Direction vs. intention podcast

Have you ever been in the car on your way somewhere only to realize you’re going the completely wrong way?

I sure have. It’s super frustrating. Not only do I have to figure out where to go instead, but it takes twice as long to get where I want to go because I have to travel in a completely new direction.

This is kind of like life. 

The action you take today is the direction you’re heading in and will predict your future, not your intention.

So, are you headed toward where you want to go?

Or are you headed somewhere else?

Without knowing the difference, you may be getting caught up going in the wrong direction (without even realizing it) and when you finally do, there’s no fix. You cannot “fix” the wrong destination. You have to change direction and take the new route to get there. It takes just as long (or longer). 

There are no shortcuts to this.

In this episode, I help you identify the direction you’re headed in so you make sure it’s aligned with where you intend to go in your future. 

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