Dos and Don’ts of BloggingIf you want your blog to be successful, you need to do more than hope and pray it happens (unfortunately!).

And by successful, I generally mean that people read your blog and that you make money from it.

My blog gets 100k-250k pageviews per month, and I make over $3k per month blogging while working a full time job.

So, I’ve laid out 10 dos and don’ts of blogging for you as you start your blogging journey.



1. Be authentic, genuine, unique, and honest. Know your voice. Your readers will love it if it’s truly you.

2. Treat your blog like a legitimate business, not a hobby that you do whenever you feel like it. This means your blog needs to be professional and look as good as your competition. I took Launch Your Blog, and you can learn how to do this in that course.

3. Plan to pour your heart and soul into your blog. Blogging is a marathon — not a sprint. Be prepared to get obsessed wtih your blog if you want it to be successful.

4. Post consistently and prioritize quality over quantity. Whether it’s five times a week or once a month – be consistent. Produce really good stuff. You need to be the best out there (or working towards it).

5. Get to know your audience realllllly well (this requires engaging with them regularly).

6. Constantly learn new blogging strategies (marketing, social media, content, etc.). Blogging changes so fast that you have to stay on top of trends.

7. Focus on driving traffic to your blog. Traffic doesn’t just show up to your blog. You have to drive it there. Read how to increase your blog traffic for my best tips on driving traffic.

8. Build up and nurture your email list. “The money is in the list” is a phrase that bloggers know well. Your email list is the #1 factor for determining your income. This is why I use and obsesses over ConvertKit (it’s so good).

9. Create a monetization strategy. You have to have a strategy in place to make money blogging. It won’t just happen. I took Six Figure Blogger and learned everything I know about making money blogging. Find what works for you and do that.

10. Provide more value than you get in return. The key to successful blogging is that you need to provide enormous value to your readers in exchange for less than what you’re giving. If you do this, you’ll become successful and profitable.


Side note – here are my favorite free blogging resources:



1. Neglect the design of your site. How your site looks matters a lot. This, again, is why I recommend investing in a course, like Launch Your Blog. You’ll get a professionally designed blog set up the right way from the beginning.

2. Be spammy. No one will follow you if they think you’re not genuine or only in it for yourself.

3. Send mass emails to work with people. If you want to work with other bloggers, send thoughtful, personal emails. Mass emails are a turn-off.

4. Under price or over price stuff you sell. Pricing is tricky so do your research and see what your competition is doing. I learned everything I know about selling my own digital products from Six Figure Blogger. It was worth every penny I spent.

5. Stop learning. After you’ve been blogging for a little while, make sure you continue to learn. There’s always more. You’re never done learning.

6. Put all your eggs in one basket. There is no one-size-fits-all with blogging, so focus on diversifying your traffic and income sources.

7. Be a jerk. Even though you are blogging online, you will build real relationships with bloggers. Like anything else, it helps if you get along well with people.

8. Steal other people’s content. This should go without saying, but I’ve actually seen people do this quite a lot, unfortunately.

9. Expect big results fast. Blogging, like anything worth it, is a lot of work. It takes time and you need to be in it for the long haul. Be careful setting too unrealistic of expectations.

10. Get in your own way. If you are blogging because you want to make money, be careful to stay focused on helping other people with something. Continue to serve your audience. If you get too obsessed with how you’re not making money yet, you may find yourself having trouble ever making money blogging.

The biggest take away from the list above is that you have to take your blog seriously if you want it to be successful. This means that you, as the creator, need to be 1) professional and likable and 2) good at what you do. Basically, be a good human and hone your skills.


A Final Note!

Don’t get discouraged if you’re having ebbs and flows with your blog. In fact, even if your blog is a massive failure right now, you can turn it around and be really successful.

Here are a few examples of not-so-smart things I’ve done with my blog:

  1. I accidentally registered the wrong domain name initially and had to call my host to get out of it.
  2. I created a cartoon logo for Financegirl.
  3. I tried to learn how to code instead of paying a designer or taking Launch Your Blog.
  4. I focused on freelance writing (writing for other sites) to make money instead of focusing on my own blog and making money blogging.
  5. I changed the type of business entity from sole prop to LLC only after one year (which was a huge pain)
  6. I pretty much try to do everything myself instead of outsourcing

And with many more mistakes that aren’t mentioned, I still have a successful, profitable blog. I started blogging with no experience. And here I am today, loving every minute of it (and making money to help repay my student loan debt)! If I can do it, you can, too!

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