Body love

I used to hate my legs.

I thought they were terrible. I thought I had big thighs.

I didn’t wear shorts or dresses.

I was embarrassed about my legs.

The funny thing is that all this thinking was totally optional.

It wasn’t until I recently did so much work on my mindset about my body that I realized this.

Do you beat yourself up about your body?

As women we do this, and it’s a huge problem that can lead to creating unnecessary pain and suffering in your life.

The solution isn’t to change your circumstances. It’s not to change how you look or how much you weigh. The solution is to rewire your brain and think differently. The solution is to love your body unconditionally.

In this episode, I teach you how to love your body from having enough, and from there, set and achieve impossible body goals.

Here are some of my favorite resources to go along with this episode: