I've got something incredible for you

Just like a gym membership to get your body in shape, this is a personal development membership to get your mind in shape.

This is life coaching for women who want to...


Master their mindset and rewire their brain


Achieve impossible goals and live a life of purpose


Make and have more money while working less

Tak Personal Development


If you're anything like me, you love a good personal development book. You want to optimize your life. You care about your future. Yet, through all the books and podcasts, you're not quite sure how to do it. You're ready for more. You want to up-level your life and take your personal development work so much deeper than anything you've ever read or listened to.

That's exactly what I help you do in Grow You: master personal development and design your dream life.

Through mindset work, processing emotions, and identifying what you want most in your future, you'll be able to bring awareness to what you're doing wrong, what you need to change, and how to go about changing it.

If therapy can take you to dysfunctional to functional, life coaching is what takes you from functional to exceptional.

If you're ready to deep dive into having an exceptional life, I'm ready to help you get there.

You'll learn how to coach yourself, how to get coached, and how to use it all to create a future better than you've let yourself imagine.

It won't be easy, but I'll be there with you every step of the way.

There's no better time than right now to get started.

In Grow You, you'll learn how to

live a life on purpose while being present and loving what is.

Here are some of the topics we'll cover...

Achieve Impossible Goals

You'll learn exactly how to set and achieve goals that you thought were impossible for you before. Your job is simply to learn how to want and desire it. I'll show you how to do the rest.

Identify, Process, And Create Emotions

You'll learn the truth about emotions, including how to experience negative emotion and create more abundant emotions. You'll see how to let go of worry, busyness, overwhelm, and fear, while creating more joy, love, and appreciation.

Rewire Your Brain

You'll learn how your brain works, how to let go of your past, and how to rewire it so you create the exact future you want. When you understand how to manage your thoughts, anything is possible for you to create in your life.

Make More Money

You'll learn how to create more money from a place of abundance. You'll let go of worry and stress, and you'll learn how to attract money with ease.

Choose A Meaningful Career

You'll learn how to choose a career that's meaningful to you, how to be a good employee, and how to create be a contributor to something bigger than you.

Create Better Eating Habits + Lose Weight

As a Certified Weight Loss Coach, I've included teachings and coaching on the best way to optimize your physical health, including changing your eating habits forever as well as losing weight.

Build An Online Business

You'll have access to the best entrepreneurial teachings and coachings I have to offer, which are what I used to build my business on.

Increase Your Confidence

You'll learn how to change your beliefs about yourself and practice self-love from within, letting go of people-pleasing ways and increasing inner self-confidence.

Master Time Management + Productivity

You'll get strategies for improving your time management and productivity, so you can 10x your results in every area of your life.

Simplify Life + Declutter

You'll learn how to let go of clutter and cultivate a simple, loving home that you're delighted in.

Nurture Healthy Relationships

You'll learn how to cultivate healthy, loving and abundant relationships with anyone in your life, including your spouse, significant other, kids, relatives, coworkers, and acquaintances.

Find Purpose + Live A Life Of Fulfillment

You'll learn how to look to your own inner wisdom to find your purpose, and from there, you'll discover what a life of fulfillment and purpose means to you. Then, you'll be able to live it.

Take Your Personal Development Deeper

This is like going to the gym for your mind.
You workout every day to take care of your body.
Now it's time to take care of your mind and emotions.

I like to say, "you can't read the label from inside the bottle." Meaning, as much as you do your own personal development work, you need a life coach who can show you exactly what's going on in your mind. I've been trained to do this by the best school in the world. This is what you get when you join Grow You. I'll coach you and help you solve your biggest problems so you can optimize and maximize your life. You'll feel better. And you'll get to live your life exactly how you dream about it. This is what I can help you do for the rest of your life.

Here's How Grow You works


A new topic is covered every month in one of the main life categories.


A new course on the topic of the month is taught every month.


A new workbook is available every month for you to take the work deeper.


There's written coaching available 24/7 in the Ask Natalie Forum.


There are two weekly group coaching calls you can attend live or watch (or listen) to the replays.


There's a new inspirational video sent to you weekly, called Sunday Start

Plus bonus courses!


There are bonus courses that you can access any time on a variety of topics, such as self-coaching, changing your eating habits, entrepreneurship, and more. Bonus courses are added periodically and come completely free with your membership.

Hi, I'm Natalie.

I'm ready to help you take your personal development work deeper by applying it to your life.

Reading a personal development book is like reading about cooking. Until you get in the kitchen and put the ingredients together, figuring out which knife to use, and the exact right temperature, you just won't know how to cook.

Reading alone isn't enough. In Grow You, I'll help you get in the kitchen. It'll be a little messy, but that's the only way to actually make the seven course meal you're dying to make.

I'm a Certified Life Coach, and I help thousands of women with a variety of problems, like career fulfillment, building an online business, having better relationships, making more money, and overall direction in life.

You'll learn how to achieve your impossible goals, make more money, manage your mindset, improve your relationships, increase your productivity and time management, and maximize your life.

When you join Grow You, I'll help you get the results you want most in your life.

Let's do this.

- Natalie

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will This Help Me?

You will learn how to coach yourself, achieve impossible goals, rewire your brain, move from scarcity to abundance, improve your relationships (yes, even with your sister in law), master time management and productivity, and maximize your entire life. 

You will learn how to do this for the rest of your life (in every area of your life), and you'll get coached on any problem you're having. 

The results will be incredible for you if you do this work. 

Who can join?

While it's mostly high achieving women in Grow You, anyone can join. 

How do I know if this is for me?

Grow You is specifically for high achieving women who want to maximize results in every area of their lives, like mindest, goals, career, money, confidence, health, and fulfillment.

If you love reading personal development books and want to apply that work to your life with a coach who can help you get results, then this is for you. 

What topics are taught and covered?

Each month is a new and different topic. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Mindset
  • Emotions
  • Physical health
  • Relationships
  • Home and organization
  • Confidence
  • Career
  • Business
  • Money
  • Goals
  • Time management and productivity
  • Purpose and fulfillment

What format is this in?

Grow You is on a private website that you'll get access to as a member.

There are a variety of tools and resources included in Grow You, such as monthly courses, monthly workbooks, monthly Q+A calls, monthly coaching calls, and an Ask Natalie forumn.

You can choose whether to listen to the content (audio), watch the content (video), participate (submit questions, get coaching live, etc.), and do the assigned work (or not). 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, absolutely. Let us know you want to cancel your membership, and you won't be charged again. 

I have another question. How can I ask it?

Send us an email at [email protected] We're happy to help!

What Grow You Members Are Saying...

"The work I did with Natalie is the reason I was able to leave a job I liked, but didn't love and create a business based on my dream life. And I did it 5 months ahead of schedule. It's so fun to think that I'm just getting started. Grow You couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. Can't wait for what's coming next!"

–  Candice, Salt Lake City, UT

"The advice I got on the first call with Natalie has given me so much clarity! I'm planning things out now, following through, and it's setting me up for success in ways I didn't know was possible. I love this program!"

–  Kat, Amelia Island, FL

"Grow You has changed so much for me. I didn't even realize how much of an impact learning these tools would have on absolutely every area of my life—weight, money, time management, business, self-confidence. I'm so thankful to be in this program. Natalie breaks everything down in a way that is so easy to understand and apply directly to my life. The value is insane and I couldn't recommend this program more. Thank you, Natalie, for helping me bring my life to the next level!"

–  Felicia, Huntington Beach, CA

"The calls are SO GOOD!!! I mean, holy cow so much amazing information to soak up just by watching them. Can't thank Natalie enough for creating this and for providing us all with such amazing and life-changing work! 

I'm raving about Grow You to all my friends! So glad I joined!"

–  Jessica, Steamboat Springs, CO

"I've been looking forward to Grow You for so long and it's everything I hoped it would be and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Natalie!"

–  Kirsten, Chicago, IL

"I'm loving all of Grow You! It's helping me with my need for approval from others. I'm making better decisions and owning them, instead of looking to everyone else for approval."

–  Suzi, Olympia, WA

"I'm so happy with Grow You. I've had mentors, coaches, and bought courses before and nothing compares to the amount developed and delivered on here. I'm really pleased I signed up for the whole year!

I’m loving the coaching and highly recommend it."

–  Natasha, London, UK

"I absolutely love Grow You! The live coaching is fantastic! I love hearing other's stories, questions, mind work, wins and woes.

It's great knowing I'm not alone on this journey I'm embarking on."

– Ashley, Girardeau, MO

"I can't even begin to tell you how much I am able to reshape my life because of Grow You. I have been up every day at 4am. I would have never considered that a possibility. I don't even mind setting my alarm and have even woken up before it a few times.

My overall well being and happiness has improved dramatically. I love Grow You!"

– Melissa, New York, NY

"Grow You came at the perfect time in my life. I was really struggling with self-doubt and time management in my new business. After the first coaching call with Natalie, I walked away feeling like I finally had some clarity along with action steps that could help me move past my negative thoughts and focus on growing my business. I had no idea how much I really needed the skills and content from Grow You. I truly feel like Grow You has allowed me to unlock a whole new level of potential in myself and my business."

– Coral, Houston, TX

There is no better program for high achieving women.

Normally, I charge $497 per hour to coach 1:1 with me.

This is only $49 per month (and if you join for a year, you get one month free).

This is the best coaching deal for the best value. Guaranteed.

Cancel any time. (Although you won't want to.)

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