Do you like giving?

Have you ever thought about why you give?

A friend said to me that she regretted giving someone a gift because the recipient didn’t appreciate it.

This took her out of generosity.

She had expectations. Her friend fell short.

She didn’t give to be generous. She gave because she thought she had to give and she wanted appreciation from the recipient for her giving.

This isn’t true generosity. Generosity is a feeling and an action.

When you give because you want to (without expectation), you give from abundance. You are a person who is generous.

When you give with expectations and to get something from someone else, you give from scarcity.

The difference is in how you feel.

Give or don’t give. But whichever you choose, like your reason.

I love giving. It feels so good to give. I want to be generous.

But I wasn’t always like this. I used to have expectations when I gave. I don’t now. I give from a place of abundance because this is who I want to be.

It’s better this way.

Decide if you want to be a generous person. Then be her.

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