Freebies for bloggers

Letting money get in the way of starting a blog or growing an online business is really silly.

The only reason for this is limiting beliefs. You don’t need to have a lot of money to start a blog or build an online business.

Like my bff Russell Brunson says, “entrepreneurs don’t have resources–they’re resourceful.”

As someone starting a blog, website, business (whatever you want to call it), you are in the beginning stages of becoming an entrepreneur (even though this is something I didn’t realize until later).

So, it’s time to be resourceful.

There are so many ways to make money online, including blogging, podcasting, YouTubing, Instagramming, selling stuff on Amazon or Etsy, creating your own store, etc.

However you choose to go about creating and growing your online business, I think there’s enormous value in layering on a website and blog alongside it. 

I chose to start my blog and grow it as a blog before getting into other types of online business, like YouTube, Podcasting, coaching, etc.

When I started my blog I had six figures of student loan debt and not a dime to spare. I decided to freelance write and babysit to earn extra money to invest in my business (you can read my full story here). I did what I had to do and now my little blog is my full time job. It’s a legit business, and I have to pinch myself sometimes for grateful I am to have created this.

So, if you’re in start-up mode (also known as hustle mode and is-this-ever-going-to-make-money mode), you may be trying your best to make every dollar count.

Below is a list of the best freebies for bloggers (or online business owners who have a website and blog) that you can keep your precious dollars away from. I’ve used all of these, and I share my experience with each below.

Here’s a look…


17 Freebies For Bloggers And Online Business Owners

Here are my favorite freebies for bloggers and online business owners. Save this post to Pinterest because I will continue to update it with the new and best freebies as they come out and I use them.


1. Online Business Free Course

Online Business Free course is a 5 day course that I created to show you exactly how to start a blog (or online website) the right way. My course is different than any other free course because I take you through the goal setting, planning, and time management strategies you need to be successful starting a blog while working full time. I also show you exactly how to grow an online business the right way so you can save time and actually make money.

Add your email to the form below to get started!


2. How I Made $45k In 1 Year Blogging While Working Full Time Free eBook

How I Made $45k In 1 Year Blogging While Working Full Time Free eBook is the free version of the eBook I sell. I break down the overview of my income from last year, while I was working full time and blogging. You can see the exact numbers and schedule I used to both work full time and make money from my blog.


3. Blog With A Full Time Job 12 Month Plan

Blog With A Full Time Job 12 Month Plan is a 12 month plan for you to use to start, grow, and monetize your blog over the course of 12 months. Readers email me all the time telling me how much they love this because it’s so straightforward, simple, and direct. You can follow it exactly so the thinking is taken out of the equation. It’s great if you want a specific plan for the next year that will get you the results of making money from your blog.


4.Wordpress (+ Free Themes) is the free platform I use for my website. You can also use for hosting, but I highly suggest not doing this. Instead, I suggest paying a really small fee (as little as $2.95 for blog hosting) so you actually own your site.

I like to think of the analogy of a house when I’m explaining how a website works…

  1. The land = domain name
  2. The house structure = hosting
  3. The decor = WordPress

You need all three for it to work. is #3 above. If you use, you are using it for #2, which is what I say not to do.

It’s very nice that is free and something I highly recommend using and taking advantage of if you want to grow and monetize your blog or business. (Using something like Squarespace, for example, precludes you from using plugins that are incredibly useful for online business).


5.How To Start A Blog Tutorial

In my How To Start A Blog Tutorial, I show you exactly how to set up your website, including the design I used for my blog (and a similar one you can use).

If you haven’t started your website, there’s no reason you can’t do it in one day. There are so many free resources out there, including this tutorial. Don’t let your brain stop you. Put it on your calendar and get it done!


6. Blog Structure Blueprint

The Blog Structure Blueprint is a template that gives you a visual for how to organize your blog. I used this when I started and designed my blog and it taught me exactly how I should format my blog for the reader. This was huge in simplifying my blog so I could grow it.


7. 120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas

120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas is a massive list of blog post ideas! No matter who you are, there are some times when you’d like more inspiration for what to write about. I always have a lot of ideas for what to write, but I still like to see other ideas so I can improve mine. This massive list will definitely inspire content generation.


8. Pixaby + Unsplash

Pixabay and Unsplash are sites where you can get free stock photos. Photos are part of your brand and image, which is important for you to feel confident about your site. They won’t drive revenue for your business, but they will represent you. I love these two websites for stock photos and use them all the time.


9. Canva

Canva is a free platform where you can design fancy PDF downloads or freebies for your audience.

For example, I used Canva to create the Blog With A Full Time Job 12 Month Plan above.

Canva is completely free, but gives you the option to upgrade for fancier features. I’ve never found a need to upgrade, so I still use it to create my images and downloads.

You can also use Canva for social media images, like for Pinterest and Instagram.


10. The New Bloggers Guide To Guest Posting

The New Bloggers Guide To Guest Posting is a free download specifically for if you want to incorporate guest posting into your business plan. Guest posting is a great way to get exposure to other audiences and generate free traffic. It’s best to follow the known rules for guest posting instead of just winging it and getting rejected. I highly suggest reading this guide if you’re going to use guest posting.


11. ConvertKit (for 30 days)

ConvertKit is the platform I use for my email marketing service. I love it and am kind of obsessed with it because of how easy it is to use and get the results you want (growing your email list and delivering sequences to sell your products). ConvertKit is a paid platform, BUT you can sign up for 30 days for free with my link. You can also use a free-free platform up to 2k subscribers on Mailchimp… but I don’t recommend it. I did this and it just delayed growing my email list (you can read about the 4 email platforms I compare here).


12. 10 Steps To Take When A Blog Post Goes Viral

10 Steps To Take When Your Blog Post Goes Viral is a download that gives you specific tips for what to do when a blog post goes viral. If you already have a blog and you publish content on it, grab this – you never know when your blog is going to go viral, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity!


13. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google tool where you can analyze and track your website traffic over time.  You can use GA at a very beginner basic level and continue to use it for way more advanced features (beyond what I even do). So, it’s really a great tool to use from the get-go because it will be with you along with way. I’m recently using it to track my “goals” (sales funnels within GA), which is a more advanced feature. I also use it to track page views, new users, and sessions on a daily basis.


14. The Beginner’s Guide To Branding Your Blog

The Beginner’s Guide To Branding Your Blog is an amazing download that shows you how to create a brand for your online business so you attract the right customers. Branding is so important when it comes to making sure there’s a product to market match — meaning you create a brand that attracts the right people. This freebie shows you how to get started doing just that.


15. 7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Blog Income Overnight is a free download with ideas for how you can increase your income. If you’re just starting out, this will be super useful to come up with ideas for where to go next with your business. And if you’re intermediate or advanced, sometimes it’s just nice to have another look at someone else’s ideas for how to scale income. And it’s free, so why not?


16. The Essential Blog Promotion Checklist

The Essential Blog Post Promotion Checklist is a free download that shows you exactly how and where to promote your blog post once you’ve written it. It’s not enough to simply write a blog post and expect people to read it. You have to promote it with a specific strategy. This blog post shows you just how to do that.


17. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are amazing communities that you can join for free. They can be a time suck for sure, but if you use them right, you can get a ton of value from them. Have a question about your blog or business? Head to the right FB group and find someone to answer that question. There’s nothing better than having access to a community of people who are already doing what you want to do. Just be careful that you don’t waste too much time in FB groups. 🙂



Because everyone loves s good bonus, here are even more freebies that I couldn’t leave out…

1. The Best Free WordPress Plugins

The Best Free WordPress Plugins is a download of the very best WordPress plugins that you should use in your online business or blog.


2. 15 Mobile Apps Every Blogger Needs For On The Go

15 Mobile Apps Every Blogger Needs For On The Go is a free download that shows you the exact apps to use if you want to blog or work on your business on your phone. Highly recommend this one!


A Final Note!

These freebies for bloggers and online business owners are amazing.

They’ve helped me a ton, and I use them with all my other blogging and business tools (you can find them here on my Online Business Page).

Cheers to starting, growing, and monetizing online businesses!