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If you're a woman who wants to grow her online business, you're in the right place.

In The Creator Program, I show you how to turn your side business into a profitable online business that replaces your family's income.

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In The Creator Program, you'll learn how to:

1. Create your business plan.
2. Create your program.
3. Create your profit.

Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • You're overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about online business.

  • You're not sure what the right niche is for you to commit to.

  • You've tried to start an online business before but you're still stuck.

  • Business and marketing aren't clicking for you like they are for other people.

  • You dream of creating $10k+ months, but haven't been able to make that a reality.

  • There's so much conflicting information about making money online.

  • You want to create an actual online program, but you aren't sure how to.

  • You don't want to grow your business with 1:1 coaching.

  • You feel incredibly stuck and exhausted.

  • It's hard to know who to trust and what really works.

  • It's challenging to stay motivated when your revenue isn't what you want it to be.

  • You want to build your business while still having time for your family and no one is talking about that.

If this is you, I GET IT.

This was me five years ago.

I started my business when I had massive student loan debt from law school.

I wanted to help people learn about money (just like I needed to) so I started a blog.

For so long, my blog made no money.

Eventually, I got the revenue up to $3k per month. While this was great, I didn't have a real business strategy. And I wasn't able to grow it.

Everything changed when I learned about real online business fundamentals. This was the missing piece. It wasn't that I "wasn't cut out for it" or that my content wasn't good enough. I just was doing everything completely wrong.

There is a science to online business. It operates like a machine. There's no "luck" or guess work. There's a formula to success that you can use.

When I applied this formula, my business skyrocketed. I went from making $3k per month to over $8k per month, taking me to six figures within a year.

After that, I grew my business over $500k in revenue.

This is what I show you exactly how to do in The Creator Program.

The Creator Program is the success path to going from stuck to profitable in your online business.

This program isn't just "more information." I created a proven method that works. It's called The Creator Path.

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The Creator Path

The Creator Path shows you the exact steps to take to grow a successful online business.

  • You'll stop the information overload and get focused on one method that works.

  • You'll follow the steps in the program to create and grow your business on a solid and strong foundation.

  • You'll choose the right niche and make sure you're positioned so you're an exact match for your people.

  • You'll create front-end products, like Master Classes or Workshops to ensure you have a viable program.

  • You'll create your own branded Style Guide (using the template in the Program).

  • You'll design workbooks and eBooks (using the templates included).

  • You'll create your dream program or pillar course that will actually sell.

  • You'll develop your very own launch strategy, using webinars and email marketing.

  • You'll create a funnel that takes your dream customer from stranger to raving fan.

  • You'll learn how to create a killer sales page.

  • You'll create free programs to grow your email list so you attract the most qualified and best potential customers.

  • You'll have Workbooks and Templates to help you launch your online business quickly.

  • You'll learn how to overdeliver and serve at the highest level so your customers grow your business for you.

  • You'll feel like you're getting a "business in a box" package with everything you need.

Here's how to know if this is right for you

The Creator Program is right for you if you're tired of online business overwhelm.

It's right for you if you're ready to go ALL IN on you and your online business dreams.

If what you've been doing so far isn't what's going to take you to the next level, then this is for you.

If you want to learn online business fundamentals (like direct response marketing, building funnels, launch strategies, and creating a program that actually sells), then you'll love this program.

This is also for you if you're a blogger or coach who wants to grow your online business with digital programs and products.

Ultimately, this is for you if you want to build your business from someone who's done it from the ground up, multiple times, without any prior experience, or extra financial help. Because there are too many people teaching business out there who haven't actually done it themselves.

This is for you if you're ready to go pro with your online business.

Building a profitable business from home doesn't have to be overwhelming, frustrating, or confusing.

There is a better way.

What's Inside

Here's a glimpse at some of what you'll get inside The Creator Program.

  • The complete step by step path to building your online business (The Creator Path)

  • Modules and Lessons that show you how to build a business using the Who, What, How Method

  • A beautiful private portal for members only

  • Videos and audios of all the lessons for you to watch or listen to as many times as you want

  • In depth workbooks for all the Modules that guide you through the exact steps you should be taking

  • My notes in the lessons where I share my advice, strategies, and resources

  • Monthly coaching calls and access to all the coaching call replays

  • A Resources Hub with all the recommended technology for building your online business

  • Custom Templates to create your own Workbooks and eBooks for your program

  • A Style Guide Template to use to create your own logo, fonts, and images for your brand

  • A members only Private Community where you can connect with all the other Creator Program students

  • 24/7 Written coaching and advice from me in the Private Community

  • A Bonus Portal with bonus courses on topics like having an entrepreneurial mindset, increasing your productivity, email marketing, advanced selling, membership sites, copywriting, work life balance, business operations, thought leadership, and more

And So Much More

A Six Week Launch Planner to plan your webinar, emails, and content during your launch

The Weekly Business Stats template I use in my business to track revenue, sales, conversions, and more

Workbooks to help you discover exactly what your ideal business should be and how to set it up

Multiple Workbook + Design Templates to create your own workbooks, eBooks, and branding Style Guides

12 Bonus courses that are released every month in 2021 on advanced online business strategies

Plus Coaching And A Community

Monthly group coaching calls with Natalie

A members only community for Students + Alumni

Your Investment

  • Enrollment is $10,000 for one year in the Program.

  • At the end of year one, you graduate to Alumni status.

  • As an Alumni, your membership continues as long as you like for $833 per month.

  • Cancel any time.


Natalie's responses to my questions in the Private Community are totally worth the price of the entire program!! 

— Leah

I have been absorbing information on creating online businesses since 2010 and I just hadn't found the right path until I found Natalie and The Creator Program. Thank you so much!!

— Caroline

Before the end of the first lesson, I KNEW I’d be making $10,000 per MONTH this time next year.

I’m absolutely in love with this program—it’s the best business decision of my entire life. I feel 100% supported!

And I can’t believe the value. I’d happily pay double just for the course let alone everything else that's included!

— Kristina

Before joining, I was overwhelmed by the number of options for starting a business, as someone starting from scratch. I was drawn to the Creator Program because Natalie takes a different approach, and I can see it works!

Now I feel excited, empowered, and committed! The program is easy to follow, and the workbooks are really helping me think deeply about getting my online business started in the right way.

I'm currently building my brand and solidifying my positioning for what I am going to offer, and I've already started creating my course.

The ability to talk with Natalie directly on the student coaching calls and get my questions answered by her is SO great!

— Jessica

Prior to joining, I had a business that was making about $2k-$3k per month. I knew it wasn't scalable, so I felt a little stuck with where to go next.

As a long-time Grow You member, I knew I HAD to join this program. 

I was hesitant at first because I was going through a few major life changes. But, for me, it was about being in the room with the person who already has the results I want. 

And it's paying off.

Almost immediately, I up-leveled my remote-working game with better equipment, lighting, and Zoom presenting. This has trickled into my business and even my current full-time job. 

I like the high accountability, yet low-pressure environment of the program. I love learning through the video and workbooks as well as in the community and on coaching calls from the other women in the group.

Now I know how to build a business that is scalable—something I didn't understand before.

— Kath

I've had such big wins thanks to The Creator Program!

First, I launched my new website that I've been dreaming about creating for years (but never quite had the motivation until The Creator Program). I'm so glad I now have a professional looking home for my business.

Second, after getting coached by Natalie in the Creator Program, I finally got my butt in gear and created my first webinar, which ended up being more of a mini course with video lessons and worksheets. This program is the ONLY reason I finally did it!

Thank you for this program! It's already been game changing for my business!

— Lauren

Prior to joining, I knew I wanted to start my online business, but I had no idea where to start. In fact, I felt so overwhelmed with the amount of information out there that I already felt defeated before even starting.

Once I joined the Creator Program, my feelings of overwhelm were quickly replaced with excitement as this program condenses everything you need to know to create the business of your dreams!

The Program has a very clear, comprehensive, easy to follow, step-by-step approach with workbooks, videos, and an amazing group of women to support you along the way!

I am so thankful that I found Natalie and the Creator Program—it has fast-tracked my mindset and my ability to make my dream business a reality!

I have so much more confidence and clarity now thanks to this program!  Thank you, Natalie!

— Karen

Before joining the Creator Program, I felt stuck in my business. Although I had a blog with some content, a growing email list, and growing social media accounts, I wasn’t getting the results I desired. I was so frustrated because I thought I’d done everything right, yet I wasn’t making any money! I was really struggling with the “business” aspect of my online business.

On top of this, I was growing increasingly overwhelmed and confused about my niche and overall business structure. I had chosen a very broad niche and spent a ton of time and energy creating freebies to grow my email list and social media accounts. While I did gain followers, I still wasn’t creating a consistent income because I didn’t understand why I was doing these things.

All of this changed when I started learning about business from Natalie. When the Creator Program was announced, it was a no-brainer for me. This wasn’t just because I wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of online business, but also because I wanted to work closely with Natalie and get around her amazing energy.

After the first lesson of the Creator Program, I had such clarity regarding the steps I needed to take to turn my blog into a profitable business.

The Creator Program gives you everything you need with no confusion or guesswork. And, unlike other programs I’ve invested in, Natalie teaches a method that focuses on creating a profit from the very beginning (so that you don’t start out feeling discouraged like I did when I was putting in so much work and not seeing a return!).

With the Creator Program, not only do you get the course (which is worth the full price of the program alone), workbooks, and a framework to get your business up and running, but you also have access to coaching calls with Natalie (and the replays), and a network and community of women who provide so much support at each step of the process.

I'm thankful to have the incredible opportunity to work this closely with Natalie in a small group setting. Because of the value included in this program, and the unique chance to be a part of this small mastermind, I would not expect to see this program available for long at this price!

Speaking from experience, you will not regret investing!

— Jessie

I am thrilled with the program so far. I purchased [name of another program] last year, and while I wouldn't say it was a mistake because it did move my needle forward somewhat, it was not what I needed. I need a business coach that I can bounce ideas off of, and that I feel accountable to (in addition, of course, to feeling accountable to myself!). I can already tell that your attention to the group and to our questions is leaps and bounds above anything that I have experienced anywhere else, and for that, I am so grateful to you.

I knew this was the right fit for me, and you are the right fit for me because everything about your business is exactly what I want to create for myself. I love that all of the courses are immediately available, and I have been working my way through the "who" this past week!

Everything is so streamlined and not too much, but not too little, which I also 100% appreciate. 

For the first time ever I am not freaked out about the "what." I am actually looking forward to it and looking forward to creating programs. I am not feeling overwhelmed anymore because I have a step by step program to follow that is accompanied by the Creator Path to keep me from getting bogged down in the details that don't matter.

I am very, very excited, and I am going to move the needle forward, start making money, and be the successful entrepreneur that I know, deep down, I was always meant to be.

Also, I have to say that pairing this program with Grow You is a game changer, because every time I start to slip into overwhelm/self doubt I have all of that thought work to pull me out of it. Thank you for being so awesome and amazing, and for choosing me for the program! — Stacy

Frequently Asked Questions

A step by step program that shows you how to create and sell your own online program (such as workshops, courses, etc.). 

Marketing tools, including Workbook Templates and a 6 Week Funnel Strategy. 

12 Monthly group coaching calls with the other women in the proram.

Coaching call replays from all prior and future coaching calls. 

A private community where you get 24/7 written coaching from Natalie and can connect with other women in the program.

12 Bonus courses on advanced online business strategies, such as email marketing, copywriting, productivity, hiring, mindset, memberships, and selling.

This is the highest and most intimate level that you can work with Natalie at to make money in your online business.

If you're selling anything online, like virtual assistant services, coaching services, courses, a membership, etc. then this is for you. 

This is not for you if your main business model is not online. 

Nope! This is not just for coaches. It's for anyone who wants to build and grow her online business to make more money.

If you're making over $5k in your online business, then this is for you.

You'll learn how to scale to $500k.

If you're brand new, you can still apply; however, this will be like "jumping in the deep end" so get ready.

This is a complete mastermind into how to correctly create, grow, and scale your online business. 

You're a student in The Creator Program for one year.

After that, you graduate to Alumni Status and can stay if you'd like. 

You have an entire year to complete The Creator Program.

The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

That said, you can do this program in as little as a couple of hours per week.

If you have a side business and you're not sure how to go from making $2-5k/month up to multiple six figures/year, this is for you. 

You'll learn everything you need to know to scale an online business the right way

No confusion. No overwhelm. Just more money made simply and purposefully.

Let's get started growing your business today.

The Creator Program is sold out! To find out when it opens next, join our Interest List.

Click here to join the Creator Program Interest List.

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