Habits You Need To Stop

Simple daily disciplines – little productive actions, repeated consistently over time – add up to the difference between failure and success. – Jeff Olson

Your brain loooooves to be efficient.

Once it learns something and does it over and over, it doesn’t take any energy to do it. It becomes a routine.

This is why it’s important to stop and think about whether your habits are helpful or not.

And it’s exactly why I’ve come up with a list of 11 habits that you should stop doing asap.

So, here are the 11 habits you need to stop…

1. Stop listening to negative input

Your brain is wired to look out for what’s dangerous.

This means any time something negative is on the news, your brain is drawn to it.

To combat this, listen to positive input instead.

A great way to start this right now is to binge on all my podcast episodes. It’ll give you a little dose of motivation every day.

Podcast Cover Art 6.14.20

Listening to this podcast every week will change your life!


2. Stop being busy

Being “busy” is a state of mind. It means that you have too much going on that you haven’t planned for.

The reality is that you can take all the actions in your head that you need to do and put them in order on your calendar and do them.

You can choose to do this without ever being “busy” again.

When you free yourself from saying you’re busy, you get clarity on your life.

Resource: Join my free How To Stop Being Busy training to help you manage and prioritise your time.

3. Stop leaving life up to chance

When you leave life up to chance, you don’t set goals, which means you don’t pursue your dream life.

In this scenario, you are living someone else’s dream.

When you don’t plan your long-term goals and set intentions for your life, the day-to-day overwhelm will get in the way of any chance you have at living the life you’ve always wanted.

This is no way to live.


4. Don’t be a scarcity thinker

If you are in the habit of being a “scarcity thinker”, you need to put a stop to it asap.

Scarcity thinking means that you think life is limited and only has so much to offer. It’s thinking “there’s not enough” — not enough time, not enough money, not enough fill-in-the-blank.

People who have a scarcity mindset think there is always a winner and a loser (not two winners), they are exclusive (not inclusive), they are stingy with their knowledge, they resent competition, they are fearful, entitled, and think small.

On the other hand, someone who is an abundance thinker believes there is always more to come, they invite and welcome competition, they default to trust, they think big, are thankful, and confident.

Be an abundance thinker. You will be happier, healthier, and more successful.


5. Stop putting off starting your online business

If you want to start a side hustle and you’re putting it off, you need to stop.

This is a habit. You’re in the habit of putting off your dreams.

It’s sooo easy to do this. But the truth is there is never a right time.

I’m here to tell you the right time is right now.

I am an example of what is possible when you start a business. I went form overworked attorney to full time life coach and entrepreneur – all because I started.


  • I can teach you how to do this in Online Business For Her. You’ll learn exactly how to start your dream business and make money – the right way.

6. Don’t be your own worst enemy

Don’t get in your own way.

If you think negative, hurtful thoughts about yourself, you’re going to get in the way of living a better life.

Get in the habit of being your own best friend and thinking powerful thoughts that support whatever it is you want in life.

I use The Five Minute Journal to practice gratitude and make daily positive affirmations. I use it every day, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. With a simple structured format based on positive psychology research, you will start and end each day with gratitude.


7. Stop looking for fulfillment outside of you.

Stop looking for fulfillment outside of you.

This is something I teach and coach people on in Grow You (my life coaching program) all the time. It’s so hard to see yourself, but when you do realize that you can be as fulfilled in your life as you ever wanted, your world explodes.


8. Stop comparing yourself to other people

Stop comparing yourself to other people.

This is particularly hard with social media because social media usually shows the highlights of people’s lives (not the whole picture).

Remember that your only competition is yourself. Someone is completely different than you and you shouldn’t compare your story with theirs.

And instead of following people online who make it hard for you not to compare yourself to, focus on following people who inspire you to design your dream life. You can follow me on Instagram for life-inspiring quotes to help you design your dream life.


9. Stop trying to do too much at one time

If you are trying to multitask and do a bunch of things at once, now is the time to stop.

This will kill your productivity and time management. You’ll feel overwhelmed and out of control. You’ll also feel exhausted.

Planning and being productive mean being more efficient and having more time to do what you love.


10. Stop saying you “can’t afford” something

If you are in the habit of saying you can’t afford to do something, you should stop asap.

This is scarcity thinking.

When you say you can’t afford something, you’re giving your power away to your money. Really, you are choosing to spend your money on something else – rent, bills, etc.

Reframing this will enable you to see that you are in control of the results you have in your life.

The truth is that you can change your money beliefs and generate more income. You can also cut expenses. You can get a job. You can do a million different things to change your life.


11. Don’t think you don’t have what it takes

If you doubt yourself — stop right now. I’m sooo serious about this one!

My dad told me from a very young age that I could do anything I wanted to. He told me it didn’t matter that I wasn’t that smart and wasn’t in honors classes because I could just keep going and eventually outpace everyone if I stuck with it.

He was right.

You don’t have to be the brightest or the most skilled to succeed.

You can succeed and you can win with whatever you’re fighting for.

The best asset that you have is you. And you have to know that and believe in yourself to make it happen.

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A Final Note!

This post is all about what not to do. By stopping these habits, you’ll start to improve your life and the results will be incredible.

Cheers to habits that help us – not hurt us!