Hi there friend. I'm curious if any of these resonate with you...

1. You set goals but don't follow through

You have ideas and goals but actually following through on them doesn't happen.

2. You feel overworked and overwhelmed

You're working hard at home and at work. It's hard to contemplate taking action on your dreams when the day-to-day is so much. You wish you worked less and had more time for what matters most.

3. Sometimes you take action but you don't get the long-term results you want

When you take action, it's usually short-lived because of your circumstances. You start and stop a lot. The long-term result is that you never get to where you really want to be.

4. Life gets in the way of setting and achieving your goals

Sh*t keeps happening in your life that's stopping you from making your dreams a reality.

5. You feel burned out and busy

You are busy and there's not enough hours in the day to work on your goals. If only you needed fewer hours of sleep, you could get everything done. You wish you weren't so burned out.

If this is you, then you're in the right place. I get it.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I'm a life coach for thousands of women (just like you). I help my clients and students grow by taking what they read in personal development books to the next level.

Dream Year is a taste of what it's like to work with me.

It's a complete book that explains many of my life coaching concepts, such as goal setting with purpose, from the inside out. I show you how to manage your mind, while setting goals, and processing negative emotions.

Instead of rushing and hurrying to set goals, when you feel a little stuck, behind, or overwhelmed, you'll have a clear path to create your dream life from your future using proven methods that work.

I base the tools on life coaching concepts and positive psychology, along with all the practical experience I've had with my clients and in my own life.

If you love personal development and journaling, you're going to love Dream Year.

I made this just for you, my sweet friend.

- Natalie

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Dream Year teaches you how to achieve your #1 goal this year and feel good doing it.

You'll Discover...

1. How to set goals the right way

Most goal setting focuses on actions. It teaches you how to take a specific action and get a specific result. The problem is that this doesn't work.

Traditional goal setting doesn't address the thought and feeling work that is required to shift your mindset to one that supports the actions you need to take to get the results you want. This is why you'll often not feel that much better on the other side of achieving your goal.

In Dream Year, I teach you how to adopt new beliefs so you can take action from positive emotions that support your happiness, well-being, and success.

2. How to feel better and what that has to do with goals

I teach you how to manage your mind and emotions. This includes reframing how you think about your circumstances, adopting a mindset of responsibility, and overcoming fear, perfectionism, and people-pleasing (among other things).

My method focuses on practicing happiness now (not when you achieve your goals). You'll learn how to be driven by abundance and positive emotion, instead of negative emotions, like stress, fear, or anxiety.

The result is that you create massive results and are happier along the way because you understand happiness is not on the other side of achieving your goals.

3. The solution to burnout

You'll learn what burnout really is and how that's different from overwhelm. You'll learn how to avoid both through specific strategies.

4. The 10 skills you need to get really good at

I teach you about the 10 skills that will improve your likelihood of success.

The 10 skills we'll look at are: planning, commitment, integrity, decision-making, productivity, time management, constraint, discipline, focus, and failure.

You can get better at each of these skills, and when you do, you'll see the results in your life grow exponentially.

5. How To Use Year, Month, and Week Goal Setting Workbooks

Part I of Dream Year is where I teach you how to set goals and feel better.

Part II of Dream Year includes the workbooks you need to take action. There are 3 workbooks in Part II that you can continue to use over time. There is a Year Workbook, Month Workbook, and Week Workbook.

Each workbook includes sections for you to plan your goals, master your mindset, and evaluate your progress along the way.

The workbooks are unlike other goal setting workbooks because they include space for you to work on your thoughts, feelings, and failures.

What's Included

Dream Year Cover iPad
  • 175 pages of personal development content
  • Part I includes lessons that teach you how to master your mind and achieve your goals
  • Part II includes 3 workbook templates for yearly, monthly, and weekly planning
  • Part III includes extras that will help you succeed (like my favorite books and podcasts)
  • There are lessons on goal setting, failure, planning, burnout, time management, and productivity
  • The templates can be used for yearly, monthly, and weekly planning (plus cheat sheets)
  • This is the formula for mastering your mind so you achieve your goals and feel better long-term
  • If you want to achieve more and feel better, then this is for you

What You'll Learn

How To Set Goals

How To Feel Better

What Feeling Better Has To Do With Goals

How To Avoid Burnout

Skills To Improve Your Likelihood of Success

Year Workbook Planner

Month Workbook Planner

Week Workbook Planner

A Look Inside...

P A R T I: t h e L E S S O N S


P A R T II: t h e W O R K B O O K


Who Dream Year Is For

Anyone who wants to feel better on a regular basis

If you think you've been doing everything right, but you still don't feel great on a daily basis, then Dream Year is for you. It will teach you how to feel better on a regular basis so that you come from a place of positive emotion and learn how to manage your mindset.

Anyone who works hard and sets goals

If you are someone who works hard and sets goals, Dream Year is designed for you. This will help you refocus your energy, prioritize, and get greater results while doing less. It's about working smarter, not harder.

Anyone who values personal growth

If you believe that life is about evolving and growing as a person, you are going to love Dream Year. It's a way for you to create a plan for your year so that you get the results you want in your life and grow as a person during the process.

Who Dream Year Is NOT For

Anyone who doesn't like to work hard or set goals

If you're not into working hard and generally don't like to set goals, then this isn't for you. Dream Year isn't a light read and you won't see any results unless you do the work, so save your money if this is you.

Anyone who doesn't like to plan for the future

If you would rather leave your future up to someone else to plan, then don't buy Dream Year. It's all about planning and your mindset so you will hate it.

Anyone who likes to read but doesn't want to take action

If you like to read but you don't ever take action, then this is not for you. The entire second half of the book requires you to take action and do the work. If you can't see yourself actually writing down your goals and taking action, then this is not for you.

Bonus #1


The Daily Workbook

($23 Value)

Your eBook comes with a free daily planner workbook!

Use this bonus alongside your Dream Year Workbooks for maximum effect by planning your day every with this Daily Workbook.

Bonus #2


100 Journal Prompts

($17 Value)

Your eBook comes with 100 journal prompts!

Part of being successful includes digging deep and growing as a person. Journaling is an excellent way to grow and evolve.

Use these journal prompts to grow into the best version of yourself as you plan your goals with Dream Year.

Bonus #3


Morning + Evening Routine Workbook

($19 Value)

Your eBook comes with a free morning and evening routine workbook!

Plan how you spend your mornings and evenings with this workbook for maximum productivity, time management, and goal setting success.

Common Questions

In the simplest terms - what is this?!

This is an eBook that is part information and part workbook.

The first half is Part I, which is what I call the "Lessons," where I teach you how to set goals the right way (by working on your mindset). It goes waaay beyond goal setting, and I tackle working on your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. You'll learn the exact strategy to use in Part II.

Part II is made up of the actual templates that you can use to plan your goals. There is a Year Workbook, Month Workbook, and Week Workbook. I include specific instructions on how to use each.

Part III is made up of extras that will help you excel and get the happiness, well-being, and success you want even faster than just doing what's in Part's I and II.

I know how to set goals - do I really need this?

You probably think you know how to set goals (SMART goal setting ring a bell?!) but Dream Year is different. Dream Year focuses on the deep work that causes actions (mindset, thoughts, and feelings), whereas traditional goal setting only focuses on your actions (tricks, tips, planning tools, etc.).

If you feel like you are constantly striving, driven by negative emotion, or are not seeing the results you want in your life, then Dream Year can help you.

How is Dream Year different than other goal setting books?

Dream Year focuses on casual goal setting. Most goal setting focuses only on action setting (do XYZ and get results).

Dream Year teaches you how to shift your mindset so you know how to work on your own happiness, well-being, and success from the inside out.

Dream Year shows you how to set goals by managing your thoughts and feelings so that results are inevitable in your life.

Is this editable or does it need to be printed?

Dream Year can be printed and/or used as an editable PDF.

You'll receive two copies of Dream Year - one that is an editable PDF and one that can be printed.

How will I receive the eBook?

Dream Year is a digital download.

As soon as you purchase Dream Year, I'll send you an email. The email will have a link for you to click to download the eBook and bonuses.

You can read the eBook on your phone, computer, or other electronic device. You can also print it.

Have another question?

Email [email protected] We're happy to help!

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