How To Be Happy Right Now
How To Be Happy Right Now

Being happy can have a positive effect on a person’s overall health and outlook in life.

The secret is to be happy right now and not prolong your happiness until later.

Often, we say, “I’ll be happy after XYZ” (xyz = something in the future).

We think that our lives have to change in order for us to be happy. Said differently, that happiness comes from doing more, achieving more, etc.

But that is not true. Not even a little bit.

Happiness isn’t an outside force. In fact, it’s a choice you make every moment of every day.

Every emotion you feel—including happiness—is a decision. Your thoughts create your feelings, and you can always decide to think and feel happy just about whenever you want.

Often, people think that success leads to happiness, but in fact, it’s the opposite—happy people create the most success.

So, take the tips below and start applying them to your daily life so you can feel a little bit happier every day!

How To Be Happy Right Now

I have 9 tips that will help you start being happy right away.

Tip 1: Get outside and take walks in nature

Getting outside and taking walks in nature is one of the best ways to boost your happiness by changing your environment.

While it’s not directly going to change your thoughts, it’s going to elevate your mood by connecting you with the Earth in a way that naturally feels good.

Taking a brisk walk helps you silence the environmental chatter of the city and also increase your likelihood of inner peace.


Tip 2: Do random acts of kindness from a place of generosity

It feels good to give. When you feel generous and take action from this state, you’ll be happier.

So, doing random acts of kindness from the state of generosity is an excellent way to boost your happiness.

This means you don’t give because you think you should or because you think you have to. Instead, you give genuinely because giving is where you receive the most. It is also in giving that your heart is most open and you’ll feel the happiest.

I’ve practiced giving from generosity for many years and if feels so AMAZING. There’s always more to give. It’s the best!


Tip 3: Practice a moment of daily gratitude

Gratitude is linked to happiness. When you genuinely feel gratitude in your heart, you’ll also likely feel happier.

So one of the best ways to improve your happiness is to practice feeling gratitude on purpose.

How fun would it be if you got really good at gratitude? So fun.

Try it. I dare you.

Tip 4: Stop taking things so personally

You will have a much more enjoyable life if you decide right now to stop taking things so personally.

Did you know you never have to take something personally again? I mean it. Never ever.

You can decide to love people unconditionally, from abundance. You can decide to give them the benefit of the doubt. You can just love them simply because it feels good.

When you let go of taking things personally, you’ll feel lighter and so much happier.


Tip 5: Practice happy thoughts that you actually believe

Every thought you think creates a neuropathway that then creates a feeling in your body.

Your thoughts quite literally create your feelings—your state of being.

If you want to be happier now, the only thing you ever have to do is change your thoughts. That’s it!

However, why isn’t this so easy then? And why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because your brain is really smart. And it wants to keep you alive, so it would prefer to repeat old patterns of emotions that it can trust rather than feeling new emotions, like happy.

So while you consciously want to feel happy, your body has other plans.

You can overcome this though by practicing happy thoughts that you actually believe (that’s the key and what I teach and coach on inside Grow You).


Tip 6: Be on to your Inner Critic

There are two main parts to your brain that I call the Inner Coach and the Inner Critic.

Your Inner Critic says things like…

  • You really messed that up.
  • Don’t you know any better?
  • Here we go again.
  • That part of your body looks rough.

Your Inner Coach says things like…

  • I love all of me.
  • I was made for this.
  • My life is extraordinary.
  • Most of the time, I’m happy.

We all have both (the only people who don’t are sociopaths and psychopaths), so there’s no sense in trying to get rid of your Inner Critic completely.

Instead, just talk back to your Inner Critic with your Inner Coach.

Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself.

Tip 7: Bring happy people into your friend circle

Our brains are incredibly malleable—meaning, we adapt like chameleons based on our environments, including people.

So, set yourself up for success and bring in some happy people to your circle to increase your social connection.

You’ll start to see how happy people think, and then you’ll subconsciously adapt and think those thoughts, too (without having to do any of the heavy thought work yourself!).


Tip 8: Accept the negative parts of life

Ironically, accepting the bad parts of life makes it less bad.

Thinking life should be happy all the time when life isn’t actually that way makes you even less happy.

Instead, practice the concept that some of life is designed to be bad, and that’s okay. Allow it. Accept it. And it won’t be so bad.


Tip 9: Give yourself permission to feel amazingly good

As you pursue happiness, you’ll only be as successful as you give yourself permission to be.

So many people don’t actually feel worthy of happiness, so they haven’t raised their standards or state to live from a place of being happy.

It starts with changing your mind. Decide right now that you are 100% worthy of being happy.

Every day in the mirror remind yourself that you are worthy of being happy.

A Final Note!

Happiness is an emotion that you can feel whenever you want. For some things in life (like heartbreak or broken trust), you won’t want to be happy.

On the average day, pay attention to your default setting—your default state of being.

If it’s not happy, you can change that. You can decide to be happy. Starting today.