Having Money Mindset Podcast

Do you have a hard time holding onto your money?

Whatever the reason, your money comes in and goes right out.

Maybe you pay your bills right away.

Maybe money is tight.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure—that money is out the door fast.

Here’s a fun fact: this has nothing to do with making money.

It has nothing to do with saving money. It has to do with having and holding onto your money. It’s not enough to make more money. It’s not enough to save more money.

You have to know how to hold onto your money. You have to know how to have it. You have to know how to treat it well.

Do you treat your money with respect? Do you speak highly about your money? Do you love logging into your bank account?

Do you appreciate your money?

Your relationship with money matters.

Decide what type of relationship you want with the money you have, just because it’s money—not for what it can buy you.

That’s what I’ll show you how to do in this episode.

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