habits of financially successful women

Success women are where the money’s at! #amiright

As a woman who knew nothing about personal finance a few years ago, I’m now obsessed with it.

I went from financially ignorant and in debt to a multi-six-figure online entrepreneur and financial expert, having worked as a financial planner at a registered investment advisory firm along the way.

It’s been a wild ride.

So, I want to share with you a list of 7 habits I see financially successful women doing consistently. Here they are…

1. They take responsibility for knowing their finances

Financially successful women take responsibility for understanding the details of their finances. This means they know their credit score, know the exact balances in their accounts, and know it’s their responsibility to keep up with their finances.

Knowing their financial situation is super important. Here are the best posts to get you started.

2. They stick to a budget

Financially successful women stick to a budget. Whether they’re rich or poor, wise women know that managing their money is super duper important. This means sticking to the b-word (aka budget). No matter how much money they have, these ladies are managing it successfully (e.g.: they’re not overspending and they’re prioritizing their financial goals).

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3. They make their financial health a high priority

Financially successful women know that their financial health is a top priority. This means prioritizing their finances above other things, like entertainment or standard of living increases. These women cut back and do what it takes to stay in good financial health – whether it’s saving for a down payment on a house, getting out of student loan debt, or investing for retirement.

4. They don’t make excuses about their finances

Financially successful women don’t make excuses. They don’t blame their finances on someone else or take a victim mentality (like blaming an ex-husband or the family they grew up in). Instead, these women take ownership of their finances and are empowered to succeed financially.

5. They don’t get their joy from being spoiled by others

Financially successful women don’t get their joy from being spoiled by other people. They aren’t waiting for someone else to buy them things. They don’t depend financially on others in a way that reduces their power in a relationship. They don’t rely on family or spouses to spoil them in order to be happy. These women know how to make money and take care of themselves.

6. They set financial goals

Financially successful women know how to set financial goals. They know that positive thinking isn’t enough. They have concrete, actionable goals that they plan to use to get them to where they want to go.

Here are a few resources to learn more about setting goals:

7. They believe in giving back

Financially successful women are generous people. They know that the totality of their finances includes being generous with their money. They believe that it’s not about the amount they give, but the art of living a generous life, that will lead to happiness.

A Final Note!

Financially successful women are the bomb. They are responsible, goal-oriented, high-achievers, and overwhelmingly generous.

The 7 habits that financially successful women are:

  1. They take responsibility for knowing their finances.
  2. They stick to a budget.
  3. They make their financial health a high priority.
  4. They don’t make excuses about their finances.
  5. They don’t get their joy from being spoiled by others.
  6. They set financial goals.
  7. They believe in giving back.

These women are my idols. They’re amazing.

Since no one is perfect, my challenge to you is to pick one item on this list to improve on and set goals to move you closer to accomplishing this item.

If I can do it, so can you!!