Fun Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

Expectant mothers can bond with their unborn babies even before the baby is born.

In fact, pregnancy is a great time to start connecting with your baby because babies in utero already have senses that are developing. For example, they can hear and recognize voices.

Taking the time to bond and connect with your unborn baby can increase your connection to the baby, making you feel like the secure, loving mama-to-be that you want to be.

31 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

There are many ways for you to feel connected with your baby before they’re born.

Below is a list of 31 fun ways to try.

1. Call baby by their name.

When you talk to your baby, use the baby’s name during pregnancy.

This can make the conversation more intimate and connected. There will be no mistaking who you’re talking to when you use the baby’s name. It’s specific and intentional. Just between you and your sweet babe.

2. Talk to your baby out loud.

When you talk to your baby, talk out loud.

At first, this can feel silly or different, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get.

When you talk to your baby out loud, he’ll hear your voice and you’ll increase your connection.

3. Gently massage and touch your belly.

Touch is one of the main forms of connection for humans, so rubbing your belly while your baby is in utero can be a simple and easy way to bond with your baby before they arrive.

Bonding with your baby bump is great for not just the baby, but for you as well as you are mindful of the changes going on with your body.

4. Sing to your baby.

As your baby grows, they’ll learn your voice, so singing to them while they’re in your belly can help you feel more connected to them and them to you. It’s a special way for mom and baby to connect.

5. Respond to baby’s kicks.

Whenever your baby kicks or you feel your baby moving, especially as you get further along in your pregnancy, you can respond to those kicks more regularly.

You might respond by touching your belly, talking to your baby, singing, or something else. Since kicks happen regularly throughout the day, coming up with the same way to respond to the kicks can be a fun way to bond with your baby. For example, you might give the baby two gentle taps on your belly or say a specific phrase or word. This can create a special bond just between you and your baby.

6. Play music to your baby.

Humans connect to music through our emotions almost instantly.

Think of the last time you heard a song that was overplayed during high school or college. Hearing the song in present day brings you right back to that place in time years ago.

Just like music can bring you back to the past, you can use music to create present and future memories.

Play music for your baby with some consistency, such as at the same time every day or playing the same song or type of music. This will create a memory in time that you’ll share with your baby. It can become really special.

7. Practice mindfulness, so you get into your body.

When you’re pregnant, you might find it hard to relax and get out of the many thoughts in your head. This can lead to worry, stress, and even anxiety.

As a way to prevent and minimize this, start a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness helps you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings so you feel your best every day.

I teach four steps to getting started with mindfulness in this free class: How To Become More Mindful In 4 Steps (Free Class).

8. Start a pregnancy journal.

The feeling of “connection” is a feeling you create with your thoughts. When you think thoughts that are loving and focused on your baby, you’ll feel connected.

Because of this, starting a pregnancy journal can be a great way to think purposefully and increase connection. Write about anything you want that will help you bond with your baby, such as how much you love them or the future plans you have to do together. I’ve created this free download: 75 Journal Prompts For Mom to help you get started.

9. Get a pregnancy massage.

Getting a pregnancy massage can help you settle into your body. This can make it easier to bond with your baby because you’ll be resting, and can solely focus on your body, including your baby.

The key is to not let your mind wander during the massage. Instead, stay focused on your baby and think loving thoughts that increase your connection.

10. Take labor and delivery courses.

The more informed you are ahead of your labor and delivery, the more prepared you’ll be. Preparation increases your confidence, which makes it easier for you to focus on your baby, instead of worrying about what could go wrong.

11. Read books about pregnancy and early motherhood.

Some of my favorite books on pregnancy and early motherhood are:

12. Create belly art.

Belly art is a fun way to connect with your baby, your body, and other women. It involves painting your belly with something fun and then connecting with @sarablakely and #bellyartproject.

This is what’s listed on the Belly Art Project home page: “Dreamed up by Spanx founder Sara Blakely a few days before she gave birth to her son, The Belly Art Project is a movement inspired by motherly love, a creative way to capture and share a memorable moment leading up to baby’s big day, and a book in support of a great cause: making childbirth safe for women everywhere.”

13. Do a belly cast.

A belly cast is a plaster sculpture of your upper torso (chest and belly) that you can create and have as a keepsake forever.

Here’s a belly cast you can try from Amazon.

This is a fun, playful way to bond with your unborn baby and commemorate your pregnancy long after it’s over.

14. Do prenatal yoga.

Moving your bump is important for both your health and the health of your baby.

Prenatal yoga is particularly beneficial because it was specifically designed for expectant moms.

When you do prenatal yoga, think about your pregnancy, your baby, and any thoughts that help you bond.

15. Brainstorm ways to bond with your baby.

Your brain is wicked smart and likely has many ideas you haven’t tapped into. To access your creative side, start with a prompt then do a brain dump.

Write down, “X Number Of Ways To Bond With My Baby That Sound Fun” at the top of your page. Then, number the page to 10 or 20 or 25 (pick any number) and do a brain dump. List anything your brain comes up with for ways to bond with your baby.

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16. Choose one bedtime story to read to your baby every night.

Babies thrive with a good routine because it creates a sense of stability and certainty. You can start this in a very simple way during your pregnancy just by reading to your baby every night.

Bonus: register for books or ask guests at your baby shower to bring books instead of a card. Then, you’ll have a big selection of books to get your reading time started.

17. Write a letter to your future baby.

When you write a letter to your future baby, you get into a state of connection and love because you’re writing down your thoughts. You can do this exercise once, once per month, or once per trimester. It’s up to you.

You can also save the letters and give them to your baby when they’re older as a special gift.

18. Get the whole family involved by having everyone talk to your baby.

The baby will hear your voice the most, as the mom carrying them. So you can increase the connection baby has to other family members by having them talk to your baby, too.

You may want the grandparents or other close family to spend time talking to the baby so your baby recognizes their voices right when they’re born.

19. Dance to your favorite music.

Dancing is a form of movement that can be soul-giving if it’s something you enjoy. You’ll get into your body, feel positive emotions, and get grounded in yourself. Try dancing and thinking about your baby at the same time. This will help you bond with your baby through dance.

20. Meditate.

Meditation (or simply being still for a bit) is a great way to bond with your baby.

If you’re new to meditation, get started with 10 minutes of silence.

I explain how to practice 10 Minutes Of Silence here.

21. Do a maternity photoshoot.

Getting professional photos while you’re pregnant can help you embrace this season of life, have a fun and different experience, and have keepsakes forever in the form of photos.

During my maternity shoot, Steve (my husband) and I walked around Charleston, while a photographer told us what to do and how to pose. There were several candid moments where we were connected in a different way as a family, with our baby boy.

22. Help your spouse bond with the baby, too.

When you’re expecting, you’re growing a human inside your body. No matter how common this is, it’s simply a miracle and unique to all moms.

Because it’s so sacred to moms, it can be important to include your partner (spouse, husband, etc.) in a way that helps them bond with the baby, too.

For example, having your husband talk to the baby while they’re in utero can be a great way for baby and dad to bond.

You can include your spouse in any of the activities in this list (like reading, dancing, touching your belly, etc.) and they’ll also be able to bond with the baby.


23. Talk to your baby about your family.

Tell your baby all about your family, including who everyone is, where they live, what they do, any quarks they have, and who you think the baby is going to love spending time with.

This will help you bond with the baby and with your family because you’ll be focused on creating positive thoughts about the entire family, which will create a positive result.

24. Include your pets.

Pets are a part of the family, too, so you can include your furry friends in bonding with your baby. When the baby is born, bring home an item of baby’s (like their beanie) to your pets before the baby comes home. This will help the pets get to know your baby and start to understand that the baby is part of the family. Prior to giving birth, you can talk about your baby to your pets and explain what’s happening. If nothing else, this will help you feel more connected and increase your bond as a family.

25. Get out of your head and into your heart.

Being “in your head” means you have a lot of mental chatter (or even anxiety). You may find yourself worrying a lot or experiencing negative thoughts.

This keeps you stuck in your head and unable to access your heart (where you’ll experience love and connection the most).

The first step to resolving this is to notice it. Just watch it.

I created a free class called How To Cope With Negative Thoughts As A Mom that you can take by CLICKING HERE.

26. Practice feeling the emotions of love, connection, and joy.

Did you know you can practice feeling emotions? Yes, it’s true.

Your thoughts create your feelings. Because of this, you can change how you feel at any time, regardless of what’s going on outside of you.

If you want to feel more love, connection, and joy, you can practice these emotions.

This is something I teach in the Grow You Community in our Processing Feelings Course.

27. Give yourself alone time with baby.

Before your baby makes their appearance into this world, spend some alone time with them.

Think about it like you’re spending time with them (and not just with yourself, even though they’re in your belly).

Have moments with your baby that are just between you. Maybe you share a secret with them or play your favorite song or do something else that sparks a little joy for you.

28. Educate yourself on your baby’s growth right now and what’s to come.

The more informed you are about the growth and baby development while they’re in utero, the more you can use that information to increase your bond with your baby.

Instead of wondering and being unsure about it, you can download an app (like What To Expect), visit websites, or follow accounts on Instagram that will help you understand the growth of your baby at whatever stage you’re in.

29. Take a bath to increase your bond with baby.

Baths are safe during pregnancy, as long as they’re not too hot. And they can be a great way to relax. Your baby is in fluids in your belly and when you go into water, there’s something spiritually connecting about the experience. It’s good for both your own self care as well as bonding with your baby.

30. Balance any worry with what could go right.

It’s easy to worry about what can go wrong when you’re expecting. Make sure to balance that mental chatter and worry with what could go right.

Your brain thinks it’s useful to think about what could go wrong. But this isn’t really true. You’ll be able to handle any problem that comes your way, when the time comes. For now, think about what could go right and how amazing it is that you’re bringing life into this world.

31. Pay attention to what you’re thinking.

What you focus on creates your entire experience. If you focus on bonding with your unborn baby from a loving place, that’s what you’ll create. If you focus on negative thoughts, that make you anxious and worried, that’s what you’ll create.

Simply start to notice what you’re thinking.

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, take this free class—How To Cope With Negative Thoughts As A Mom.
If you want to become more mindful overall, try this one—How To Become A More Mindful Mom.

A Final Note

Connecting with your baby before they’re born is an excellent way to start forming a secure attachment with them. This is beneficial for both you and the baby (and everyone else in the family).