating the change that you’ve been waiting for.

(Side note: this is the real work I teach in my coaching program, Grow You)

A Final Note!

To create change, you need to make change.

I think this is great news because it means that you have the opportunity and control to create the exact life you want.

I think the best work you can do is to create a Being List. When you do, you’ll create the energy needed to take the right actions.

The process will be uncomfortable, but it will be 1000% worth it in the end.

I’m amazed at the changes I’ve seen in my life and business from using this tool and it all happened because I became the person I wanted to be and then took action from her.