Choosing Between Two Passions

Do you know what you’re passionate about?

It’s so common to either: 1) not know what you’re passionate about, or 2) feel like you’re passionate about more than one thing (and be multi-passionate).

Maybe there are two passions you think you want to focus on. How do you choose which one to prioritize? 

As a life coach working with thousands of women on this issue, I have a lot of experience helping people discover their passions and choose which to focus on if they’re multi-passionate.

Here’s what I typically teach…

Choosing Between Two Passions

You can create and have many passions. You just want to make sure they align with your deepest values and desires.

Why You’re Multipassionate (And Have At Least Two Passions)

You may have at least two passions. Maybe even more. 

Passion is an emotion caused by what you think. Your thoughts are what create passion for you. Because of this, it can be so easy to have more than one passion in mind. 

It’s important to note passion is different from your purpose. You can be passionate a lot. But your purpose is what you choose to dedicate your life to. 

You may think you’re stuck right now. But you don’t have to be. Moreover, being stuck is the worst. So choose not to be stuck. Then choose to figure out what you want to pursue and go all in. 

The real question is, how can you choose what you want the most? 


How To Decide What To Choose

How do you decide which of your passions is actually your purpose?

First of all, it’s so important to keep in mind your passion doesn’t define you. No matter what, you need to remember what’s important. 

You’re not defined by your purpose. Your worth isn’t defined by what you choose to pursue. You’re 100% worthy no matter what you decide. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find a purpose. You’re still amazing.

You also need to know you don’t actually need to know everything. And it’s okay to change your mind. 

You’ve probably been told since you were little you need to go to school, get a job, make money, and retire. 

There’s so much more to it than that. You can always make a new decision. You can always do something new with your life.

To figure out what you want to pursue in the first place, there are a few steps you can take. 


1. Identify Your Values

To figure out what your purpose is, you need to figure out what you value. What do you prioritize? Is it your family? Your health? Do you love what you do for a living? Do you have a business dream? 

Figure out what is most important to you. Pursue a life full of the stuff that matters most to you. 

2. Ask Yourself What Your Future Self Would Do

What does the you of the future dream of? 

Ask her. 

Take some time to think of the best version of you. 

Ask her some questions, like…

  • Who is she? 
  • What is she doing? 
  • What does she prioritize? 
  • What is her dream job? 
  • Does she own her own business? 
  • How is she helping people?

Reach out to the highest version of yourself to figure out what you should pursue. Start living like her today and you’ll also create those results. 


3. Decide What End Result You Want

Where do you want to end up when all is said and done? Where is the finish line? 

Take a look at your goals. Decide which goal is your biggest goal. Decide the actions you want to get there. And change the mindset you have. Start living as you’ve already reached those goals. 

Plan out your time towards those end results. 

4. Be Willing To Try And Fail Forward

Here’s the amazing news; you can always fail. Failure is completely okay. 

Try something new. You can always test some different ideas out to figure out if they’re right for you. 

Don’t be afraid of failure. The only way you’re missing out is if you’re not doing anything at all. 

Keep in mind, when you fail, you’re always failing forward. In fact, those failures are just learning experiences. You’re just learning something you no longer want to do. You’re also setting yourself up for the future. 

You can always do something new. 


3 Practical Ways To Help You Realize Your Passion Quickly 

There are some ways for you to realize what you’re passionate about quickly. So I want to give you three steps to figure out what you love. 

1. Practice Feeling The Emotion Of Passion

Take some time to practice feeling passion.

Are you passionate about anything? If you don’t feel passion towards anything, then you’re probably out of practice. 

Learn to practice feeling passionate. 

When you feel passionate, pay attention to where you feel it in your body. Pay attention to how it makes you feel. Then learn to experience the feeling. 

You have the ability to create a passion for anything. So practice creating the emotion of passion. 


2. Get Lots Of Experience Fast

Get a lot of experience quickly by taking massive action. Taking massive action is all about commitment. When you take massive action you’re constantly working. So it doesn’t matter if you fail. You’re always moving forward. 

It goes back to different ideas. You’re always looking for new ideas. And you’re not letting anything stop you. 

You’re getting new experience and setting the future you up. 

3. Let Go Of The Idea Of A “Wrong Decision”

The best part of all of this is there are no wrong decisions. There’s nothing “wrong” at all. 

The only way a decision is wrong is when you decide it’s wrong. 

Whenever you make a decision and it doesn’t work out, that’s completely okay. You can just make a new decision. In addition, you don’t need to let fear stop you. And you can just start something new. 

You can get good at making decisions. When you let go of fear you can make decisions with confidence. 

When you can make decisions you can narrow down your passion. You can decide what you want to put first.


A Final Note! 

It’s okay to feel passionate about multiple things. But how do you figure out your main purpose? 

It takes practice. It takes being comfortable with failure. It’s not letting yourself get stuck. It’s all about pushing forward and looking toward the future. 

Where do you see future you? Pursue your dreams based on your higher self. You got this.