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How to start a profitable blog when you work full time

Hey new blogger!

Are you ready for something new and different?

You're in the right place.

Ask yourself if any of these sound familiar...

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You want to start a profitable blog but you're not sure how.

You've seen tutorials, but really, it's not enough to get a blog up and running the right way. You want to do it right because this isn't going to be a hobby for you. This is going to be a blog that makes money for you. So, you really want to start a blog the right way.


You're overwhelmed by the amount of information out there about blogging.

There is SOO much information out there about blogging. You don't know how to choose which way to go about starting, launching, growing, or monetizing your blog. There's too much info and it's seriously overwhelming.

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You are super busy working full time and not sure how to do both.

The idea of making money blogging sounds great, but you are super busy working and having a life. You would love to do both but have no clue how to manage it all. It seems like a great idea but your clueless how to implement it.

When you don't know how

You've started your blog already but you don't have a monetization strategy.

Maybe you've started your blog already but haven't had success. You have it up but that's about it. You're not making money. You don't know how to implement a traffic or email marketing strategy, let alone a monetization strategy.

Natalie Bacon Blog With A Full Timne Job

You haven't started your blog yet and want to do it right.

Or, maybe you haven't started at all! You don't have a blog yet, but you really want to launch one (despite it seeming like that are a bajillion blogs out there and you are clueless about the whole thing).

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You wish there was a step by step plan for how to start a blog, grow it, and monetize a blog.

You want to know the LEGIT real way to start a blog, grow it, then monetize it following specific steps instead of just guessing.


You're tired of reading blog posts about blogging and you want to take action with a plan that works.

You really just want to go all in on your blog because you've read things online and believe it's possible for you, but you really need a specific plan to do it the right way

If any of these sound familiar, Blog With A Full Time Job is for you.

Wondering what the deal is? Here's what you need to know...



This is the solution to feeling overwhelmed about blogging when you have 5,358 other things to do.

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You'll get a specific plan for launching, growing, and monetizing your blog all while working full time.

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This course includes the exact strategy I used to build, grow, and monetize my blog to six figures.



As long as this course exists, you get lifetime access to it!

how to coach yourself


You'll have complete clarity on what steps to take to get started making money blogging while working full time.

Blog With A Full Time Job Is For You If...


You want to learn exactly how to start a blog.

If you don't have a blog yet and want to start one, this course is perfect. It walks you through how to start a blog with a specific tutorial for creating a customizable blog. You'll learn how to design a blog that's simple and clean looking (similar to So many people ask me how to get the blog design on, so that's exactly what you'll learn how to do in this course.


You have a full time job and don't know how to build a profitable blog on the side.

This course is for you if your'e really busy, and you'd love to blog on the side and make extra money (but you have no clue how to do it.) You'll get a clear idea of what it takes to blog while working full time. You'll get a step by step plan for launching, growing, and monetizing. You'll know what to do in the very beginning, and you'll know what to do after six months to keep growing and earning. Not only will you learn the blogging how-tos but you'll learn how to manage your time and create a plan where you actually follow through and make money blogging while working full time.


You have a blog but don't make money from it.

This course is perfect if you already have a blog but it isn't making money. You can learn the exact monetization strategy I used to build my blog. If your blog is making anywhere from nothing to $5,000 per month, this course is for you. You'll learn how to grow and monetize your blog in this course, and you'll learn what steps you'll need to take in the future to scale to six figure status.

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You're not sure how to grow your blog.

You want to grow your blog with traffic and email marketing, but you don't know who to do it. This course will show you your options and teach you how to get started - the right way.


You want to know the truth about how to make money blogging.

There is so much information out there about making money blogging and a lot is not legit. You'll learn exactly how to set up your blog for making money while working full time in this course. It's straight forward. No BS. Just tons of value that you can use to start making money with your new blog ASAP.


You want a step by step plan for exactly what to do to build a blog while working full time.

You really want to know exactly what steps to take to start your blog and make money from it while working full time. This course has the details for everything from mindset to productivity to starting to growing to starting to monetize your blog. I also tell you exactly what steps to take after this course. You're 100% prepared.

Blog With A Full Time Job Is NOT For You If...


You want to blog as a hobby.

This course is not meant for hobby blogs that you plan to work on randomly. It's a specific plan for starting a business. That is all. If you don't want to make money or take it seriously (aka you want to dabble), then I highly suggest you don't take this course.


You want to become an influencer.

This course focuses on building a blog from nothing so that you can turn it into a business that makes money. The foundation is built on profitability > popularity. If you want to become internet famous, this blogging course is not for you. It's focused on direct response marketing (meaning you'll actually build a website that makes money by delivering value to your readers). Just know that if your goal is to be an influencer, this isn't your course.

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You aren't sure if you want to blog.

If you're on the fence about blogging, I suggest reading more free content before taking this course. It's really meant for you only if you're ready to dive in and take it seriously from the beginning.

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You don't want to set up a WordPress blog.

If you want to set up a free blog with Wix, Square Space, or on some other platform, you probably shouldn't take this course. You can, and you'll actually still learn a ton about marketing, but you won't be able to follow along with the tutorials. The strategies will all be the same, but the platforms will be different.

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You want tons of options for starting and launching.

I take a very unique approach in this course. Instead of giving you all the options for setting up a blog yourself, I show you exactly how to do it with one host, one platform, one design. It's very customizable, but it's using one specific method. This is perfect if you want to take action and start your blog right now the right way without confusion. But if you want lots of options, it's probably not for you.


You make over $5,000+ per month blogging already.

If you already make over $5,000 per month blogging, this course is probably too beginner for you. There are amazing marketing lessons in it that you still might find valuable, but overall, it's meant for beginner bloggers who want to start or who are just starting their blogs.


You don't want to invest in your blog.

If you don't want to spend money on starting your blog, do NOT take this course. I teach you exactly how to make money blogging while working full time. This requires you to invest in things like a hosting company, a website design, and an email marketing company (among other things). If you want to blog for free, do not take this course!

Blog With A Full Time Job Is Different Than Any Other Blogging Course. Here's how...

Natalie Bacon

You learn how to manage your mind.

Most blogging courses just teach tactics. In Blog With A Full Time Job, I teach you exactly how to manage your mind, improve your productivity, and master time management. You will get a clear understanding of how to manage your mind, which is unlike any other blogging course.


You get to see the framework for creating a simple blog design, similar to

Unlike other blogging courses that teach you many ways to set up your blog, this course shows you one way to do it. I built a second blog called for the sole purpose of showing you how to build a new blog just like If you go to that link and click on "Alternate Home" in the footer, you'll see the home page just like mine. You will learn how to create this in this course. It's clear and you won't be left wondering. You get a specific tutorial and lessons to build a blog similar to what looks like (modern, clean, fresh, and optimize for monetizing). It's completely customizable, too. This won't take long at all, and you'll know exactly what to do!

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You'll learn how to write blog posts specifically for monetizing.

So many bloggers get stuck in the trap of writing blog posts aimlessly without understanding how to do it for their business. You'll get very clear directions on how to create content that's optimized for making money blogging.

Stop being busy

You get a plan for growing your blog (traffic and email).

You won't just feel good about starting and launching your blog, but you'll actually know exactly what it takes to grow your blog with traffic and email marketing so that you're ready to make money blogging. I share everything I know to get you set up with the best strategy for growing your blog specifically for monetizing.


You'll get access to advanced marketing insights.

I share all the marketing insights I've learned over the years. The course is jam packed with crazy value when it comes to marketing. Really, you can apply this to your business no matter what stage of the game you're at.

How to make money online selling digital products

You can take this course as a beginner and have a 12 month plan after you complete it.

You won't just learn how to set up your blog for success. You'll actually learn how to turn it into a business. The entire course is based around the idea that you want this to be a profitable blog, so you'll have a specific plan for the next year (at least). You will know what steps to take in the next year and beyond for turning your blog into a profitable business.

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Ready to change your life?

This course isn't for someone who is dabbling in a the idea of blogging or wants to be an influencer.

This course is for someone who is READY to making money blogging - from the ground up - all while working full time.

You don't need to know what to do. I'll teach you all of that.

You just need to be "all in" with me as your teacher.

I turned my six figure law school debt into a six figure business, knowing nothing about blogging.

I'll show you exactly what I did, so you can do it, too.

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This course is all you need

There are many courses out there that require you to invest in so much more.

Not this course.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to create a framework and strong foundation for blogging.

Not only that, but I include exactly what to do after you've succeeded with everything in this course. I do this because I wish someone would've taught me all the beginning and middle steps when I first started.

If you take this course, you'll not only learn the right way to blog, but you'll save so much time (I woud've saved years if I had this course).

There is a right way to run an online buseinss, and this course shows you how.

Want to check out what's inside? Here's a look...

Class Curriculum

Introduction And Expectations

Course Objectives And Strategies For Success


Resource List
Student Q + A

PHASE 1: The Preparation And Planning Phase

The Preparation And Planning Phase Overview
Master Your Mindset
Set Goals And Expectations
2 Reasons Why You’re Not Going To Be A 6 Figure Blogger
Become A Ninja At Time Management, Productivity, And Planning
Sample Schedules
Understand The Blogging Game
Brainstorm Your Business And Brand And Position Yourself For Success
Final Thoughts About Preparing And Planning
See More

PHASE 2: The Starting And Launching Phase

The Starting And Launching Phase Overview
Components Of A Blog
Start Your Blog
Bluehost Dashboard And Email
WordPress Dashboard
Design Your Blog
Divi Tutorial
Static Pages
Set up social media accounts
Writing Blog Posts
Things That Don’t Matter (But You Think Do)
Final Thoughts About Starting And Launching

PHASE 3: The Growth Phase

The Growth Phase Overview
Content Strategy
Traffic Overview
Traffic: Pinterest Introduction
Traffic: Pinterest Strategy
Traffic: YouTube
Traffic: Google
Traffic: Guest Posting
Traffic: Key Measurements
Email Marketing: Introduction
Email Marketing: Getting Started
Email Marketing: ConvertKit Tutorial
Email Marketing: Strategy
Email Marketing: Tools
Build Relationships With Your Audience
Network With Bloggers
Final Thoughts About Growing Your Blog

PHASE 4: The Monetization Phase Overview

The Monetization Phase Overview
How Blogs Make Money
Monetization: Display Advertising
Monetization: Affiliate Marketing
Monetization: Digital Products
Monetization: eBook Example
Monetization: Other Strategies
Monetization: Tools
Final Thoughts About Monetizing Your Blog

* BONUS PHASE 5*: Advanced Strategies

The Advanced Strategies Phase Overview
Advanced Marketing
Advanced Email Funnels
Advanced Growth Strategies
More Advanced Monetization Strategies
Set Up Your Business

Next Steps

Take Action
Become An Affiliate
Thank You


100+ Words To Help You With Blog Name Ideas
75 Blog Post Ideas
The Perfect Blog Post Template
5 Email Templates
Free WordPress Training (With Grayson Bell)
Grow Traffic With Pinterest (With Lauren McManus)
How I Started A Blog And Turned It Into A Six Figure Virtual Assistant Business (With Lauren Pennington)
How I Grew My Instagram From 20k to 180k+ in 6 Months (With Rachel Paul)
How We Make Six Figures Per Month Selling eBooks + Courses On Our Blogs (With Lauren McManus)

Blog With A Full Time Job comes with EXCLUSIVE bonuses! You'll get...


2. 100+ Words To Help You With Blog Name Ideas - $49 Value


3. 75 Blog Post Ideas - $49 Value


4. The Perfect Blog Template - $49 Value


5. 5 Email Templates - $197 Value


6. Pinterest Strategy Training - $297 Value


7. How I Started A Blog And Turned It Into A 6 Figure Virtual Assistant Biz - $197 Value


8. The Secret To How I Grew My Instagram From 20k to 180k+ In 6 Months - $197 Value


9. How We Make 6 Figures Per Month Selling eBooks And Course On Our Blog - $397 Value

Blog With A Full Time Job NatalieBacon

My Two Cents

I'm asked all day and night about blogging. I bill out at more than three times the price of this course for one hour of business coaching. People pay this because they want to know exactly how to turn their idea into a profitable blog. There is no way I could possibly provide everything in this course in one hour of coaching. You get so much more value by taking this course than I could ever provide in a one hour session. The value in the course is worth so much more than the cost. I'm also very available. I love connecting with students more than anything. You can email questions anytime. I truly believe this is the best value you can find for learning how to start a blog like and monetize it while working full time. If you commit to wanting to build a blog while working full time, this course is for you.

Blog With A Full Time Job

Do you want to know the truth about blogging as a business?

If the answer to this is yes, then there is no better course than this one.

I turned my hobby blog into a full time - multiple six figure business that is now my full time job.

I did this while working full time.

Most people do it wrong. Most people don't get results.

But if you want to know the truth about how I did it - and how to build a blog that actually makes money, then this is the best course.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I'm your teacher in Blog With A Full Time Job.
After being in an unfulfilling career as a lawyer, I started a blog.
That led to growing it up to a six figure business that is now my full time job.
I started my blog knowing nothing about business or blogging. It took me years to figure everything out.
I created this course to save you the time I spent wondering how to blog with a full time job.
Every other blogging course shows you how to start and grow a blog. They don't show you how to do it while working full time.
That's where I come in.
I know what it takes to do it all because I did it myself.
And I show you how in this course.
I never thought my blog would be my full time job.
I'm so happy now. Every day is on my own terms. Complete time freedom. It's amazing.
In this course, I show you exactly what I did so you can do it, too.
I can help you blog with a full time job.
Join me in Blog With A Full Time Job, and I'll show you how.

How To Decide If Blog With A Full Time Job Is For You

If you're trying to decide if this course is right for you, ask yourself these questions...


  • Do you want to start a blog?
  • Do you want to invest in yourself?
  • Do you want to learn how to create a blog just like
  • Do you want to learn exactly how to start growing your email list and traffic?
  • Do you want to know how to start monetizing your blog?
  • Do you want to make money as a side hustle alongside your full time job?
  • Do you want to learn how to blog with a full time job, just like I did?


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll learn exactly how to start and launch a blog. You'll learn how to do this while working full time (mindset, time management, productivity, etc.). You'll get a clear plan for how to grow your blog with email marketing and traffic strategies. You'll understand how to start monetizing your blog. You'll know what to do right away and what to do in a year from now. You'll be able to start a profitable blog while working full time.

I will teach you what it takes to get your mindset right for starting a profitable blog while working full time. I will show you one way to set up your blog, one way to design it, one email marketing strategy, and one monetization plan for each strategy. No more blog overwhelm. No more information overload. I'll show you how to start a blog and turn it into a profitable business while working full time.


"I absolutely love this course. It's taught me mostly everything I know about blogging so far. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's literally changed my life for the better! I talk about it all the time (in the BEST way)."

–  Kristen Zeier, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"This course would be my first recommendation for anyone thinking on starting a online business for part-time or full-time income. I was blown away at everything that in this course! It helped me see how I needed to up my game and get real about online business. I had no clue that this much went into the process. Thankfully, I felt so much better after taking this course because I had a clear roadmap of what I needed to do. I continue to go back and repeat several of the modules because they're so valuable. Each module on its own is worth thousands of dollars. This course is a Level 10 course, and Natalie over delivers on her promise "Satisfaction Guaranteed.""

– Maggie, Star, Iadho

"The first time I heard Natalie mention that your blog is not a blog and that it is, in fact, a business, I was struck. Natalie's course provides a solid foundation in the traditional marketing aspects of blogging that you would otherwise not know about, but need to succeed. Her course is dedicated to the student that wants to transform their blog into a full-time business and I am proud to say that I am a prime example of that. In just a few days (after the time of writing this), I will be a full-time blogger and business owner and I couldn't be happier about that. Natalie is one of many who helped me get there and I cherish and value the incredible support she's provided."

– Drew DuBoff, Providence, Rhode Island

"I purchased Blog With A Full Time Job after owning a blog since 2015 and having just about given up on it. The main problem was I felt alone in my technical frustrations and unsure exactly how to monetize the blog. I've bought many different online courses but within 24 hours of starting this course, and only 20% through the course, I feel like I have a best friend working with me!

I'm FINALLY loving my blog, my new found energy towards it and when I count my blessings, I count Natalie Bacon twice!"

– Natasha Westover, London, UK

"I started taking the course just a couple of weeks ago. I've seen a lot of results already. I had a blog before this one and I've taken a few various blogging courses, but none like this. The mindset phase I section is GOLD. Now that I know the fear and resistance is coming from my primitive brain, I don't let that stop me. So I've taken the same amount of actions in the last three weeks on this new blog than I did in like three months on my old blog -- all thanks to this course."

–  Anonymous

"Before taking this course, I didn't even know what an "entrepreneur" was. Thankfully, I knew Natalie's work already. I was a big fan of her online business, her YouTube channel, and her emails, so I took a chance and bought this course. In this course, I fell in love with Natalie's energy through the way she teaches. I completely trust her. After taking this course, not only do I know what an "entrepreneur" is, but I'm actually acting like one. I built and launched my website and already have a few articles up. I'm so proud of this. I’m now starting to implement the growth lessons of the course, which is super fun! I truly am grateful for how Natalie has helped me change the course of my life."

– Lenore Sturm, Netherlands

"I was afraid I'd pay for another course that would result in me getting frustrated and bogged down by the technology and then quitting. I connected with the course being geared towards people with a full time job. An area of frustration for me is trying to figure out how to balance my desire for a online business while working a very demanding full time job. After taking this course, I feel so much better. I especially loved the mindset work. This course gave me different scenarios of time commitments and examples of how to make it work. I think time management and planning is so simple, yet I needed to see how you did it. This course gave me the confidence and direction I needed for it to sink in. I already have a name for my blog, ideas for articles, URL, hosting set up, design work is beginning, and I have income ideas. This course is one of the best investments I've ever made. It is easy to follow and digest. The screen shots and walking through each step is so very valuable. My anxiety about knowing how to set up the blog site was minimized. I also think it's a huge value add that I can email Natalie for help and with any questions I have anytime. Her responses are super helpful. I can't recommend this course enough. I'm so happy I enrolled!"

– Susanne Wilson, Austin, Texas

"Natalie is definitely a life changer. As I became a certified life coach in 2018, it took me six months to set up my website for my new coaching business. When I felt ready to start a personal development blog, I purchased this course. What Natalie covers in the first hour of the course probably took me four months to figure out on my own. Before I even finished the course I felt I had an unstoppable mindset that I needed in order to finish my blog. I was missing this before taking this course. The advice in this course gave me the foundation for starting and growing my blog, along with newfound confidence I have that has helped me push through the obstacles. I had no doubt it was going to be a good course and I was more than right. I highly recommend it!"

–  Lucy, Los Angeles, California

100% Money Back Guarantee

Take the course and do the work. If you're not happy with your results, I'll give you a complete refund. There's zero risk.

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