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Are you looking for a free online personal development course?

You’re in the right place.

I created a free online personal development course to help you apply personal development to your life.

The problem with reading personal development books is that you’re often left wondering what actions to take after you finish reading. The same usually applies from listening to podcasts.

I’m the first to say I love a good personal development book and podcast, and I continue to read and listen to them. But now I do it for a different purpose: to increase my knowledge. I don’t do it with the expectation of real change.

If I want to change my life in a real way, I use the tools I created to rewire my brain and create new results from my future instead of my past. They’re in the free online personal development course.

In this free course, I explain exactly why you need to have a tool to create real change in your life (as opposed to reading more personal development books). I give you the steps for creating new belief systems that create new results (such as losing weight, making more money, or creating better relationships). You’ll also find out how to solve for problems, obstacles, and negative emotions.

Here’s the short outline of what you’ll get in the Free Online Personal Development Course:

  • Day 1: Why Reading More Personal Development Books Isn’t Going To Change Your Life
  • Day 2: How To Master Your Mindset And Take Different Action
  • Day 3: Planning For Problems, Obstacles, And Negative Emotions
  • Day 4: Setting Goals From Your Future (So You Don’t Repeat Your Past)
  • Day 5: Moving From Where You Are Now To Where You Want To Go

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Applying personal development has changed my life in so many ways.

I was telling my best friend last week that I think I’ll have changed more in five years than most people change in their entire lives.

I didn’t mean it to brag. Just meant that I’m more comfortable growing and changing now than I am staying the same.

That wasn’t always the case.

After law school, I wanted to dive into personal development because I finally had time to read for pleasure. I also had a ton of student loan debt I wanted to clean up. So, I went about reading some of the greatest books of all time. I also started listening to podcasts. I was super motivated from the books and podcasts. But if you looked at my results, nothing had really changed in my life.

It wasn’t until I figured out how to apply this work to my life that I saw real changes in my results.

Here’s what I mean…


Why Consuming Personal Development Information Doesn’t Change Your Life

Consuming personal development books and podcasts is passive learning.

Your brain loves it. It feels like it’s taking action, and it is taking some action.

But it’s not actually producing anything.

You’re not changing your neuropathways. You’re just collecting information.

To change your results, you have to rewire your brain.


Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

Rewiring your thinking is how you create a new reality.

Your thoughts will always create your results.

But it’s not just any thought. It’s the thoughts that you believe. The thoughts that cause you to feel a certain way.

Your current results are a lag of what you thought in the past.

Want new results (more money, lose weight, better relationships, a fulfilling career)?

You do this by believing something completely different.


Dealing With Problems, Obstacles, And Negative Emotions

When you start to do this work, it’s super fun.

For a minute, that is.

Until you come up to the next problem or obstacle or feel like crap.

This is why you have to be prepared for and expect problems, obstacles, and negative emotions.

If you create a strategy for the obstacles you expect, and you understand how to solve problems and experience negative emotions, you’ll work through anything.

It’s like having the tools to fix your car when it breaks down on your journey. If you know how to change a tire, you can change it, then keep going.


Repeating The Past

When you consume new information but you don’t rewire your brain, you’ll take action from the same thought patterns (neuropathways) that you’ve always had.

Even though you take in new and different information from books and podcasts, you won’t change unless you create from your future.

This means getting really uncomfortable because your brain has to do something new and different (your brain hates this!).

When you can expect your brain to freak out when you get outside your comfort zone, you stop making it mean something negative. Instead, you expect it and move on.


Creating Real Change That Lasts

Once you have these tools, you’re able to create a roadmap that takes you from where you are now to where you want to go.

It’s like setting the GPS. You have a starting point, ending point, and can map out the steps in between.

This process enables you to get the results you’ve always wanted but never been able to get in the past.

It’s losing the weight for good. It’s making money working from home. It’s finding fulfillment in your work. It’s contributing to the world. It’s paying off your debt. It’s keeping loving relationships. It’s traveling the world.

It’s whatever you want for your dream life.

This is what applying personal development can do for you.

This is what you can learn how to do in the online free personal development course.


A Final Note!

No doubt about it, applying personal development to my life is what has changed it the most.

Seven years ago, I was stressed out about money, my job, and my relationships. I was in scarcity and was rarely happy.

Today, it’s the opposite. I’m mostly happy and rarely stressed. My life is overflowing with abundance. And when it’s not, I have the tools I need to help me recover.

This is my hope for you.