Deliberate discomfort

When you do things you’ve never done before, you’re going to be uncomfortable.

You don’t need to shy away from this feeling or make it mean something has gone wrong.

In fact, it means something has gone very right.

When you go after a goal, like designing your dream life, it means you’re creating something new and different.

Naturally, you’re going to be scared because your brain is wired for survival and doesn’t like when you do new and different things. It wants you to repeat more of the same from the past because it knows you’ll stay alive this way.

Know this about yourself. Plan for failure, rejection, and discomfort. A lot of it. 

If it feels good, you’re doing it wrong. 

When you get really good at experiencing negative emotion, without being afraid of it, you’ll be able to plan for “deliberate discomfort” and welcome growth with open arms.

Using this new concept of deliberate discomfort is the secret to achieving your biggest goals. 

In this episode, I show you how to use deliberate discomfort to your advantage.

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