How to believe something new

I remember when I first learned I could think ANYTHING at any time.

My world really exploded. I was instantly free. 

Then I learned my thoughts create my results. I started to believe in possibilities for my future and all my goals instantly became achievable. 

My coach frequently reminds me how well I manage my mind, and I reply with: “Bev, you know this stuff works, right?” 

I believe in this work so much that I live it. And my results show it. 

In the last 6 months, I: 1) started dating the love of my life, 2) quit drinking, 3) got a puppy, 4) moved to a new home with an office for me. These were all things on my future self letters, and also things that I wanted if you had asked me a year ago.

I became the person who attracted the love of my life. I became the person who doesn’t drink. I became the person who has a puppy. I became the person who has this office for me to work in. I decided to do it from a place of completely changing my beliefs.

This is what I want to teach you how to do in your life.

And it all starts with believing something new…

If you want to listen instead of read, here’s the podcast episode that goes along with this post — Believing New Things.

Why Believe Something New

I’m going to teach you how to believe something new, but that’s predicated on you knowing why that even matters!

So, why would you want to believe something new?

Because your future depends on it. 

Your thoughts create all your results. A belief is just a thought you keep on thinking. When you believe something is true, it’s a belief of yours. Then your brain looks for evidence to support that belief. You’ll take action and create the result. 

Your beliefs become reality. 

I want you to just dare to believe, whatever it is that you want to believe because there is no downside to believing what you want to believe.

Examples of beliefs: 

  • How much money you make is because of a belief. 
  • Your marital status is because of a belief. 
  • The job you have is because of a belief. 
  • How much you weigh is because of a belief. 
  • So, why change your beliefs? So you can create new results! 

If you want a different result in your life, you need to believe new beliefs.

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The Big Mistake Most People Make: Waiting For Evidence To Believe

The mistake people make is that they want to wait for evidence to believe. 

It sounds like this: 

“Once I finally meet the right person, I’ll believe it’s possible for me to get married.”
“Once I finally lose weight, I’ll know it’s possible.”
“Once I learn how to build an online business, then I’ll know I can do it.” 

This is waiting for evidence you can do it in order to believe. It’s the opposite of how things actually work. 

If you wait for the evidence in order to believe, you will probably not get what you want.

So I like to think about inventions to make this easier for me to understand. Someone had to think of a cell phone before it could be created. The thought came first. Then a bunch of action. Then the result. But without the belief in the possibility of the cell phone, it never would’ve happened. So that belief came first.

Believing WITHOUT evidence. That’s the goal. That’s the skill. And the best news, it’s a skill you can get really good at!

Do not be in “how to” energy. The more you focus on how, the less you’re believing. It’s graspy and in scarcity.

When you’re focused on the how, you create more “not knowing how” energy. When you’re focused on having the results ahead of time, you’re focused on acting as if you already have the result. 

I had no idea how I was going to make six figures online (more on that in the post, Possibility Thinking: How I Created A Six Figure Online Business Out Of My Imagination). But I believed it anyway. The way I did it is different than every other person out there. Yes, there’s a framework, but I had to plug in my own business and execute. It was hard and there was so much evidence not to believe. But I believed it anyway. 

I’ll say it again, you can believe ANYTHING. I also cannot overemphasize how truly powerful this is if you actually believe it. I’ve always believed this, and I’m always willing to give up my past beliefs. That’s why I’m able to uplevel and change my life so quickly. I realize — Oh, that entire identity isn’t serving me anymore? Time to shred it!

There’s discomfort and even a loss that comes along with it, but I’m willing to do that because I have the awareness that this is what it takes. I want my new identity more. It’s worth it. It’s my next chapter. It’s hard to do, but I’m telling you, that’s where you get results.

When you believe despite there not being any evidence, you strengthen your capacity to believe. This is where the magic happens.

The Magic Of Believing Ahead Of Time (Miracles Happen!)

When you believe ahead of time, your brain looks for more evidence of your belief being true and you create your results so much faster.

When you believe hard, evidence comes up for how it’s possible. This is when miracles happen.  

I do this all the time. 

  • I referred to myself as an entrepreneur when I still worked full time. My best friend would tease me and say, “but you’re not an entrepreneur!” and I would say, “but I really think I am.”
  • I talk about our “spouses” and I’m not yet married. 
  • I take action in my business as if I have 1,000 Grow You Members. I just added another call to accommodate having 1,000 people in there. 

I create the belief and the feeling, then I take a bunch of action, and then I get the result. I don’t wait until I have the result to start identifying in that way.

Live in your After Model beliefs. 
  • “I’m someone who doesn’t drink.” 
  • “I’m not a snacker.”
  • “I make $40,000 per month.” 
  • “I weigh 125lbs.” 

Believe for the sake of believing because this is a SKILL. If you get really good at believing in the possibility of having whatever you want in one area, you’ll be familiar with the process and you’ll be able to apply that skill to another area too.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t have to do the work in another area, but you will be familiar with what it’s like and will be able to lean on the fact that you have done this in another area of your life.

What does someone who has already created the result you want think? What did they think on the way to get there?

Now let’s talk about how to actually change your beliefs.

Here are my favorite resources for planning your future:

How To Actually Change Your Beliefs And Believe Something New

So, if you want to believe something new, you first need to examine your thoughts. Then, you create new thoughts, then you practice those thoughts until you believe them. 

I have developed a three-step process to actually change your beliefs.

Step One: Awareness

Step one is to discover what you currently believe — an awareness of your unconscious beliefs. 

Some of your beliefs will support and serve your highest self. Others won’t. 

Most people are unaware that they can separate themselves from their thinking. Most people are also unaware that their thoughts are creations. You create a thought, and you can create any thought you want. You’ve done this unconsciously based on your experiences and your family, and all of the things.

For example, if you believe money is hard, that won’t serve your highest self. If you believe relationships are easy, that will serve your highest self.

Step Two: Decide

Step two is to decide what your highest self wants to believe — create your dream beliefs. This is where you’ll feel the best and create the best results for your life. 

For example, I believed my highest self was a non-drinker. And I like to remind myself if I want to drink again, I totally can. It’s completely available to be, right now I just prefer not to drink. Here’s my story: I Quit Drinking Alcohol.

Step Three: Practice

Step three is to practice believing the new thought.

Practicing is the only way to get really good at something. But how do you know if you’re doing it right and if it’s working? I’ve got you covered!

How You Know You’re Doing It Right (Pay Attention To How It Feels)

Some clients in Grow You will say things like, “I know what I want to believe, but it’s not working!”

That’s because they usually have decided on a result and done nothing else.

It looks like this: “I want to lose 50 lbs. I realllllly want it!” Then, that’s all they’ve done. 

Most people know what their dream belief is, but they kind of stop there, as if their results are happening to them. There’s a lack of ownership.

 You HAVE TO practice. There’s no other way around it.

The way you know this is working is there is a shift in how you feel. 

I broke down four different types of feelings that will show you whether you are doing this right.

Here’s the process of your feelings shifting…

Stage 1: Disbelief

When you’re in disbelief it will sound like — I can’t do that or have that. And you’ll feel sad or jealous.

  • Thought: I can’t do that or have that.
  • Feeling: frustration, sadness, jealousy, resentment
Stage 2: Possibility

When you’re in possibility, you have hope and it sounds like — yeah, it’s possible I could do that. And you might feel a little excited about that possibility.

  • Thought: It’s possible I could. 
  • Feeling: excitement (in chest and head). 
Stage 3: Future confidence

This is the next level of belief. It sounds like — I know I will create a seven-figure business in the future. And you might feel glad or open.

  • Thought: I know I will in the future. 
  • Feeling: determined, glad. 
Stage 4: Current Belief

The final stage is current belief and it sounds like — I AM a seven-figure earner! And you feel steady and solid.

  • Thought: I am. 
  • Feeling: Steady, solid, peaceful and it’s more in your gut.

Here’s an example of feeling shifting:

  • I can never make six figures from my online business. 
  • It’s possible one day I could make six figures online. 
  • I know I’m going to make six figures from my online business in a matter of time. 
  • I make six figures online. 

So for you, when you look at an area of your life where you don’t have the result you want, I want you to discover what you’re currently believing that created that result. I want you to decide what your highest self wants to believe. And then I want you to practice believing that thought.

Keep track as to whether you’re practicing it effectively. And you will shift from the disbelief of “I can’t”, to the possibility of “I could”, to the future confidence of “I will”, to the current belief of “I am.”

Depending on where you are in your belief journey, you may have to incrementally shift from one belief to the next. Or, you may be able to jump to the final, “I am” belief and get results quickly. 

The more thought work you do, the easier it is to apply this process to different areas of your life. 

This is why I believe in life coaching so much. This is why I believe you should join me in Grow You!


The Result Of Believing Something New

When you master the skill of believing something new, you’ve won the lottery. 

Literally, it’s like having a genie in a bottle that you can call on to make your dreams come true. 

You always have a way to create a completely new and different future because you have the secret — the skill of creating new beliefs. Those new beliefs are what create your results. Always. 

You know you’re believing 100% fully when you have the result. If you don’t have the result yet, there’s a part of you who isn’t being that person.

Now let’s talk about some outside factors that might cause you some struggles along the way.


What Other People Have To Do With It

As you’re doing this work, something that comes up a lot is other people’s belief in you.

I want to make TWO points about other people that are relevant here. 

First, it’s really tempting to believe what other people believe because it increases connection. But think about if their beliefs really serve you. Often, they won’t. If their belief contradicts what you want to believe, and you’re giving up what you want to believe, just to have a connection with that person, you’re out of integrity with yourself.

For example, if you’re connecting about being broke or struggling with men → pushes you further away from the belief that money is easy and you’re in a happy, healthy relationship. 

Just notice that.

Second, (and this one I hear a lot!) is when other people don’t believe in you. WHO CARES. They don’t need to. They don’t have your results. They don’t know you. The only person who creates your results is you. Often, they’re just mirroring your lack of belief anyway. 

Here are some examples: 

A recent Grow You Member wanted to work on her leadership skills. She was doubting herself and anytime she got positive or negative feedback, she took both very personally, as if they were true. I told her that she can just believe she’s a good leader right now. Nothing has to change. The reason she got so excited when someone complimented her was because she didn’t believe that about herself. When you believe in yourself so much a compliment is nice but it doesn’t give you that “high”. 

If someone tells me I’m a great entrepreneur, I say thank you, but I’m not super excited about it. I already know that. If someone doesn’t believe I’m a great entrepreneur, I’m very confused and immediately think they’re wrong. 

When you genuinely believe that what you think is TRUE, then you don’t feel a need to convince other people. 

I could give two shits if people don’t believe I’m going to make seven figures. I know I am. That’s all that matters to me. 

In the past, when I doubted myself in romantic relationships, I relied a lot on external validation. All that was, was my own self-doubt and lack of confidence.


Don’t Stop Believing When You’re Struggling To Get Results

It’s okay if you’re fumbling and making mistakes along the way.

When you’re struggling to lose the weight, meet the man, make more money, get a new job, fill-in-the-blank… it means nothing

Don’t use that struggle as evidence to not believe. Believe anyway. You can still go on believing 100% in your ability to succeed and to have whatever life you want. And that belief is what’s going to overcome those obstacles.

There’s No Downside To This

There’s NO DOWNSIDE to believing you have the result you want.

For example, let’s say you have a goal to make six-figures this year and it’s been eight months and you’re working on your online business, and you’ve only made $50,000. 

Most people will look at the length of time left and decide they can’t make the other $50,000 in two months. So, they’ll stop believing ahead of time. 

This is a HUGE mistake. It’s the opposite of believing on purpose. Believing when the evidence isn’t in your favor. Think about it. 

Let’s say you believe you’d make the $100k all the way to the end and you didn’t make it. There’s no downside to this. You simply missed the mark and learned so much about what worked and what didn’t work.

Here are my favorite resources on goals:

A Final Note!

Regardless of all the evidence, regardless of your circumstances, regardless of what anyone says to you… you can believe ANYTHING. That is freedom.

When you believe that anything is possible for you, you strengthen this skill. You get really good at it, and you get really good at creating results for your life.

There is no downside to believing what supports you. 

When you fully believe, the universe conspires, and your result appears.

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